Islam killing Apostates? What about West?

Last updated: 22.04.2022

Muslim Response to the killing of Apostates


By: Mustafa Sahin

Watch a short clip:

In the above video, you can see that an Apostasy is a form of treason, that applies only in an Islamic state, where you give a pledge and allegiance (Bayah) to an Islamic leader like a Khalif. And of course, with that, you accept the Islamic leadership, and as a Muslim, you betray the Khalif, which means you are simultaneously betraying Islam. And then you openly work against the leader and Islam. That is only when the punishment of Apostasy occurs.


Many Critics of Islam like to always bring this point against Islam but watch and see how their arguments once explained are very premature. As you are well aware committing Treason (a form of Apostacy) in the Secular West can get you imprisoned for life or even in some circumstances killed. Equally therefore Islam is not just a religion but rather a political system that applies a similar standard to protect its integrity guiding people to the right path and eliminating any threat to the safety and security it promises for those who believe in the hereafter. Therefore any traitor that conspires by leaving and working for another company and hindering people away from Islam will mean that they are misguiding people which will result in people being misled to hell. What is worse than killing apostates calling people to hell or an Apostate being responsible for you being in hell for eternity?

For this reason, only apostates who are vocal and who are promoting their apostasy by inviting others to hell why there is a great consequence. Islam tries to remove any threat that may result in people going to hell for eternity. Im certain that, if a criminal terrorist group tried to promote terrorism and invites people to join his cause the government will do everything in their hands to execute that national threat because at the end of the day that terrorist objective is to harm himself and those who join his cause.
Therefore it is also incumbent on Islam to eliminate any ExMuslim promoter of eternal damnation. As you are aware apostates have more of an influence to mislead since they often make the claim they understand the religion more than anyone else to hinder people away from Islam. For why a strict standard is set upon them. Then again if you are an apostate who would like to leave in secret or without blowing trumpets then by all means there were cases of that happening where those apostates were not killed and the proof is here from Muslim Sources: http://abuaminaelias.com/did-the-prophet-kill-apostates-who-convert-to-another-religion/

Therefore as secular western systems take measures to protect their national security, Islam equally takes measures to protect peoples’ salvation from being interfered with and hindered by Conspirators.

See this video where I expand on this point:



Why does Shariah Law ban Ex Muslims?

A common arguement is made by Westerners, that Islam impinges on the human rights of ExMuslims. It shuts down their freedom to criticise Islam. It closes down their social network platforms. This oppression can not go on, as they so often argue.

But let me explain to you now the double standard of this narrative. Why does the west close down and revoke the licenses of Anti-Vax medical doctors, see:


Now a Westerner would argue, that this is a good thing the government is doing. It is shutting down doctors who spread misinformation about Covid-19. And if the Government allowed these Doctors to spread misinformation this can hinder people from getting vaccinated which can endanger all of our lives against this deadly virus.

Now according to the same logic, I can then argue, it is also a good thing that shariah governments close down the social media accounts of ExMuslims for spreading misinformation about Islam, which hinders people away from Islam, as a result, people end up going to Hell because of the distorted misinformation spread to keep people away from Islam which in reality is their (cure) to salvation. And because Islam cares about people’s salvation it stops these ex-Muslims from trying to mislead people into an afterlife of destruction.


Let’s continue…..


Secularism punishes Apostates similar to Shariah punishing Apostates.

They say: Shariah Law punishes a person if they leave Islam and go and accept Christianity for example.

Let’s read this law under the Secular Democratic constitution of Australia, which teaches something similar.


Section 44 of the Constitution sets out restrictions on who can be a candidate for Federal parliament. In full it reads:

44. Any person who –

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power: or

(ii.) Is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer: or

(iii.) Is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent: or

(iv.) Holds any office of profit under the Crown, or any pension payable during the pleasure of the Crown out of any of the revenues of the Commonwealth: or

(v.) Has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty-five persons:

shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

End Quote.

From the above Law, if a person works for the Australian government and notices this part;

Any person who –

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power,

In other words, if they work for the Australian government but wander off and become obedient to another foreign power.

He or she gets punished with the following;

(ii.) Is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer: or

So they get put in prison as a punishment for being obedient to another country.

Now let’s just think about all of the above and, compare that to Islam and Shariah, will just swap around the words;

Section 44 of the Islamic Constitution sets out restrictions on who can be a Muslim by living under a Shariah state. In full it reads:

44. Any Muslim who –

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a different religion.

(ii.) Is attainted of Treason (Apostasy), or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of Shariah by being killed.

In conclusion;

If you live under a secular democratic Australian country and you work for them, you worship (Believe) in their laws, but have a change of mind and go work for another foreign country and worship (Believe) in different laws, or follow other foreign country laws, you get punished!

Shariah law:

If you live under a Shariah country and you work for them, you worship their laws, but have a change of mind and go work for another Christian faith and worship different laws, you get punished!

The only difference is the type of punishment.

In secularism, you get put in prison sometimes even life, While under Shariah you may get killed.

So please tell us, folks, again?

Where are these Secular atheists and Christians who say Islam or Shariah Law, punish those who leave their faith when in fact you can be punished in a secular democracy for secretly leaving your attachment to your government and working for another country?


Now for the Rebuttal section:

A Critic wrote:

So, the Australian constitution doesn’t let dual nationals sit in Parliament. So what? (You have comprehensively misunderstood it, by the way.)

My Response:

Nor does it allow, for you to go work for another foreign country in their government while still working for your government if you do, you are charged with a criminal offence for adherence to another foreign power.

In other words, if you work for the Australian government and become an ex-Australian by secretly wandering off and working for another foreign Government you get punished. Thus the Australian constitution does not tolerate Ex-Governmental Offical Apostates.

Critic wrote:

So not being able to represent your country on grounds of loyalty is the same as being killed for leaving Islam? I’d call those mental gymnastics but I doubt that fits your abilities.

My Response:

It’s the same, loyalty to Islam is the same as loyalty to the country. Islam is not just a way of life it is also a political system. Thus just like the West punishes a person for abandoning loyalty to Government so does Islam punish those who abandon the government of the Islamic God.

Critic wrote:

meh, still beats getting your head chopped off.

Muslim Response:

The point is you are still being punished for being an Ex-Muslim or an Ex-Governmental official. Imagine if Muslims started putting all Ex-Muslims in jail for 5 years to life imprisonment. You would still say that’s unfair even though your laws also put people in prison for treason. So either way, the point im making both systems punish people who are Ex-Member of something. Besides also that the correct interpretation of Islam doesn’t simply cut the head of an apostate or Ex-Muslim.

Here is the evidence:
That a Man leaving Islam was not “Killed” read;

Abdullah ibn Sa’d ibn Abi Sarh would write to the Messenger of Allah but the devil deceived him and he joined the unbelievers. The Messenger of Allah ordered that he should be killed on the day of liberation, but Uthman ibn Affan sought protection for him, so the Messenger of Allah granted him protection. Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 4358, Grade: Sahih

So what is understood is when the person commits apostasy COMBINED with advocating violence is when you get killed as a number one priority read:

“…A man who left Islam AND waged war against Allah… and His Messenger… should be killed, or crucified, or banished from the land…”

So all of those hadith and verses the critics present say “Muhammed ordered to kill apostates, they were specific apostates who advocated WAR or who were very vocal about them leaving Islam to cause civil unrest and doubt among Muslims. When we read all the References not just cherry-pick one hadith.

And even if the critic still doesn’t wish to accept this correct interpretation. Well, we already proved the Secularists too also believe in punishment it’s just a different type of punishment. And don’t forget the West used to kill them too, but they instead had many prison facilities to keep them isolated in our modern times.

Notice what this hadith says again I quoted above…

or banished from the land…”

In other words, if the Muslims had a prison system they could banish them meaning (I.e) keep them isolated from the rest of the community by putting them in Prisons like the West does, so according to hadith, it doesn’t mean the only option is to kill them. It all depends if you can cater for the criminals in our prison facility if not that’s when the killings occurred as the only option. That’s why even the West back in history would resort to tougher penalties because prisons facilities and resources weren’t as great.

