Debunking Epileptic Prophet Claim.

Last updated: 17th, June. 2022

By: Mustafa Sahin

Video response:

Counter rebuttals:

A respectful critic wrote:

Muslim – Response:

Hi Asafa,

I hope you are well. No, don’t ever feel that, your starting trouble. I’m happy to engage, it helps me exercise new skills.

There point about Prophet Muhammed being crazy has nothing to do with their claim on Epilepsy. I think that’s a side issue. They don’t just say, at the time of revelation he was having a crazy attack, they say He was foaming at the mouth which indicated epilepsy. For example, David wood would continue to narrate the hadiths that show He had a fit while receiving revelation.

And even if they want to then shift goalposts from being Epileptic to crazy while receiving revelation:
But that doesn’t hold much value. Because if they are going to hold claims such as he was crazy, at the (time of revelation) what type of craziness are we talking about? The term Crazy can be very broad, are we talking as in crazy angry bipolar? Or crazy delusional? Is it about crazy anger? There are verses in the Quran that says if your enemy resorts to peace then you also resort to peace.
If one reads the life of the Prophet one will see, many hadiths show many kind traits of the Prophet, for example when he stopped a whole army platoon just to return a baby bird’s chicks to its mother. Which another companion unjustly took. This was his kindness towards certain animals. This doesn’t really show crazy angry person or crazed persons behaviour.

If it’s about being delusional, one has to ask themselves how does an illiterate crazy delusional man, conquer the world, by taking Arabs out of paganism, converting them to Islam, changing the entire culture of the region, spreading Islam where Islam became the dominant religion and empire? How does this delusional crazy man, set up Islamic jurisprudence and courts governments where society has functioned for hundreds and thousands of years, it’s just not feasible

How does a crazy delusional man, produce all these linguistic miracles in the Quran:

See https://youtu.be/j-ULa2JzPG0

I mean put the Prophet Muhammed pbuh aside, Atheists today believe ALL believers are crazy in one way or another or lack mental efficiency, because they argue we believe in fairy tales.

So really, there claims about being crazy doesn’t have to just resort to the Prophet, we are all defined as being delusional no matter if your a Muslim, christian, Jew, Hindu or whatever else for that matter. Even if the Prophet Muhammed conducted a medical test to prove his sanity, his enemies or critics would still accuse him of being crazy and delusional.

But these claims are nothing new, his enemies would say that 1400 years ago:

And so the Quran rebukes them for it:

Sahih International: You are not, [O Muhammad], by the favor of your Lord, a madman (Quran 68:2)

As for the other points, thank you for being honest to acknowledge my other points.


Another Critique wrote:

Muslim – Response:

You said are you saying Allah sent revelation to give the Prophet mental afflictions:

If you are a Christian, you would need to answer this verse from your Bible:

2 Corinthians 12:7
New International Version
or because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.

Here we get to read, that when Paul received revelation, Paul would feel pain in his body because Satan was tormenting him.

So as a Christian you would have to answer, why God was allowing Paul to get tormented upon receiving revelations? Surely God should be protecting him right?

So you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Yes, the Prophet did experience hardship, but that was God’s plan, God can express his power and might as He pleases. He created the Sun, but if you were to look at the sun, it could blind you. So will you now say why did God create the sun, where it can hurt your eyes? Thus God can create revelation to momentarily give pain, to express his power, just as the brightness of the sun, gives pain and expresses God’s mighty power.
Again these episodes were short-lived, and it wasn’t as though the Prophet was being tortured with unbearably.


It seems you haven’t paid much attention to my response.

If you wish to argue well the Prophet was trying to somehow hide his Epilepsy by blaming it on revelation being so heavy and hard.

Then as Asaf pointed out to you, you would also need to explain how we’re all the other people around the Prophet were also being affected not just the Camels. I’ll post for you the hadith of a companion of the Prophet who would write down the revelation and even He said that when the revelation came, His leg almost broke

ALDN, was the Prophet Muhammad’s companion leg also having an epileptic fit? 🥴👍

Take a read:

Zayd bin Thabit narrates:

“I wrote down the revelation in the presence of the Prophet. When the revelation came, the Messenger of Allah would shiver and shake, and sweat would come down from his temples. When the revelation ended, he would come round. Then, he would say and I would write. The divine revelation that came pressed so hard on me that I would think that my leg broke and that I would not be able to walk again…” (Bukhari, Tafsir, 91, Jihad, 31; Muslim, Imara, 141-142; Abu Dawud, Jihad, 19; Tirmidhi, Tafsir 5; Nasai, Jihad, 4

I’ll also attach hadiths where his camel was being affected;

Ibn Sa´d narrate the following from Abu Arwa of Daws:

“I witnessed revelation coming to the Prophet while he was riding his camel. It screamed and contracted its forelegs. Sometimes it sat and sometimes it stood up straightening its forelegs. Sweat was coming down the temple of the Prophet like a string of pearl

Ahmad and Bayhaqi´s narration from Hz. Aisha regarding the issue is as follows:

“When the revelation came to the Messenger of Allah on his camel, the camel would kneel due to the heaviness of the revelation. Sweat would come down the temple of the Prophet even when the weather was cold.”

