Mary the sister of Aron. Contradiction?

Namely Christian critics of the Quran often use a verse of the Quran to make the claim that the Jesus (pbuh) in the Quran is a different Jesus to the Bible, for it claims the Jesus of the Quran has a mother called Mary (Meryem) who is the Sister of Haroon (Aron) and that the Bible does not claim such a thing as that, and that there is a contradiction in the Quran.

This misunderstanding has been clearly refuted here;

Let’s now continue showing the inconsistency as mentioned in the Video.

Jesus is called the Son of Abraham in Mathew 1:1.

So will Christians say Jesus has two Fathers?

One being Godly father in heaven. And the other being earthly father Abraham and even Adam.

But wasn’t Jesus before Abraham?

Jesus was born miraculously without an earthly father, so how can Abraham be his Father?

Notice when it comes to the language of old scriptural tradition, mentioning sister of Aaron, or Jesus son of Abraham, are not to be taken literal but rather they are father, or brother or son or sister, in “FAITH” and not based on biological linage.

You Christians CHOP yourselves when trying to criticise Islam when we can play with your Bible by the same standard.

Even Paul used similar usage, when He claimed He became our father. Let’s read,

I will proclaim the LORD’s decree: He said to me, “You are my son; today I have become your father. Psalms 2:7

So what will these same Christians say when criticising the language of the Quran for supposedly showing a contradiction, when there own scripture claims similar things, yet Christians have no issue interpreting those verses as being figurative speech.

So why the double standards when it comes to Mary being the sister of Haroon only in a figurative way?

We hope that Christian critics will wake up and stop using bad arguments which can be equally used against Christianity.