Why does Allah say; We, If his One God?

Last Updated: 19th, March. 2022

Muslim – Response:

God is only ONE

Al Ahad : The Only One, the Unique

Allah calls Himself Al-Ahad — The Only One, the Unique — on one occasion in the Quran. Al-Ahad is the One who was, is, and will ever remain alone. He is indivisible and the essence of unity, and nothing or no one can ever be equal to Him in essence in all His beautiful attributes! [1]
The One who has ever been and ever remains alone. The incomparable, unequalled, indivisible One. The One who is the essence of Unity. The Sole One. The One and Only One.
The One who has no second [that shares] in the lordship, nor in the essence, nor in the attributes. The One who was not begotten and has never begotten.
The One who depends upon no other, and to Whom there is no likeness. The One in whom all names, attributes and relationships are united.
From the root a-h-d which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
to be one
to be the only one, one alone, sole
to unite, unify
This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see The Quran 112:1 :

قُلْ هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ
Qul huwa Allahu ahad
Sahih International Translation
Say, “He is Allah , [who is] One,

So what about where Allah used the word (WE)? If Allah say’s His one?

A Critic wrote and said, If Allah is singular, (i.e) being One God. Why does He refer to himself as “We” or when ever Allah does something He refers to himself in Plural, “We did this”.

So than if Allah is ONE why does He in other passages of the Quran refer to himself as We?

Muslim – Response

Allah uses the term “Royal We” which can refer to a singularity, and not plurality. Even human Kings of Monarchs would say, We did this, or We ordained this. However other people besides the king did not ordain it, rather He ordained the ruling himself. Kings of the passed used plural terms only to add power to ones speech, and it did not mean their are plurality of kings, within the same kingdom.

Kings and Monarchs would use the Royal or Majestic We, as a singular person.

Read:that she had become a grandmother in her “We have become a grandmother” statement.[6] disdain by some in the press for using the royal we when announcing to reporters that she had become a grandmother in her “We have become a grandmother” statement.[6]

The royal we, majestic plural (pluralis majestatis), or royal plural, is the use of a plural pronoun (or corresponding plural-inflected verb forms) used by a single person who is a monarch or holds a high office to refer to themselves. A more general term for the use of a we, us, or our to refer to oneself is nosism.



The Islamic critic wrote back saying; “There is no (Royal We) in the Quran. The (Royal We) did not exist before the Middle ages in Europe”.

Muslim – Response:

There is no word “Terrorism” in the Quran. In fact it’s a modern Word which also did not exist as a word before the middle ages, and yet you have no problem describing the text of the Quran as being Terrorism.

Critic wrote back saying:

(to) terrify

Muslim – Respons:

You assumed that the Word Terrify is the same as “Terrorism”?
So if you are Terrified it means someone has commited the act of Terrorism?
Please now show me, in which English Dictionary does the word Terrify only mean Terrorism? Or can it mean other things? I asked you where does the Word Terrorism exist, not Terrify your enemy. If America invaded another country, this would mean the opposing army will be Terrified. It doesn’t mean America is commiting the act of Terrorism. So I ask you where does the Quran use the specific word Terrorism as understood by the West, to specifically kill innocent women and children? The word Terrify yes is in the Quran. But not Terrorism. So you just exposed yourself. But of course you have no problem coining the English term and understanding of Terrorism and try to conflate it to the Quran. And yet the term Terrorism as understand by the West, is a Modern Term, which is not found in the Quran. See critics don’t say the word Terror is found in the Quran, they also say Terrorism is found in the Quran.
Thus your arguement falls flat on its face. But I can still play with you with even more examples: Critics of Islam say, their is “Stealth” Jihad, in Islam. And Yet the word Stealth Jihad is not there in the Arabic text. In fact; The Modern English term, Like Pedophilia is not found in the Quran or in the Hadith, and Yet Critics of Islam claim their is no problem in using the word Pedophilia in contrast with the Ancient text. But Muslims using Modern Terms like the (Royal We) to contrast the Quran, oh how Illogical right?

So in conclusion, the Quran is clear about Gods oneness, and there is no such thing as God being triune or plural as desperate Christians try to proclaim.

We are ccertainly not pagan, where we humanize God and claim God can multiply himself, because that would contradict his very essence of being singular. That would be like saying, a circle became a square but still remained a circle. Doesn’t make sense now does it?

Thank you for reading our response.


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