Ahmed, Tabarani, Bayhaqi and Abu Nuaym narrate the following from Asma bint Yazid: She affected when the chapter of al-Maida was sent down, the Messenger of Allah was on his camel and I was holding the halter of the camel. The fore-legs of the camels almost broke down due to the heaviness of the chapter

Surely now if this was a case of Epilepsy his direct scribe and Animals wouldn’t be affected to now would they?

Please now, watch the video properly from start to finish, before trying to articulate a (got ya) argument.

Are we now going to perhaps accept that his companions and animals were play-acting, in order to cover up their Prophets Epilepsy?

Another critic wrote:

Muslim – Response:

Answering your point regarding , why couldn’t God deliver the Quran without inflicting pain?

We can give examples even about death.

He can make the Prophet not feel pain during his death, but the Prophet did feel pain during his death.

If nothing is impossible for God, then why can’t he make his Prophet feel the pains of revelation and the pains of death?

If that is Gods will, in conditioning the prophet to show his test through pain and suffering, that’s testing his Prophets will and patience. If you want to reach success you need to go through a test. Weightlifters put their bodies through pain and suffering to reach the next level. So do sports stars like Christiano Ronaldo. Training can exhausting , grilling and weeks of pain. So if God wishes to express the magnitude and the seriousness of his revelation He can express the power of its revelation through showing and delivering its glory with power, the power of God can be painful. This instills humility and shows that there is much greater forces then our selves.

So I don’t see how God expressing his power which causes momentary pain, is seen as being controversial or objectional by the Islamic critics.

It is not as though, God gave the Prophet ongoing pain and trauma, or life threatening trauma. Nor did God give him, everlasting pain and trauma, this probably only lasted a few seconds, it seems the Islamic critics are pretty desperate in trying to use this against Islam.

The critic wrote:

Muslim – Response:

First of all the term torment, is an exaggerated term. That sounds very strong, as though someone is burning in hell. But I can understand how critics of Islam try to force strong exegeration in order to shock people. It’s basically trying to dramatise the situation in order to appeal to one’s emotion. And no none of the Hadith claim it was “exactly like a epilepsy”.

I personally have witnessed people with epilepsy, and they go into a seizure and start having uncontrolled fits on the ground. No where in any hadith does it describe those events such as that. For example the sahabi trying to control and hold the Prophet on the ground while his violently shaking and foaming at the mouth, you will not find this in any authenticated narration, where they are trying to restrain the Prophet.

Did you bother to read the other comments on this page. That the Prophets Animals were also feeling the effects of the revelation which dismisses the notion it’s epilepsy. Otherwise the critics of Islam would also have to assume that his animal was also simultaneously having a epileptic episode which would be ludicrous to assume.

I honestly do not care what the critics think about He thought He was getting revelation when He could have been hallucinating. And no Khatice never claimed or assumed He was hallucinating, this is a big fat lie.

And even for arguement sake, critics of Islam claim that the Prophet showed slightly similiar symptoms to Epilepsy, did use not hear or are using choosing to not hear what the Quran itself said regarding the power of the revelation. It says

Shakir: Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, you would certainly have seen it falling down, splitting asunder because of the fear of Allah, and We set forth these parables to men that they may reflect (Quran 59:21)

Are you seeing the clear verse what it’s saying? If the Quran landed on a mountain instead of the heart of the Prophet, it would have blown the mountain apart. So as you can clearly see, if the power of the Quran can do this to a mountain what effects would it have on a human heart or the human anatomy? Obviously it’s kinda going to show symptoms to that of trauma or as you call it like Epilepsy correct? But it’s clearly not, because what is causing this is the weight and power of the revelation, the direct verse of the Quran says that’s what caused it. So how do you then go on to say, it was Epilepsy? And like we said in our arguement that these instances only occurred when revelation was coming down, and not when revelation wasn’t coming down. However Epilepsy happens at any time revelation or no revelation. So the Question remains why if the Prophet had Epilepsy as they claim, that he never had a traumatic experience during when revelation wasn’t coming to him. Surely if he suffered from Epilepsy then it would happen at any time of his life, but that never happened, traumatic pains only coincided with revelation.  So that’s more clear proof this had nothing to do with Epilepsy.

And to counter there assumption is watch this:

37 linguistic miracles of the Quran.

No one hallucinates and comes up with grammatical miracles in the Quran. This is clearly the work of divine inspiration. Not mere Hallucination.

By the way these critics claim that other people in history won Nobel prizes and created incredible linguistic literature, but what these fools do not consider is that the Prophet himself was “illiterate” meaning unable to read or wrote. Despite this He came with a Quran with linguistic miracles. So these fools are comparing those who have literacy and their works compared to a illiterate Prophet, despite that his book containes marvellous grammatical linguistic miracles. Do what the video which proves his none other then a inspired Prophet and certainly not someone who’s hallucinating.

Also this video refutes the claim the Prophet could read and write:


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