Critic wrote:

Several hadiths tell the four schools of jurists to testify to it. And renowned scholars.

Muslim Response:

We showed the West believes in punishing government apostates, and we have shown Jesus doing the same in the O.T and the N.T.


As for the Quran, we have also shown that killing Apostates was better understood when the apostasy is followed by advocating war. (Note: advocating war can also include when an ExMuslim starts to misrepresent the violent verses in the Quran, to cause civil unrest between the Muslim community and non-Muslim communities which results in Non-Muslim communities wanting to fight against Muslims because Ex Muslims have caused division by taking verses out of context to make Muslims like their bloodthirsty savages. Causing this hatred it’s the same as advocating and causing war.


But if they don’t do this, we backed it up with the Hadith of the Prophet did allow an apostate to live. So there is high treason and low treason, meaning not all apostates are put to death, there are special exceptions granted as the one I provided earlier, some apostates may be ignorant of Islam and thus not be put to death, others might be less vocal, thus there lives spared, while other opinions say when the apostate is combined with advocating violence is when they are killed.

As for quoting the different schools of thought, that still is an opinion and in addition the Hadith. The Prophet’s word comes before any school of thought including any university. The Prophet’s testimony overrides all other opinions

I can show you the Christian Fatwah website that says ” The Bible doesn’t condemn slavery or outlaw it they quote:

The Bible does not specifically condemn the practice of slavery. It gives instructions on how slaves should be treated (Deuteronomy 15:12-15; Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1)but does not outlaw slavery altogether.

Source: https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-slavery.html

Maybe now we can apply this opinion as an authority?

Critic wrote:

Would kill an apostate if you were asked to?

Muslim Response:

Only if his apostasy had to do with advocating violence or if his vocal about misquoting Islam to hinder people to hell. And it wouldn’t be up to me to kill him. It’s those in governmental services.

May I ask you a similar question?
if you worked for the police force would you arrest an Ex-Government official found secretly working for a foreign government, would you arrest him and put him in jail?

Critic wrote:

We don’t assassinate for resigning from the government because they no longer believe it is what it is doing.

Muslim Response:

I never said you kill them. Well, use used to do that in the past. The point is used still punish ex-governmental officials

Critic wrote:

Can I just clarify what you just said? You said that you would kill an ex Muslim if asked to? That is what Islam advocates and you are saying that you would be willing to do it.

Muslim Response:

Islam the way I understand kills Apostates if the apostate advocates violence such as calling people to misguidance which sends people to hell. In the same way, Westerners may kill ex-governmental officials who advocate violence. Not just working with another foreign power.

I understand if they only work with foreign power they get jail time. However, if they have advocated violence then our western court systems would drone strike and try and kill them. That’s our understanding as well in Islam.

Critic wrote:

If a government official leaves the government and then criticises agendas so remove them from power, we don’t give them jail time or hill them. We call that democracy.

Muslim Response:

We are talking about government officials who work leave to go work for a separate foreign power. Not working for a separate party under the same government body

Critic wrote:

Certainly though, if someone advocates violence in the UK, they could be charged and if convicted, go to jail. And, if you came to this country and said you would be willing to apostates, that is exactly what would happen to YOU.

Muslim Response:

If you go to NTH Korea to kill an Ex-American official as an Ex-Government apostate. I’m sure too the NTH Koreans will arrest you and kill you.

Discussion Complete.


See also, Our Response to the Question? Ex -Muslims say, why do you want to execute Us, for speaking against Islam. Islam killing critics does that mean, it shows itself to be a weak religion? 

Muslim -Response:

It is because, most ex-Muslims active on social media, claim they know Islam and therefore present themselves like some God-given “Angelic figure” and authority as an ambassador for Islam, therefore more easily fooling ignorant masses into believing in their narrative lies about Islam.

That is why you will find ExMuslim always write everywhere on their status his an ExMuslim to fool people so they can be noticed more.

See an ExMuslim can never preach lies about Islam, by concealing his ExMuslim identity, He will always most certainly proclaim to everyone his preaching too, and how He was a previous ExMuslim, Why? Because He knows as soon as He does so, He is given a magical wand of Authority and even made a celebrity.

Furthermore, the Secularists or Western nations themselves even to this very day execute or imprison those who promote the act of “Terrorism” or have an allegiance to ISIS, or for promoting this Terror Group, they do this because it endangers people’s lives as they rightfully argue, if this is justified under secular liberalism? Then Islam can equally execute vocal ExMuslims who lead people to EVERLASTING Hellfire.

I can assure you if you tasted one minute of Hellfire, let alone one day, you would wish every vocal ex-Muslim who was responsible for leading people to everlasting Hellfire, you would want them to be punished or executed immediately there would be no (IF’s) or (Buts’) about it.

Even these Secularists, believe in censorship of other forms to protect society from danger. For example, Sky News was banned and censored for 1 week, for spreading misinformation about Covid-19.



This begs the question. If it’s okay, for secularists to ban and censor sky news for putting people’s lives in danger, why is it then an issue if Islam censors those who ExMuslims for spreading misinformation about Islam, which results in endangering people to get misguided thus endangering their lives by being a means for people entering hellfire?

Now an ExMuslim may argue his only preaching against Islam peacefully and respectfully? Therefore his criticism does not wish to harm anyone, or advocate violence? This is false as I proved earlier with afterlife endangerment but we can take it a step further, most vocal ExMuslims will preach that the Quran wishes to kill you, by quoting violent verses out of context and about Muslims wanting to kill every non-Muslim in existence, therefore they technically advocate War with Muslims by spreading false propaganda and hatred. This type of hateful activism creates fear and disunity in the community that gives uprise to “Right Wing” activism and Violence. So dont be fooled when they tell you, we are trying to preach in peace, rather they are actively hindering people to become violent with Islam since Islam according to them wishes everyone dead by their deliberately misinterpreted version of Islam.

Here is a hadith that explains this:

“…A man who left Islam AND waged war against Allah… and His Messenger… should be killed, or crucified, or banished from the land…”

Left Islam and waged WAR, is the keyword here. ExMuslims do wage WAR by actively promoting Islam and Muslims wish to kill everyone therefore “We must warn everyone” this may mean to take arms and fight back.

In saying this If you are an ExMuslim who minds his own business and is not vocal about his ExMuslim status then Islam has given leniency, and he’s not to be punished there are hadeeth to support this.

Here is proof: That a Man leaving Islam was not “Killed” read;

Abdullah ibn Sa’d ibn Abi Sarh would write to the Messenger of Allah but the devil deceived him and he joined the unbelievers. The Messenger of Allah ordered that he should be killed on the day of liberation, but Uthman ibn Affan sought protection for him, so the Messenger of Allah granted him protection. Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 4358, Grade: Sahih

Apostasy laws in Islam are similar to Britain’s Treason Act 1351
..Compassing the Death of the King, Queen, or their eldest Son; violating the Queen, or the King’s eldest daughter unmarried, or his eldest Son’s Wife; levying War; adhering to the King’s Enemies; killing the Chancellor, Treasurer, or Judges in Execution of their Duty.… REFERENCE: TREASON ACT 1351.

Apostasy is understood as a form of treachery against the state. Apostasy according to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a punishable crime if the accused was found guilty of treachery against the state. In this context, Snowden is an apostate (i.e.) traitor.

In conclusion; Islam is not against all types of freedom of expression or freedom to critique Islam as the ExMuslim would have believed if it was then Islam would have also ordered the killing of not just vocal ExMuslims but also Non-Muslims who were never ExMuslim. But we know that this is not the case and there is a deeper understanding of this as presented in this article, for instance; Islam doesn’t say kill ALL people who speak against it. ExMuslims are an exception due to the reasons given.

You could be a Christian Apologist like David Wood, who claims to have studied the Quran and Hadith for 20 years and can criticise the Quran and hadith his whole life, and yet his life is not in danger. He was allowed to Debate Muslims. If Islam was weak, it would suggest the killing of Christians or Atheists who were always atheists or Christians, that right there proves, Islam can tolerate criticism and it doesn’t necessarily kill All those who criticise Islam.

