Did God ” Mute” Muslim Debator Sheik Ahmed Deedat?

Last update: 25th May 2020.

■ New Update, we show that Ahmed Deedat was not entirely “Mute” as the Christian missionary prepose.

■ New Update. Did God “Mute” Ravi Zacharias ?



(Revisiting version) Christian Missionaries mocking the Death of Sheik Ahmed Deedat.


By: Mustafa Sahin

Christian missionaries today years after the death of Prominent Muslim Debator who was World renowned Sheik Ahmed Deedat whom “shook” the foundations of Christianity is even today being attacked by the missionaries. It seems the Christians feel so badly hurt they won’t even leave the man alone in his blessed grave. They will often show pictures of Ahmed deedat showing pains on his face in his very last days terminally sick in his hospital bed. And make remarks such as” His facing his punishment.

Yet these same Triniterian pagans, have absolutely no problem in their Jesus, being spat upon, whipped, nailed to a cross butt naked & humiliated, left to die in complete agony pain and suffering, i wonder if this is the “sign” of Jesus being a liar since feeling pains of death equals deceit according to the Christian narrative?

The Pagan missionaries claim that after Sheik Ahmed Deedat debated Anish Shorish a Christian Apologist. For 9 years after that,  He Ahmed Deedat became (Mute) through illness due to being punished for making lies in debates against the Bible. Apparently Deedat Prayed to God in the Debate to “Mute” the liar.

However notice the Christian distortions here. Deedat asked God to ” Mute” the one lying (during) the Debate (i.e) not being able to answer the Questions. It wasn’t supposed to be understood as going into terminal illness then becoming Mute off the debate platform but rather during the Debate.

In fact even for arguement sake if it were to do with also a ” Muteness” as of after a debate, how exactly is a man (mute) if he has done dozens of Public World renowned Debates held across the Globe with famous evangelists in front of crowds of 8,000 people? How is He mute? When 250,000 copies of his books were sold additionally 10,000 more right after his prominent succesful debates? How is he “mute” when he established IPCI a international Muslim missionary academy which got awarded by King faisel in 1986?

True He may have been terminally ill but his certainly not “Mute” when his videos are still being watched and cherished by millions today. And what did you expect? An (87 year old man) to live for ever without a Terminal illness which would eventually put him in a coma in Hospital?

The missionaries claim in 1996 Ahmed Deedat was soon stricken by illness soon after he attacked the Cruicifiction? Yet these Christian accusers left out the part that Shiek Ahmed deedat wrote more then 10 major publications and one of those Great books was called” Cruicifixtion or Cruifiction. Hence My Question is why didn’t God stop and “Mute” Ahmed Deedat then? Why did God allow him to complete his debate and his books and he sold more then 250,000 copies? Why did God allow him to work (50 years) of his life in Debating Christian missionaries? If he was supposedly a liar, why didn’t God take away his life, on stage or Mute him on stage yet allowed Ahmed Deedat to go on and complete the debate on the Cruicifiction? Which got “World renowned publications”? Surelly if He was on falsehood and punished by God for speaking against Cruicifiction and the Deity of Christ, God seemed to be far to late in supposedly punishing Sheik Deedat. In fact 87 years to late! Not many people live that long today you are actually quite blessed to make it till your late 70’s but for him to work till his 80’s is pretty “blessed” if you ask me. It is also a great probability for any elderly person to get stricken by a illness, it’s not as though Deedat died young like Nabeel Qureshi who lost his life at age 34, stricken to stomach Cancer, and use to spend his time bashing Islam and the Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh).

Furthermore according to reports, Ahmed Deedat was not exactly “Entirely Mute”, even while in bed, He learnt skills on how to “Communicate”.



In fact he would even write letters:


Source: (look under ilness and death) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Deedat

So as you can see, He was still able to “communicate” He could write letters to Ibrahim Jadwat, so I ask how is He really “Mute”?

Here is the Irony? the missionaries claim that Ahmed Deedat was stricken by illness after Anis Shorish debate?
But why do not the Christian missionaries tell us the full story on what happend to “Anish Shorrosh” after the debate? Well he was convicted for “Arson” and ended up in Jail for trying to burn his Church tax Documents, I wonder what money he was trying to hide from the government?

Read the report:

A Baptist evangelist minister and critic of Islam was arrested Wednesday and charged with first degree attempted arson for allegedly burning tax records of his religious organization in an attempt to set his building on fire. Anis Shorrosh, 75, of Daphne, Alabama, was arrested after a fire was discovered Tuesday night in the trash room of the Loma Alta Towers condominium where he lives. 50 residents had to be evacuated from the building, but no one was hurt.

So now I ask, the Christian folks, was not Anis Shorrosh, “muted” for 10 years. Never to return to debates. And died at age 85?

So who was really “Muted” Deedat?  Who can still communicate in other forms or Anis Shorosh while still having the ability to speak fluently yet denied from no longer being able to debate due to his conviction. That’s what I call being “Muted”.

