Allah mistake, Christians claim Jesus is the Literal Son of God?

Muslim vs Nakdimon Yasmeen from Answering-Islam.

Christian missionary like Nakdemon Yasmeen claim Christians do not claim Jesus is Gods literal Son, And Allah made mistake thinking Christian believe Yahway had intercourse to produce Jesus for why Allah says” If Allah had son then whos his wife?

Muslim Response:

Thank you Nakdimon for agreeing Jesus is not Gods literal Son. So the Christian interestingly is agreeing God does not have a Real Son?

When your claiming God not to have a literal Son are you claiming he had a fake Son? The Word Beggoten which means Children through Offspring of Intercourse.
Since that is the definition of Beggoten, Then Allah is not wrong to say Why claim God has a Son when he has no wife.

Christians don’t have to assert Son means Sexual intercourse to have a Son. Rather when they utter Beggoten and Literal Son even though they do not believe God had intercourse to produce a Son. Saying God begget a Son is equivalent in saying God produced Son through intercourse, because that is exactly what Begget Means. Open your dictionary. So God argues against those: “do not say God has literal Son otherwise its as Blasthemous to say as though God had sexual relations. Because thats what literal Sons signify a Product between Husband and Wife. In fact we even read in the Bible the Holy Spirit God overshadowed Mary upon Mary conceiving Jesus. Ask yourself what does over shadow mean? Notice yet again another sexual conatation is perceived, hence Allah is clearing up a misconception that can occur when such things are uttered. So Allah uses logical reasoning when you utter Sonship then you would be un-intentionally issueing Wifeship and even Mothership to God since Jesus is identified as God then what about his Mother? A Bigger God? Again this does not mean mainstream Christians believe all these things like God having a Mother who is s bigger God rather Allah is addressing the Fallacy in claiming such idea which have consequences. For example if i said Im married. You would Auto-Matically assume i will have Children. Same thing when you say” God has a Son it Auto-Matically puts the idea that God has a Wife or God impregnated Mary to begget Jesus. And if God had a Son then there would be 2 Gods instead of 1 God. These are all part of Gods reasonable arguements. Nothing to do with Allah not understanding Christian Theology rather Allah pointing out the un-accuracy of uttering such claims and Atributions to God.

Nakdimon Yasmeen wrote:

Answer the question. Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is the Literal Son of the Father?

Muslim Response (Yahya Snow)
Nakdimon don’t pretend Christians of the past only believed what you believe. There was a spectrum and there still is a spectrum of Christian beliefs. Some are biblical and some aren’t. So to say there weren’t any Christians who believed in Jesus being the literal son of God in Arabia is naive to say the least.

Muslim Reply:

Here is a Christian agreeing on the contarary Jesus is Gods literal Son watch:
Christian Pastor says” Jesus literal beggoten Son of God.

Sila at Answering Islam
Agrees its not a Metaphorical Son Ship written in his conclusion.

Nakdimon Yesman wrote:

You first have to prove people like Mark Martin existed!

Furthermore Suran 5:18 and 19:88-93 say Allah doesn’t have figurative sons either! Therefore your distinguishing of the two is completely irrelevant as Allah argues against BOTH literal and figurative sonship! But in both cases Allah contradicts both the Bible and therefore orthodox christian teaching. Hence doesnt matter how you slice it ALLAH IS WRONG! For your question to be valid you first have to demonstrate how one cannot be a real son without being a literal son. Good luck with that!

Muslim Response:

Mark Martin actually left Being A jehovas Witness and Yes he exists.

This is his video and he uploaded it. Jesus is the Literal Beggoten Son of God.

As for Sureh 5:18 you misqouted the verse.

The verse does not reject the figurtive son ship rather that the Jews and Christians assertion that being the Sons of God that God will LOVE them and Pardon them.

So because they were the figurtive sons of God they thought God will love them more hence pardon them.

So nothing about Allah rejecting the figurtive relationship.

As for Sureh 19:88-89
Same thing nothing about figurtive Son rejection rather addressing those in the likes of you who claim God has taken a Son.

You then Qouted”
For your question to be valid you first have to demonstrate how one cannot be a real son without being a literal son. Good luck with that!


You said Jesus is not Gods literal Son. Rather He is Gods Real Son.

Do you see the Contradiction.

The word (literal) does mean its (Real) otherwise it would only mean its Fake Son. The opposite of (Real)

So you work out your own delemare.


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