In addition, a Muslim is not to go out and start killing random vocal exmuslims he sees in the street as some ExMuslims would have you believe, this is far from the truth. The killing of Apostates has to go before a judicial court process determined by the Qadi (Judge), and a Shariah court tribunal and handled by Authorities. Islam does not permit under any circumstance that an individual takes the matter into his own hands and you go out stabbing people in the street this type of violence is against Islam and condemned by Islam. This is only determined by a sovereign shariah country or constitution similar to say the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has aspects of Shariah law.

In conclusion:

Every individual case of an Apostate is dealt with differently depending on the person’s faith level, depending on is that person working with unbelievers to harm the Muslims, by claiming they are an Authority to misrepresent Islam, thus creating hatred, and war against Muslims, or is He, someone that just minds his businesses and does not wish to preach to others and leaves in secrecy, then He can not be judged, and trialled, therefore, these types of Apostates are left alone, but if your vocal and call people to misguidance it is only those who are dealt with under Apostacy treason laws, this is done to protect people from getting misguided by these people and ending up in Hell. Islam is there to protect people against getting misguided because it cares about your health and well being in the afterlife.

So do Apostates get killed? The answer can be “yes” and “no”, depending on the circumstances.

Category of ones that could get killed:

A) Openly promoting their Ex-Muslimness, after they have betrayed the Khalif and committed treason. Advocating and claiming they understand Islam, to mislead others. Leaving Islam, to work with the Unbelievers, to wage war on Muslims.

Category of one that could NOT get killed


A) Was never really a Muslim to begin with, just Muslim by name. Had no knowledge or understanding of Islam. Therefore wasn’t aware of the truth of Islam, basically an ignorant person.

B) You leave Islam in secrecy, and you are not vocal at all, and you keep to yourself.

And Allah knows Best.


May I also conclude by expressing another hypocrisy:

EXmuslim will say: “I believe in Diplomacy and Human Rights, I believe in Democracy. This is what the We believe in. I’m glad I left Islam”.


Though the same ExMuslim will be: Sadned because Recep Tayyip erdoğan survived the Coup’s attempt on his life back in 2016.

#Diplomacy 😂👍


ExMuslims will complain about “Apostasy Laws”, while they support the forceful overthrow and killing of Leaders who are inclined towards Islam. And who are anti-Western or Anti-Liberal and Secular


Also read, Refuting arguments the claim that the Prophet Muhammed killed critics who were pagans: https://thedebateinitiative.com/2014/11/16/did-the-prophet-muhammad-pbuh-kill-his-critics/

Refuting the argument. “There is no compulsion to accept Islam – Islam Question & Answer” https://islamqa.info/amp/en/answers/34770


For further responses please also visit Dr Jonathan Brown’s work here: https://yaqeeninstitute.org/en/jonathan-brown/apostasy/


Also read Jesus condoning the Killing/Torturing of Apostates: https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/jesus-of-the-bible-will-torture-ex-christian-apostates/



Why are Muslims building Mosques in the West?

By: Mustafa Sahin


Amir Persian posted a comment objecting to Muslims building Mosques in Australia, under this link:






Don’t go Crazy on you? Sure Amir I can easily take that task on, the country of Australia. Belonged to the indigenous culture and they weren’t Christian. Yet the Christians came here, they didn’t exactly leave their churches behind, did they? So I ask if the Christians can migrate to other lands to build their places of worship and spread their religion to other lands and took over a different culture, why are you getting upset if Muslims bring their religion and culture here? Why the double standards. This country is democratic, and under its jurisdiction it allows, religious freedoms. So maybe you should spend a bit more time understanding our own laws. What Muslims are doing is exactly inline with our constitutional rights. If you are objecting to Islamic rights in this country, then I suggest you need to go complain to the local Government, instead of complaining here. This country is not yours, its every other citizens, and you are not the sole owners, the real owners of these lands are the indigenous people of this country. Western nations don’t like the way we dress, yet they had no problem coming to predominantly Muslim lands and building churches there too, like 49 Muslim countries have Christian churches. I wonder do you complain about those? Just because we may not agree to Western dress codes, it doesn’t mean we can not live side by side in disagreement. Even having a disagreement, is part of your constitutional right, and “freedom of expression”. That’s another lesson for you. In fact our Governments have opposition parties that disagree on a lot of things, have you ever watched a “Parliamentary Debate”?
Do you agree to the Muslim culture? Do you even agree to Muslim cultures over in the Muslims lands? Of course you don’t. And do you let them be? Of course not, You do petitions and demand our Western governments to “secularize the Muslim countries, and when they disagree we usually bomb them back to the stone age” so give me a break about ” islamization” when every single day, we are trying to enforce Secularism to the rest of the Muslim World.
And I kinda find it quite ironic, that you talk about some Muslim countries, being oppressive and not giving Muslims their human rights, and yet when we come to a land that may give us rights that some Muslim countries don’t, you still complain and want to be like those Muslim countries and you too, wish to want to take those rights from Us, I ask are you for freedoms or are you just like the ones you accuse? So I ask, who is “THE TWO FACE? Well let’s talk about being “Hypocrtical and TWO FACE, I bet you would be the first one crying about a Muslim nation impinging against basic human rights, if a Christian or Buddhist, or a Jew, was descriminated against for their religion in a Muslim land, because they had their religious right taken away from them, and yet on the same token, you wish to take religious rights away from Muslim living in the West, so who is the Hyporctite may I ask? And who is the TWO FACE?

Enough said.




List of Christian Apologist Scandels

Last update: 8th June 2020

1 –  Ravi Zecharias

Fraudenly Scholarship, and Sex Allogations.


Read the resport: https://spiritualsoundingboard.com/2020/05/12/before-evangelicals-canonize-ravi-zacharias-will-they-learn-from-jean-vanier-and-larche/

See video:

In addition; Sexting Allogations click on link:

Ravi Zacharias: The Uncomplicated Facts

Ravi and Sex Spa Scandal?

2 – Nabeel Qurashi

Contradictions in his dreams and supposed visions, upon accepting Christianity.

3 – Anis Shorrosh

Burn’t his Religious organizations Tax Records. Set fire to building.

4 – Jimmy Swaggart

Cheated on his wife, with a Prostitute.

5 – Christian Prince

Unconfirmed “Master Degree in Shariah Law”.

We have requested him numerous times, to disclose evidence for his so called, Degree in Shariah Law.

Christian Prince fan said: ” When you go to a bank to withdrawl money, do you ask to see the Bank President? No Muslim has refuted the information he has brought out. Stop running and go debate Him.

My response:

That was pretty stupid example, why would anyone need to consult the president of the bank? If they can trust the bank to withdrawl his own bank account, of course, only when the person is unable to access there bank account might then consult the bank manager or president of the bank. There is nothing wrong with asking for evidence of someone’s credentials. If that person is claiming to have those credentials, because many people lie about their credentials. How would you like it, if a scientist was claiming his a Scholar of science with a Science degree, and this so called scholar of Science started writing and publishing articles about science, claiming his qualified to do so? This would be wrong to do right? If we didn’t check people’s credentials then anyone can claim anything and take advantage of people. So saying it’s not important to disclose your scholarship, would be wrong, because then it would create a civilization where anyone can claim they are a scholar, which will result in people taking advantage of others, because people look up to scholars, due to their high understanding of the matter. Now just imagine I claimed I was, a Scholar of the Christian Religion, and I started telling people, my understanding of the Bible is valid, because I’m a scholar of the Bible. And when people asked evidence of my scholarship, I didn’t produce it. People would think I’m lying wouldn’t they? Therefore it’s important to prove to people your scholarship to prove your are genuine. Just imagine if we didn’t put our credentials in a work related resume? When applying for a job? And people lie to their boss about there academia? If bosses don’t check evidence of a person’s study, then you could have many people lying about their qualifications. I really don’t care about who you think his refuted, that is besides the point. And does not justify not disclosing his Scholarship evidence. Christians believe David Wood refutes all the Muslims aswell, but we don’t see David Wood going around claiming his a Islamic Scholar. Ahmed Deedat at his time was going around refuting all the Christian theologians, yet Deedat wasn’t claiming his a Christian Scholar.

