Does the Qu’ran use the word “Terrorism”? War crimes commited at Khaybar


Does the Qu’ran use the word “Terrorism”?


When critic of Islam thinks it does, He writes;  the Arabic word for Terrorism is found in sureh (8:60:10)
Arabic: tur’hibūna



Muslim – Response:

The Critic has lied, the word is Terrify and not Terrorism as an Act of Terror:

(to) terrify
You assumed that the Word Terrify is the same as “Terrorism”?
So if you are Terrified it means someone has commited the act of Terrorism?
Please now show me, in which English Dictionary does the word Terrify only mean Terrorism? Or can it mean other things? I asked you where does the Word Terrorism exist, not Terrify your enemy. If America invaded another country, this would mean the opposing army will be Terrified. It doesn’t mean America is commiting the act of Terrorism. So I ask you where does the Quran use the specific word Terrorism as understood by the West, to specifically kill innocent women and children? The word Terrify yes is in the Quran. But not Terrorism. So you just exposed yourself. But of course you have no problem coining the English term and understanding of Terrorism and try to conflate it to the Quran. And yet the term Terrorism as understand by the West, is a Modern Term, which is not found in the Quran. See critics don’t say the word Terror is found in the Quran, they also say Terrorism is found in the Quran.  Thus your arguement falls flat on its face.

Critic wrote:


Muslim- Response:

Horror and Terrify or Terror. Do not mean an Act of Terrorism. Horror, Terrify and Terrorise, even in the English language can be defined other then the term Terrorism as we understand it. Or maybe you need a lesson in English? Tell me it seems English is not your first language is it? If Horror or Terror is an Act of Terrorism, by today’s Western defintion and understanding then, if your swimming in open waters, and get horrified and terrified, or Terrorised by a big shark attacking you, and you get killed. Are you suggesting you got murdered by an Act of Terrorism? Even more So When America Terrorizes the Japanese with a Nuclear bomb and casts Terror in the Heart of Japanese, has it also commited the Act of Terror, or Terrorism?

The Critic wrote:


Muslim – Response:

You just proved you don’t understand the term ” Act of Terrorism” which is not defined as being only Religiously motivated. It is also defined as being Politically Motivated, so America was politically motivated when it dropped a Bomb, to Terrorise the Japanese.

Critic wrote:


Muslim – Response:

You said, an Act of Terror can be a War crime, like Hiroshima.

So you agree, America has commited a mass scale Terrorist act. Thank you for proving America is a Terrorist country, with a Terroist history, done by those who have a religion affiliation as the U.S army is predominantly bible believing Christians. You said, Khaybar had war crimes commited. Sure, you need to prove that War crimes were committed, but let’s not shift the goal posts, let’s stay firm on your claim that casting terror, in hearts is defined in of its self as an Act of Terror. But I can see your already running from defending your first premise.

Also, let’s talk about the Iraq war. Under U.S invasion they had a strategic plan, known as “shock and AWE” which means to rain bombs from all directions, Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a tactic based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.

In millitery terms, it’s understood to “Terrorize” Sadam Hussains forces, and to instill fear and horror into the hearts of the enemy, under again a political motive. So I ask, is this also ” an Act of Terrorism, because this strategic plan, was to cast terror and horror in the face of the enemy, To break their will to resist.

So go on according to your standard of reasoning this is also an Act of Terror commited by the Bush Administration?

Critic Wrote:


Muslim – Response:

You said, in IRAQ if soldiers of enemy are targeted then that’s not a War crime. Well you see you have changed the premise, your initial arguement was, casting terror in the hearts of enemy was an Act of Terror. Because that’s what the Quran says. I showed you just that when America goes to war, it uses the same method of shock and awe, and now that you have been confronted with that now you, moved the goal posts, from Quran to Hadith, and moved the goal posts from casting terror in ones heart, to targetting innocent lives. Interesting Hey? Well at least we are slowly but steadly getting somewhere. So now you have accepted that casting Terror in ones heart is not about Terrorism, unless it’s specifically targetting innocent people, no problem I can discuss this with you. By the way, it’s still nice to see, you accept killing innocent lives is an Act of Terror, something that Brendon tarrent did in NZ shooting and killing 50 Muslim worshippers massacred them in the Mosque. So much for Islamic religion and Terrorism? When your white Western folks in the age of entitlement and peace loving can do crimes of Terrorism and even record that whole cowardly event on his body cam, but hey your folks are pretty civilized.

So let’s sum it up your new objection, the Qur’anic passage that speaks about casting Terror into the hearts, your saying this is in conjunction, with War crimes commited against Civilians at Khaybar. Can I ask have you studied Muslim apologetics and the numerous articles responding to the made claims in conjunction with Khaybar? Because I have, I have studied all the authenticated documents, and there is not a single shed of evidence in the light of context, not a single hadith, Quran or commentary ever suggests a single war crime was commited that was approved by the Prophet himself. And I can easily confront you on this no problem.

Critic wrote: “Khaybar is Where Mohammed commited War crimes”


Muslim – Response:

You said, killing a War captive, is a War crime. And a Act of Terror. So let me ask? So are you suggesting when America took Sadam Hussain as captive, then by court found him guilty, then they killed him. Are you suggesting this is an Act of Terror?

Critic wrote:



Muslim – Response

The Prophet killed, all the male members. Yes that’s what you do in war. You take them captive and you execute them, once it was established they were behind the treacherous act of Treason, in trying to conspire to kill and harm the Muslims, that is no different from Sadam Hussain. Yes He cleared all the enemy combatants from the Hijazi, that was great, that’s exactly what you do to enemy combatants, but of course those who pay the Jizya are spared outside the Hijazi, under Islamic rule. The Prophet pushed them out, and created a safe heaven for the Muslims, something that Israel did against the Palestianian people, and built a wall to keep the Muslim Palestianians out of Israeli lands, thus it’s not a War crime to expell your enemy, they are the ones who tried to kill the Prophet thus they got “deported” something your West does with those who don’t adhere to the law of the land, example;


Read more here:

The Expulsion Of Banu Al Nadir


Critic wrote:



Muslim – Response:

A Captive who has been caught trying to instigate and kill the Muslims, then under Islamic law, they get killed because it means you were part of a plan, to conspire and kill the Muslims. The West has similar punishments, such as they caught Sadam Hussain, then He stood under trial, and then, He was sanctioned to death, which was celebrated and endorsed by the West and not just president Bush. This happened with the Bani Qurashi, who were gathered caught, and sanctioned to death after it was found they were instigating to kill the Muslims. So killing a War criminal under captivity is not a War crime, unless they were innocent of course, however we know from the Seerah that these tribes of Men, instigating to kill the Muslims, therefore under laws of treason, then captive criminals can be put to death, this has been practised widely by Western history and we have seen modern examples of this also. But I see, your just trolling around with your straw man assertions. It’s a shame I even gave you this much oxygen


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