See the storey: Watch: http://youtu.be/B5NmuS8GjaQ

Here is a second incredible Irony, did the Christian missionary forget the story of Jimmy Swaggart the Famous Christian Evangelist who Debated Shiek Ahmed Deedat? Soon after He mocked Ahmed deedat Because Islam allowed up to four wives making mockery on stage against Sheik Deedat, Mr “Jimy Swaggart” soon after got caught cheating on his own wife with a Prostitute must watch;

Ahmed deedat: Response to Jimmy Swaggart Caught with Prostitute:

So i ask you “Christians” who was Humiliated Shiek Deedat or his Christian opponents? Also does this also “signify” the Christian position is “Wrong” in regards to “Polygamy”? Since God exposed Swaggart right after Swaggart Mocked, Polygammy?

Ahmed Deedat, this great mans legacy continues to this very day inspiring millions , and his works contributed to many Christians converted to Islam. Why? because He has left a mark in history with his works are still till this very day are viewed, read and followed across the globe. May Allah bless his Soul. Ameen.

Let’s continue to turn the “Tables on Christians;

Check out this article: Where Nabeel Qurashi wife, made a false  Prophecy about Her Husband. She said, that she got a “Feeling” that the Holy Spirit, revealed to her that, God will heal Nabeel Qurashi. And it actually turned out to be a “False Prophecy”


See the article published here: https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2020/05/17/nabeel-qurashi-wifes-false-prophecy/


New Update!!×××××Breaking News××××××

What about Ravi Zacharias?



Ravi Zacharias, Feels Horrific Pains, and Has been Muted. Did Allah also “Mute” Ravi Zacharias? Since Sheik Ahmed Deedat, said my God “Mute” the liars?

Well Christians?


7 thoughts on “Did God ” Mute” Muslim Debator Sheik Ahmed Deedat?

  1. Ali says:

    I agree with the article 100%. One thing more I would like to add that this man produced the doctor zakir naik, who is converting thousands of people into Islam. Zakir also has produced more students. The never ending chain is continued. Nice article.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John says:

    If both debaters were not muted during the debate, so who was lying? Both were at opposite ends, like black and white, there is no grey or in between. Someone was definitely lying, yet no one was muted during the debate??? Makes me wonder!

    Your argument doesn’t hold water. So the answer to your question is, yes God did indeed mute Mr. Deedat, he answered Mr. Deedat’s prayers in HIS own time, for HIS Glory in Heaven and on earth. It is like, if you pray for healing today, would you get healed today?

    If any of you are interested in the truth, why don’t you ask GOD himself. Ask the Lord God of Abraham, ask HIM, I want to know YOU more!

    No amount of debate is going to change a person’s faith, for we are mere humans trying to outdo each other and the seeds of deception in so deeply entrenched in our hearts and minds. So ask the GOD of Abraham Himself, ask a a child would ask his father. You’ll be surprised HE will answer you in HIS time, in a way that only you would know the meaning of – this would enlighten you that it is HE who speaks and no one else.

    What have you got to lose by asking this question, except your eternal life!


    • You said, who was “muted” in the Debate?

      What does “muted” mean does it mean, you lost your voice box? Not at all, it can mean “silenced” through getting debunked. And this is what Deedat was known for. Also the folks Deedat debated, I believe almost all of them never continued debating again and all of them had debates short lived like Anis Shorosh, who had 1 or 2 more debates after Deedat, then He went to Jail for Arson, spent 10 years “Muted” the other being Jimmy Swaggart who was told to step down from ministry because, He was found cheating on his wife. The same guy you mocked Deedate because Islam allowed 4 wives? God “muted” Swaggart to the extent the guy got kicked out of ministry and kicked out of his church. Did God expose him on the issue of Polygammy?

      In fact, I was in a very hostile Christian debate chat room, on Pal-talk. And the topic came up about Ahmed Deedat. So a Christian lady came to the (mic) and said, the reason why Deedat WON All His debates, was because at the time, Christians didn’t have trained Apologists to defend the Bible. And she said, now they have them, and if Deedat was alive today, He would have been refuted by them.

      In fact Sam Shamoun at Answering-islam started writing debate review responses against Deedat, this shows the level of how Deedat effected the Christian doctrine, that people till this very day still write article responses against him.

      So you Christians keep pretending Deedat went Mute, when His muted all his Debate opponents. And honest Christians like that lady, admitted that He did.

      The one that God “Muted” is Anis Shorosh, got isolated in jail, and got muted for 10 years, never to return to debating and died at age 85.

      Also, what about the False Prophecy Nabeel Qurashi Wife made claiming she was inspired by the Holy Ghost?
      In addition, Christian Apologist Ravi Zecharias is now in Hospital. Can’t speak, did God “Mute” him also?

      “We updated our article go check it out”
      We have even show, Deedat was still able to communicate by writing letters.


  3. Sumiyyah zuha says:

    Allah ho Akbar….tiger of Allah is Ahmad deedaat…I m proud of him…and may Allah give him higher place in jjannah….and may his efforts never get wasted…💞💞💞💞💖💖


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