Also: CP, tells his Debate opponents ” He is a Scholar” and therefore his interpretation of the Quran is valid compared to the interpretation of his opponents, therefore If CP is using his credentials as “evidence” to prove the validity of his arguements, then it’s required for him to prove he holds such credentials!

And besides Farid has already exposed CP and his flaws on Islam, his got over 101 lies of CP, see here:

After watching Brother Farid dismantle CP, actually promted my investigation in CP Scholarship. Because he was making basic mistakes in the Arabic. Now stop running, and go ask CP to produce evidence of his scholarship!

Another Christian Prince Fan boy wrote”; “CP credentials don’t really matter”.

My Response:

Yes I agree with you on this. However if He himself claims He holds those credentials then it does matter. Because if He does not have them, when He claims to have them, then He would need to produce that. If I go around telling people I’m a Scholar, and I have a master degree, then it would be on my own responsibility to prove that, if someone asks. Because people do take academia seriously and it gives a person more of a authoritative position if they claim they are a scholar. So why is it fair for him to claim that He is a scholar, or He has master degree, but then it becomes unfair if we ask for proof. If Scholarship didn’t really matter, then why is CP flaunting it? It obviously matters and that’s why he keeps reminding people of his scholarship. If it didn’t matter then He wouldn’t be talking about it now would he?

You say, it’s a security issue? Well his not a teenager and no longer in school. So how can you blow up a school he graduated many years ago from? How can CP revealing his first and last name, be a security threat? He lives in the U.S and not the middle East. Other Christian Apologists like Sam Shamoun, David Wood, and Converted2Islam guy, are just as vile in attacking Islam, yet Sam and David have appeared on many many public debate platforms, none of which were ever shy in revealing their identity, are you saying Christian Prince is not as brave as them? I mean I’m not even personally asking him to publicly show his face. Though brother farid has called him out and even told him, to come wear a mask, if his that worried about his appearance being revealed, yet he still refuses, and I’m not even asking him to do that, all I’m asking for is, his first and last name, and the university he graduated from and the year in which he earnt, his master degree. Giving someone your first and last name, has no security issue so long as you don’t reveal your identity, because hundreds if not thousands of people can carry the (same) first and last name of CP, therefore it’s not a security threat to reveal it, again I’m not asking for a photo I.d. Rather the University and year he graduated from and a first and last name that’s it, so I can verify it for myself. Of course if his liar, He will just continue to use, his life is in danger as an excuse to hide his lies, that’s pretty convenient if you ask me. I will use CP standard of arguement. CP is lying about his master degree in Shariah, Law. And his Lying about being a Scholar. Until He proves it. Is that still unfair?

6 – Sam Shamoun

Sam Shamoun is a women beater.

Court documents reveal, Sam Shamoun Ex-wife has filed a complaint, that Sam Shamoun is not permitted to no longer “Physically abuse his Wife.

Sam Shamoun constantly Misquoting (Sureh 4:34) and presenting it without due context enlight of other hadith. And for doing so, it seems Allah has punished Sam Shamoun, and exposed his deeds of being a real women “beater himself”!

Glory be to Allah.

More coming soon…….God willing.


Why did God Create Hell and does Eternal Hell equal no Justice?




Why did Allah (God) create Hell?

One who reads the Qur’an and hadith literature cannot miss the several references concerning hell. While many would understandably appreciate why some of humanity’s worst criminals might deserve to burn in hell temporarily for their horrendous crimes, several would struggle with the idea of one enduring hell eternally for failing to believe in the correct religion.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was asked by his companions, “What is the biggest sin in the sight of Allah?” He said, “To set up rivals or those equal unto Allah, though He is the one who created you.” [Saheeh Al-Bukhari].

The Prophet described Shirk (polytheism) as the worst sin, as worship is a right due to Allah alone. It is wicked because it involves equalizing between He, who is the ultimate source of our existence and sustenance, with the creation that could barely help themselves. It is the pinnacle of ingratitude and treachery.

Allah is maximally quintessential in all His attributes. He is maximally perfect in His generosity, mercy, justice, power, knowledge, supremacy, etc. The utmost magnificence of His attributes makes Him one with an infinitely qualitative status. Allah’s sole right to the reception of worship is the logical and necessary outcome of His being ascribed with these attributes. It is the most significant right a maximally perfect being such as Allah lays claim to, and its infringement is the most severe crime that could be committed.

The severity of a crime is not only determined by how evil the crime itself is but also by the moral worth or status of the offending side. For instance, animal abuse is not as severe as human abuse because the moral status of the human being is worthier than the animals. Consistently, seeing that God is infinitely more worthy, dignified, and greater than any other being, the severity of a crime committed against God should not be subjected to human conceptions of justice that we are ordinarily accustomed to. This entails that the ultimate crime of Shirk committed against Him would justly warrant a maximal punishment which takes form in an endless sequence of epochs of suffering in hell, as it is a fitting testament to the infinite worth of the offended God.

Allah guides the one who is genuinely determined to seek the truth. He states: “Whoever Allah wishes to guide; He expands his breast to Islam” [6:125]. The individual must truly want to submit to God even if it means conceding that he has been wrong about his religious views all along, changing his moral paradigm, upsetting his family and friends, and changing his lifestyle. If that determination is truly there, then Allah would enable that individual by strengthening his willpower and guiding his decisions to take the measures necessary to acquire the truth of Islam. Allah would enable him to want to undergo his research correctly and in an unbiased fashion. Allah would assist him by emboldening him and instilling courage in him to confront his family and friends about the new religion he has embraced.

Those who willingly choose not to investigate the truth claims of serious contending belief systems such as Islam, either out of indifference or unjustified misplaced overconfidence in their current beliefs, are morally culpable, as they did not take the duty of religious inquiry seriously enough. If we contrast how much research and how factual people are when making decisions about some mundane matters (e.g., determining which car to buy) with finding out what the true religion is, we see that many fall short.

Allah states that He would not bear people’s burdens that they are not able to bear. [6:152] On the Day of Judgment, those entering hell will concede that they were wrong and worthy of blame. They will not be kicking and screaming that God was unfair to them, but rather that it was their fault. [67:10]

Some people say that we are born into our respective faiths and that it is unjust for us to be punished for something we did not choose. However, we do choose to remain in our faiths. Being born into a non-Muslim family is indeed a barrier, but it can be overcome. It is widely common to see people abandoning their parents’ belief systems and traditions for something else. The problem, however, is that many make wrong decisions when it comes to the new beliefs they decide to adopt.

Moreover, being born into something cannot be a blanket moral excuse. For instance, we would not excuse racists to remain, racists, simply because they were brought up in a racist household. We would expect them to know better and make the right decision of change later.

Some question how God can be All-Merciful, despite punishing some in hell for eternity. As was already stated, Allah will not place anybody in hell unless they have a fair opportunity to make decisions that would have placed them on the right course toward the path of guidance. Allah does not owe us salvation. Mercy is the remission or forgiveness of a penalty that is already fair to apply to begin with. This is especially the case when Allah Himself has assured us that He does not let anyone carry a burden too heavy for them to bear.

To understand “All-Merciful” as an attribute entailing that Allah is entirely merciful to everybody unconditionally is problematic. We need to understand that Allah’s attributes of mercy and wrath are appropriately relational to that, which is fitting to these attributes. For example, a rebellious Satan is not fit to receive Allah’s mercy. For Allah to never unleash His wrath on unrepentant criminals could not be loving and merciful to the victims who do not obtain justice in this life. And so on.

In summary, standard objections raised against hell stem from a lack of appreciation for God’s status as an infinitely majestic being and a misunderstanding of how His divine attributes are to be conceived. If one believes in God, as the vast majority of people do, then he ought to find out what God has to say about the purpose of our lives, how to treat people, whether there is salvation, whether God is pleased with us or not, whether we are indebted to God for our existence, etc. Man must find out what his duties are.

There is a lot at stake here, and the more there is a stake in something, the more vital it is that we have correct beliefs concerning that thing. The first essential step is to pray and yearn for God’s guidance genuinely and be willing to sacrifice all that it would take to attain it.

– By Bassam Zawadi


Let’s continue…….

Atheist: “Why is God unjust? How can He punish unbelievers for Eternity in Hell”?

Me: “Accept Islam. And God will admit you into paradise. But if you do not. Hell will be your Eternal abode”.

Atheist: “No I don’t wish to accept Islam”.

Me: But if you do not, then you will burn in hell forever”!

Atheist: I don’t care”.

Me: “You don’t care about going to an Eternal hell”?

Atheist: %@#÷^*

Me: See the point here folks, Allah is not unjust. Allah makes an “agreement” with Atheists or unbelievers “before” he puts them to hell “forever”. Atheists “accept” the condition of Eternal hell rather than paradise by refusing to “accept” Islam. Therefore an Atheist can not call: “Allah unjust” or that an Eternal punishment is “unjust”. If the Atheist refused to accept the invitation to Islam, then “technically” He has rather accepted an Eternal hellfire So why would an unbeliever claim Allah is unjust with him on the day of judgement?

Allah (SWT) makes it very clear to unbelievers in the Quran, that He warns them of Islam and warns them of the “consequences” if they refuse to accept Islam. Thus it is not unjust for hellfire for being Eternal for them, if that’s the fate Atheists have chosen for themselves!

This Day shall every person be recompensed for what he earned. No injustice (shall be done to anybody). Truly, Allah is Swift in reckoning. (Quran 40:17)


Also please visit this short video response

Where Ali Dawah responds to critics that claim Allah is an unjust God, for punishing unbelievers for Eternity for a finite sin (crime), committed on earth.
He explains using the (Quran 22:99-100) there is no such thing as a finite sin for unbelievers because Allah says in the Quran, Had we sent the Unbelievers back to earth, they will go back to their disbelief, and if we let them live forever on the earth, they would remain on disbelief forever, thus justifying an Eternal Hell. Also note, this verse doesn’t mean sending back to earth means, He will send a man that He judged back to earth, and with that same faculty of seeing Heaven, Angels, Day of Judgement, He will send back to earth, of course, no one would go back to disbelief after seeing such signs. Rather Allah when He speaks about sending them back, He is talking about making everything start all over again, where man has not seen Angels, heaven, God or hell. Allah says even if we did this, He would still go back to disbelieving even if we put him to the test again.

Bellow, is two Atheists who prove that type of arrogance listens:


Counter Rebbutal section:

Atheist wrote:


My response:

@Polymath Let me explain the I don’t care part:
An Atheist says, “he doesn’t care, or consider the Proof for the evidence of God, nor accept the Evidence from theists arguments as valid evidence for the Proof of God. Thus in his rejection has ” technically accepted to refuse to accept the Evidence, thus in doing so, He has picked for himself a destination which warns unbelievers of a punishment. Thus now no unbeliever can accuse God that they have not been “warned” thus their punishment is now justified. Also, some Atheists say Even if God was real, they will still refuse to believe in him. Martin Rowson (Atheist editor-writer and Cartoonist” says:” if God proved He existed I still wouldn’t Believe in him. (Page 22.) Another Atheist named: Thomas Nagel( Atheist Professor of Philosophy) writes: I want Atheism to be true. Is that I hope there is no God. I don’t want there to be a God. I don’t want the universe to be like that.
(Last Word p.g 130-131).

So of course there are Atheists who ” deliberately choose to disbelieve in the evidence”. Even if that evidence was black and white.
Just as there are flat earthers who ” deliberately” chose to reject the earth is round, there are also Unbelievers who deliberately deny the clear evidence of intelligent design.

Also if a sceptic was searching for the truth, Allah will guide him to Islam, the truth is most Atheist sceptics are not genuinely sincere in searching and accepting the truth.

And the arguement still stands, even if God’s religion has not convinced you it’s the truth, you have rejected the arguement for God’s existence, so in doing so you have accepted the consequences of following a theory that rejects the Evidence, thus in doing so, you have technically “accepted the consequences of Eternal damnation. If that evidence you reject turns out to be true.

Atheist wrote:


My Response:


The truth? (It is not black and white)?

Quran: We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and themselves, till it is clear to them that it is the truth. Suffices it not as to thy Lord, that He is witness over everything?
Quran 41:53

For they had denied the truth when it came to them, but there is going to reach them the news of what they used to ridicule. Quran 6:5

As one can see from the above verses, Allah tells us in the Quran the Unbelievers will receive the Truth, and this truth will be made clear for them (verses41:53). And Allah tells us in (verses 6:5) that they will still deny them.

So even if an Atheist claims his honesty about searching for truth, and claiming there is no evidence, Allah tells us they are liars.

Let’s read the next verses:
And, do not cloak (and confuse) the truth with falsehood. Do not suppress the truth knowingly. (Quran, 2:42)”

Yea, in their own (eyes), will become manifest what before they concealed. But if they were returned, they would certainly relapse to the things they were forbidden, for they are indeed liars. (Quran, 6:28)”

In these verses Allah tells us, that the Unbelievers conceal the truth, in other words, do not admit the truth even if it has convinced them, then Allah tells us, that they are liars when they claim there is no evidence for God or Islam. Therefore no matter how much an Atheist or an unbeliever claims his be sincere and still rejects Islam, Allah calls him a liar. For why now his Abode in hell is justifiable for Eternity. Because the Unbeliever has chosen the path of unbelief and accepted its consequence, therefore he can not blame Allah for the Eternal damnation the Atheist chose for himself by intentionally denying the truth. Only Honest and Sincere agnostics, unbelievers or Atheists will accept Islam, the liars and unsincere ones will die rejecting the truth, and this is clearly why they go to hell for Eternity, that’s the abode they chose for themselves. There they can not blame anyone but themselves, for accepting Eternal damnation, due to their arrogance, and insincerity.

I would also like to conclude by saying this, Atheists/Agnostics like to criticise God for eternal punishment, and how they think this is unfair, and how religion has no real justice.

However, let’s look at the Atheist worldview and the Secular system he believes to follow. Does following other than religion bring justice?

The answer is not. Take, for example, the 50 people shot and killed in the Christchurch massacre. The victim’s families in court spoke to the judge saying;

No punishment you impose on Brendan Tarrant will ever be enough for the perpetrator.

This is true when you think about it. Here is a ruthless man that killed 50 innocent people. So how is putting 1 man in jail for the rest of his already half-lived life, even compatible with the 50 lives? It is not. Even if capital punishment was imposed. Killing 1 life compared to the lives of 50 people is still not compatible.

However what would be compatible, is eternal punishment for those 50 people, and of course, compromised with the punishment of eternal unbelief.

See, religion unlike the Atheist world view gives much greater justice.


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Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) in Bible. 1 John 4:1-4

Last updated: 28th May 2020

By: Mustafa Sahin

Christians often tell Muslims there is no evidence in the Bible, of the Prophecy of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), foretold in the Bible. So in this paper, I will prove to you using (1 John 4:1-4) to prove to the Christian readers that this passage no doubt give evidence of the coming of future Prophets. I shall include Christian responses, and show how these arguments can be countered. So let us begin:

Read the passage:


So what we can see from the above verse; the term spirit is in conjunction with a Prophet. Though this passage talks about how to recognize a false spirited Prophet. It also tells us how to recognize truthful spirited Prophets.

The verse above also tells us, that Prophets will come to you, in the future tense, and so it advises us, how to recognize them. This proves that the Bible endorsed accepting future Prophets so long as they fit well with the definition, of how we define who is the truthful spirited Prophet. So what are the criteria that need to be established to determine a truthful prophet?

He must acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.

So does the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) fit this criterion? Certainly, there are many passages in the Quran, where the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) attested a Book, that clarifies Jesus to come in the flesh:

A Comprehensive Listing of References to Jesus ('Isa) in the Qur'an

Answering Christian Objection 1:

Christian will say Muhammed is in the Bible, but only when it refers to “False spirit in 1 john 4:1


Yet all this time, Christians argue the Prophet is never in the Bible? But only when Christians want to prove he’s a “False Prophet”, he suddenly appears in 1 John 4:1?

Interesting Hey?

So if the Prophet can be in 1 john 4:1, why then He can not be in 1 john 4:2? As the Truthful spirited Prophet?

Answering Christian Objection 2:

Jesus said the one who denies the Son Denies the Father. Therefore Muhammed denies the “Sonship” and “Fathership”. Therefore he denied Jesus to come on flesh.


The term “Son” can be understood in the Bible as “Servent”.

Read: Some translations have “Son ” changed to “Servent”.

The Quran also affirms this read:

Jesus said, ” indeed, I am the servant of Allah He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. (Quran 19:30)

So the term, Son is clearly “metaphorical” because it can mean Servant, just like the term” Father” is also understood as being Metaphorical. Because even Apostle Paul claimed to be All our ” Father” read:

Paul said; 15 Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

Source: http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/4-15.htm

Therefore these terms such as Father and Son, do not mean in the real sense, rather they are more inclined to a metaphorical sense. Thus Prophet Muhammed does not Deny Jesus as a Servant of God nor denied the Father in a Metaphorical sense in the biblical language as the God of this Universe. Jesus in the Bible refers to himself even as the; “The Son of Man”. (Mathew 12:8)

But Jesus is not Man’s son, He’s God’s Son, right? So how can He be called Son of Man? Well, it’s now clear, that terms such as “Son of Man, or Son of God, are all “Metaphorical” Terms.

After all, Jesus spoke on, Parables, Metaphors and allegories


Answering Christian Objection 2:

I find this one pretty hilarious, a Christian by the name of Tonu writes;

That Prophet Muhammed does not believe in Jesus quoting: (John 8:24) So I replied this was pretty idiotic. Because Muslims (I.e) the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) believe in the Personhood of Jesus.



So what does the desperate Christian do, He tries to twist the Quran, to appeal that the Quran is talking about a “different Jesus”.  However, this has been refuted here:

Mary, daughter of Amram, sister of Aaron: A Qur’anic error or deliberate allusion?

Now, this gets even more interesting, if Christians honestly believe that, the Qur’anic Jesus is a “different Jesus” and not the Jesus of Christianity who was born from a virgin? Then why do “Christians appeal to this Sureh:


Christians say this is “Evidence” Jesus died on the Cross” according to the Quran. “And the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive”.

Of course, the Islamic position is, this is talking about “Jesus second coming” where He (Jesus) will be sent to the earth a second time, will die a natural death, then rise from the dead.

In any case, Christians still use Sureh 19:33, to prove to Muslims, that the same Jesus of the Bible, who died on the Cross, is the very same Jesus in the Quran (Sarah 19:33).

So as you can see, we are seeing a huge inconsistency, from Christians like Tonu. Where He desperately tries to claim, Jesus of the Quran is a different Jesus to the Bible, but then His same Christian folks, try to selectively Quote certain verses of the Quran to prove the very same Jesus of the Bible!

Answering Christian Objection 3:

Christian writes, quoting 1 john 4:1-4 the part where it says; ……… Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,



Both, Mario and Tonu, are suggesting Prophet Muhammed’s God, is not the same God as Jesus.

However, it gets really, interesting because Christian Apologists like “Christian Prince” tries to even prove “Allah is a Trinity”.


So if Christians like Mario and Tonu want to, prove Allah is a different God than the one Jesus had in the Bible, why then do other Christian Apologists appeal to the Quran, to prove that Allah is a “Triune God”, just as the Biblical God?

Interesting Hey?

As Dr James White says” Inconsistency is the sign of a failed arguement”

Anyhow, the fact is if we put to the side, the opinionated theological differences, then both the Qur’anic and the Biblical God are the “same God”, thus Prophets Muhammad’s God, and Jesus God is the same.

Answering Christian Objection 4:



So the assertion here is, that if the Prophet Muhammed is a true Prophet and did confirm Jesus came in the flesh, He the Prophet Muhammed needs to confirm the correct theological belief about Jesus, that being is that the Prophet needs to affirm that Jesus is God. But let me just take you back for a moment, when we look at 1 John 4:1-4.

Nowhere in this “passage does it say, the spirit of truth “The prophet” must confess Jesus has come in the flesh “as God”. Thus this is not the criteria. Rather all the verse says is;

Quote: “This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God”.

Notice nowhere does the verse ever say, He must declare “God is with Us in Jesus”.  Thus it’s clear, a Christian is forcing separate criteria to the one mentioned in (1 John 4:1-4).

Anyhow, you can see this article: https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2020/04/30/figurtive-literal-games-in-the-bible/

Where we prove, that terms like being called “God” or “Son of God” are to be understood in Metaphorical Terms as Godly People.

Answering Christian Objection 5:



Prophet, Muhammed (PBUH) is a sinner? Therefore He, can not be the Truthful Spirit, in 1 John 4:1-4?

Read what Apostle  Paul said;


We are told that “Apostle Paul” who admits His the Worst of Sinners, Yet Christians don’t reject Paul, or his letters, now do they? They have no issue in accepting Paul as a Prophet. Also another reminder, the criteria of (1 john 4:1-4) does not say, the spirit of truth (Prophet) must be “Free of Sin”.  So again a Christian has forced his criteria to the text. Additionally are Christians really, assuming that the Prophet to come, must be “Sinless”? And yet I thought, that the only one without “Sin” was to be Jesus Christ. So are Christians assuming that there is to come to another “sinless being like Jesus?

Interesting Hey?

Answering Christian Objection 6:

Jesus is the “only way”




Now even more interesting if Jesus was “The only way” for all times, He wouldn’t be preaching about future Prophets to come would He? Which He did in (1 John 4:1-4).

Now I have a crossfire section  with the Christian missionary:








  1. Note: We already answered the claim for “Sinner”.


As you can see the Christian is in denial and does not wish to list the truthful spirited “foretold Future Prophets as prophecised in (1 John  4:1-4), and the Christian just wishes to talk about the False ones, so all I could do is get reminded by what Jesus said;


And what the Quran has said;


Allah, (SWT) Has spoken the Truth, they will continue to conceal the “Future Prophets”. Until Allah (SWT) confronts them on the Day of Judgement.


Note: even if a Christian claims Apostle Paul was a Prophet after Jesus, this does not disqualify the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) because “Testing the Spirits are in the Plural, as the Christian himself admitted, meaning it doesn’t have to refer to one. It could be one, but it doesn’t have to mean only one, according to the Bible, and of course one needs to also reason that, Paul himself never called himself “A Prophet”. Unlike the Prophet Muhammed. See our bellow article,  where we talk about this further in yet another passage of the Bible indicating another Prophecy about Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) see:

John  1:20-21 https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/prophet-muhammed-pbuh-in-the-bible/


Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) in Bible. John 1:20-21

By: Mustafa Sahin

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in the Bible.

The Early Jews were seeking and asking around for the several personalities mentioned in many places in the Old Testament. They understood that these personalities will be coming in the future, so they started their enquiry based on the knowledge they had since they were learned about their books.

So the Jews went to first ask “John the Baptist” since he was a devotee to God in:


Notice there is a distinction between Christ Messiah and Prophet. Christians want to claim they were only enquiring a Prophet who is Jesus. However, what we can see is 3 distinct people are being enquired:

1 – Christ = Jesus

2 – Elijah

3 – That Prophet = Who is it?

It’s clear they were waiting for Messiah Jesus and a man called Elijah additionally a Prophet distinct from Messiah. Otherwise, they would have just said. Messiah and Elijah. However, they mentioned the 3rd identity. We dont dispute that the Prophecy in 1 john 20-21 is not about Jesus. It is about Jesus. But it’s not just about Jesus. The Enquiry is also about other people besides Jesus. One happens to be about Elijah and the third is That Prophet. That is why they asked three questions, as opposed to two questions. The three Questions refer to three distinct individuals. So let’s ask the Christians we know who the TWO that is being inquired Jesus and Elijah who is the third?

Some Christians when you push them to show you who is the third? I’ve had a Christian tell me it was ” Apostle Paul”.  However there is one issue with this, Apostle Paul never specifically identified himself as a “Prophet”. Nor was He ever called a “Prophet”.

However, the Prophet of Islam was named a Prophet. Quran 7:158  Quran 33:40. Therefore the third enquiry can not be talking about Apostle Paul. And if a Christian claim, well Paul still did duties Prophets do, as one Christian article suggests here:


Then by that token, any other person besides Paul can also be that third Enquiry namely the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) who at least fits the definition of the enquiry head-on. It gets hilarious, Christians identify Paul namely as, “Apostle Paul” and not ” Prophet Paul”, but I guess if we continue to promote, Prophet Muhammed, being part of (John 1:20-21) Christians will probably start getting so annoyed and start naming Paul, Prophet Paul, instead of Apostle Paul, even though none of Paul’s Disciples or Jesus Disciples “EVER” called Paul a Prophet!

And isn’t it, interesting Christians will vigorously argue with Muslims, saying there is no passage in the Bible that talks about the coming of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) after Jesus. But then they conveniently shove Paul into (John 1:20-21), to deny Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

That’s Cute.

I once also engaged a Christian Apologist by the name of Nakdimon Yasmeen,  one of the author’s at AnsweringIslamcom, who told Me, the Jews were ignorant, that’s why they mistakenly inquired about three separate individuals, rather they were only supposed to enquire about Jesus.

My Response to that would be, are we led to believe, that these early Jews, were “only wise” in their enquiry about Jesus? But foolish to enquire about other Prophets? Well, I find that interesting though, you accept Paul after Jesus.

They fail in the consistency department, don’t they?

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Prophet Muhammed foretold in (1 John  4:1-4)



Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) died from Poison. False Prophet?

By: Mustafa Sahin


In this response, I’m just going to keep it simple use logic to refute the Christian Missionaries, then turn the table on them. I’m not going to Qoute dozens of Quran and Hadith verses. I’m just going to keep it simplified and straight to the point. So the Christian arguement here is, one is a false Prophet if He dies from poison or affected by Poison? And Hadith that claim He felt pains in his Aorta before his Death. They bring the Quran or Hadith  and the Bible to use it against the Prophet;





So here it goes, if for arguement sake the Prophet (Pbuh) was killed by In the following way, the Question I would like to ask, why was He murdered to late? Since the message was already completed. The Quranic revellation was finished as:

Allah say’s: “Today i have perfected your religion. (Qur’an 5:3)

So what exactly was perfected, well it was the completion of the deliverance of the Quran, over a period of 23 Years. So the Prophet, taught the Quran during his ministry, and completed the Quran, transmitting it to his companions. That was the Prophets primary duty. The Prophet completed his message. For why he even did his last sermon to 150,000 Believers, according to the Hadeeth.

These were the final wording of his last sermon in Major gathering in Hajj, All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and it may be that the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O God, that I have conveyed your message to your people.”
Thus the beloved Prophet completed his Final Sermon, and upon it, near the summit of Arafat, the revelation came down:
“…This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My Grace upon you, and have chosen Islam for you as your religion…” (Quran 5:3)

If getting killed by Poison signifies him being a False Prophet, why then did God allow him to complete his religion through Prophet Muhammed? And if He was false Prophet why did it take the poison 4 years to kill him? You tell me which False Prophet Survives Posion in his System for 4 years? In fact when his Companion Bashir ate the posion He died right away. The Prophet lived another 4 years. And only when the message was completed He passed away after that. Thats a miracle not false Prophet. So if anything it actually Proves his as true Prophet. If He was a false prophet it should have killed him right away. And not after many years until the message was completed.

So when the Quran says, we shall cut off his life from his Aorta, if that Prophet forged a false saying. Why did then Allah complete the Religion with the Prophet, by revealing to the Prophet the final verse of the Quran? Notice the Prophets life was not cut off, until the Quran was completed. However the Quran says, his life will be cut off, if He forged false sayings. Thus his life should have been cut off during his ministry, not after it’s been completed, thus him feeling pains in his Aorta has no relevance to being a False Prophet. So the arguement falls flat on it’s face.

Think about this also, the Prophets ministry lasted for 23 Years, compared to Jesus 3 year ministry. The Prophet Muhammed mission was completed and the final verses of the Quran were revealed and hence there was no reason for him to be alive if he was false prophet he would not have completed his mission and been supremely successful he seen in front of him accepting Islam and completely changing of Arabian peninsula and predicted in near future that Iraq, Syria ,Iran will also come under muslim rule and thus happen within 7 years all this happened.

Now let’s turn the tables on the Christians: According to the Bible, One of Sign of Anti Christ: He will be a Murderer from the Begining. (John 8:44)

Apostle Paul was a Murderer used to kill Christians right at the Begining. (Acts 22:4)

Christian aplogists say” Oh but that was before his ministry and not during his ministry.

So we can then make the same Arguement: That the Prophet did not die during his ministry rather he died after the completion of his ministry. (Quran 5:3) Thus, proving Prophet Muhammed like Paul were not affected during there Ministerial services.

So in Conclusion:






Now to turn the tables on Christians:

Christian preachers and sneak handlers are dying from Sneak Posion:


The verse that contains, the handling deadly sneaks. Not Authentic, as David Wood tells us.Thats why Your pastor Died. Forward to 3 Minute 30 seconds.Watch: https://youtu.be/Uko0Saf-orQ

Unfortunately the Pastors “Holy Spirit” forgot to remind him, The verse that contains the sneak poison miracle in last part of Marks Gospel is “not Authentic”. According to Biblical Scholars. The Holy Spirit went “Mute”. But Christians tell us, When you accept Christ into your life, the “Holy Spirit” will guide you. It seems the Pastors Holy Spirit abondened him. He couldn’t protect the Poor Pastor.


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Nabeel Qureshi Wife made False Prophecy in the name of the Holy Spirit

Christian Apologist Nabeel Qureshi, Wife made a “False Prophecy” about God saving Nabeel from his illness. 

See the video:


Click on this link to view the Video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=828314077330844&id=100004567772338

She quotes as saying:

” I believe the Lord gave peace this means; this is going to lead to healing, I believe this is coming from the “Holy Spirit”.

Of course, this False Prophecy turned out False, and Nabeel Passed away.

Please don’t be offended or think im mocking Nabeel death. I am not, im just questioning these apparent, feelings and revelations of the Holy Spirit telling Nabeel’s wife and assuring Her, that Her husband Nabeel illness “will lead to his healing”. She made a definitive statement, and claimed She believes it’s coming to her from The Holy Spirit”

This is the same family that would say Nabeel had “visions” before his conversion to Christianity. And this was a “sign” Christianity was the true religion!

Now for my interaction with a Christian on this Subject of False Prophecy foretold by Nabeels Wife.

Christian wrote:

More videos on nabeel from a Muslim but you’re all convinced you have no malice or ill intention when posting them.
This is a propaganda video, watch the whole thing. For one he names his church in Texas, which is a baptist church. This is meant to continue to smear his name because he preached at bethel.
How many young mothers and wives out there would love God to heal their husbands and not be left as single mums struggling to raise a child alone but you’ve twisted it to make it seem evil or not good to want to believe in a positive outcome.
Why don’t you deal with Christians like Matt chandler who had stage 4 brain cancer or tumours however you say it and God healed him and he’s still preaching years after they took a huge chunk of his brain out. God does heal and making fun of people looking for it is sinful.
If Islam is real why do you lot feel the need to dance and celebrate the death of this man?


If you have seen the whole video what exactly did we misinterpret? Her statements are clear, she said along those lines, “she felt that the Spirit inspired her that Nabeel will be healed”. She passed on a definitive response. We wouldn’t have gone after Nabeel if he wasn’t making claims that he accepted Christianity and left Islam because one of those reasons was based on visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit. Why are you feeling so disheartening? Im 100% certain that had Nabeel Survived you Christians would have praised Nabeel Wife and her visions, but when it turns out false you want to play the victim card?

It’s not our fault that Nabeels Family were insisting on definitive statements to prove a Miracle through Nabeels Trauma. So my advice next time is “tone it down” and stop preaching that the Holy Spirit speaks to you with words of Healing, that way no one will complain when the guy doesn’t get healed, it is plain and simple. If any Christian makes such definitive claims and didn’t survive I can assure you we would have gone after him too. And “Yes” Mothers out there can ask for healing, but there is one thing asking, and another thing claiming you had a definitive response, which seems to be what Nabeel Wife suggested.

If Matt Chandler’s wife went on social media said she had a vision of Prophet Muhammed saying he will Survive in Hospital concerning her Husband. All the Christian Apologists would have criticized these visions, once He passed away.

Christian wrote:

Thanks for accepting that you’re going after him. All these posts and everyone is claiming no malice but at least you’re honest.
My problem with this after he died Muslims were posting that he had lost his faith and was going to bizarre lengths to get healed. This video continues that thread.
I wonder if you were dying your wife would give you and your people words of confronting or give you the worst-case scenario. She’s comforting her husband and giving him hope and it’s quite wicked to turn it into something to rejoice over.
I wonder how many Muslims will start drinking after this, you seem so eager to celebrate a win that I think someone might buy some champagne to toast the death of this young father.


  1. Again I dont know how much more clear I can make it, we are not going after and picking on Nabeels suffering rather going after and pointing out the false Prophecy made in the name of the Holy Spirit. Again, there is a difference between giving hope like, saying things like you believe that God will heal you and another thing claiming that you received a definitive response from the Holy Spirit that “he will heal you”. That is now a “Clear False Prophecy in the Holy Spirit name” And giving a False hope, which is quite sad. I couldn’t care less if you think we are celebrating, it’s another thing when you’re trying to wash it down like it is nothing. Like I said earlier, had Nabeel Survived you would have celebrated the Prophecy made by his Wife, and please stop pretending that you wouldn’t have. You guys would have lynched on the opportunity and made tons of videos about how Nabeel surviving this was another miracle healing promised by Nabeels Wife’s Holy Spirit.

Christian wrote:

Did she say it was a vision or a feeling inside of her like a hope.?


These are her words:

1-  She said “I believe the Lord gave peace”

2-  She said: “This meant: healing”.

3-  She said: She believed: “it was from the Holy Spirit”.

So I dont know how you like to interpret it? vision or feeling?

Whatever floats your boat. She claimed to know how the Holy Spirit conveys the message. Nabeel’s wife said:  “He will be healed”. Well more accurately the Holy Ghost. So stop pretending it’s not a ” failed Prophecy”. It is clear.

Christian wrote:

His wife was proven wrong and people need to stop putting words in Gods’ mouth, they end up looking stupid if proven wrong.


So you finally admit, his wife was proven wrong. Why then should anyone believe the rest of the stuff that comes out of their mouths concerning Nabeels visions? If his wife Got it wrong about the Holy Spirit working through her why should we accept Nabeel visions? Regarding one of the reasons why Christianity was true, Maybe that too are fraudulent tales like his own wife’s narrative.

Christian wrote:

The fact that he’s dead means she was wrong but I don’t see any malice in a wife comforting her dying husband. I wouldn’t have used those words but it’s wicked that the man hasn’t been buried and stupid little things like this are being thrown around. Goes to show just how well he lived his life because you’re all on a witch hunt and this is the level you’re stooping to over a dead man and his grieving widow.


So why is Nabeel’s wife, giving falsified Prophecy? Is this how Yahway looks after Nabeel gives him a false preacher wife, to lie or mislead Nabeel? And maybe Yahway gave Nabeel also a fake preacher like David Wood who also tricked him?

Christian wrote:

You’re taking something so small and making it so big. I don’t think anything changes whether you accept his visions or not. Many people in the Muslim world are having them.
You’ve already rejected the guy, let him rest in peace.


Many Muslims are not having these visions. As even your bible says that the Devil can appear as the Angel of light. For all, I care they were getting false visions like Nabeel’s wife and possibly Nabeel himself. So yeh sad these guys got deceived. David wood his teacher the bigger deceiver sent this guy to hell if He did die indeed unrepented.

(Another) Christian wrote:

How is what you said any different than what I said? She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband. Doesn’t Jesus tell us to ask and believe?? This is a ridiculous argument to me. I have Muscular Dystrophy which is 100% fatal and I’m in a wheelchair. I shouldn’t be alive right now yet I BELIEVE he’ll keep me around longer, but like Nabeels his wife, I’ll still believe EVEN IF he doesn’t. This doesn’t make me a false prophet because I’m doing what Jesus told me to do, ask, knock, believe.


You wrote: “She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband”.

That’s not the only thing she believed. She said, that her belief, came to her by the Holy Spirit. So it wasn’t as though, she had her opinion that He would be healed, rather she mentioned, she believed this inspiration was coming to her from the Holy Spirit.

She acted as though she was having an interaction with the Holy Spirit as though he was some Golfing buddy, which slipped a bit of information to her that Nabeel will be healed. Now that’s very different from acknowledging God can heal. And like I said, had Nabeel been healed, Nabeel would have made a video glorifying his wife’s interaction with the holy spirit as a true Prophecy, saying this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us, David wood would have also clinched on the opportunity and would have made Nabeels Wife his female “Saint”. So let’s not pretend they would have not jumped on the opportunity to make a miracle out of Nabeel’s wife’s inspirations she believed came from the Holy Spirit. So yes since she claims that the Holy Spirit told her by a feeling he will be saved. And since He died, Then “yes” she made a false Prophecy. There is no Escape!

Another Christian recently also posted a response, and I responded, He agrees that it was “a minor false Prophecy



Also, more evidence: Nabeel didn’t exactly accept his fate. He never gave up on God sending miracles, while even going into palliative care, He requested Christians to “Pray for a Miracle” See here – https://youtu.be/kZpPhDzgdzg

Nabeel has also produced frequent videos never to give up, on Christians performing Miracles. He even suggested they can do; “Greater” miracles than Jesus”! See here: https://bloggingtheology.net/2017/01/03/nabeel-qureshi-truechristians-do-greater-miracles-than-jesus-exegesis-of-john-1412-14/

It seems, no true Christians left out there to show us a greater miracle than Jesus, and raise Nabeel from the Dead?

(Bellow) The Christian again says, suppose they made an “Honest Blunder”:



And now (bellow) the Christian is pretty annoyed so his now trying to have a poke at Islam:


And here below is a Video ” indicating that Nabeel” was Skeptical about the Bible and doubted it, in his last days:

Nabeel was made to get on his knees to ask God for “Forgiveness” pushed on by his Bible adviser. Nabeel was at the very low point of his Faith in Christianity, towards the end days of his ministry.

Is this how strong, his conviction in Christianity was after all those years, bashing Islam?


Now for some Screenshots, of other Christians who have been left embarrassed by Nabeel Wife’s False Prophecy. And here are the comments of those Christians who also “Testify Nabeel Wife was proven; “Wrong, Stupid, a false Prophet, Foolishness and Ignorance.




As you can see, infighting began among Christians about this, and the fact is, it was “a False Prophecy” and whatever feeling Nabeel wife got, what she felt, she claimed it was from the Holy Spirit. And now that it’s been proven False, all Christians can do is label Nabeels Wife, ignorant for not understanding her feelings. Though I can almost guarantee if Nabeel Survived, the same people, accusing Nabeels wife of ignorance, would have put her on a pedestal and turned her into “Hail Mary” but since it turned out False, let’s just blame the individual and shift blame away from Christianity that teachers “inspiration through the Holy Spirit”. Yep, you guessed it, When a False Prophecy happens that’s the fault of the individual, if a true prophecy happens, that’s the Holy Spirit! Convenience perhaps?

These are the same Christians who have given us soap operas from Nabeel having “Visions and Dreams“, before his conversion from Ahmediya to Christianity, and that it was a sign Christianity was the True Religion! Nabeel speaks about being at some feast, and this feast represented heaven, and his friend David was blocking the door, and the only way He could come to the feast is if He accepts Jesus.

See here:

Perhaps they are false revelations also? Oh no of course not, they are “True” ones! Right.

Well let us see, evidence that Nabeel seems to make up a story due to clear contractions:

See more on Nabeel Qurashi: