List of Christian Apologist Scandels

Last update: 8th June 2020

1 –  Ravi Zecharias

Fraudenly Scholarship, and Sex Allogations.


Read the resport: https://spiritualsoundingboard.com/2020/05/12/before-evangelicals-canonize-ravi-zacharias-will-they-learn-from-jean-vanier-and-larche/

See video:

In addition; Sexting Allogations click on link:

Ravi Zacharias: The Uncomplicated Facts

Ravi and Sex Spa Scandal?

2 – Nabeel Qurashi

Contradictions in his dreams and supposed visions, upon accepting Christianity.

3 – Anis Shorrosh

Burn’t his Religious organizations Tax Records. Set fire to building.

4 – Jimmy Swaggart

Cheated on his wife, with a Prostitute.

5 – Christian Prince

Unconfirmed “Master Degree in Shariah Law”.

We have requested him numerous times, to disclose evidence for his so called, Degree in Shariah Law.

Christian Prince fan said: ” When you go to a bank to withdrawl money, do you ask to see the Bank President? No Muslim has refuted the information he has brought out. Stop running and go debate Him.

My response:

That was pretty stupid example, why would anyone need to consult the president of the bank? If they can trust the bank to withdrawl his own bank account, of course, only when the person is unable to access there bank account might then consult the bank manager or president of the bank. There is nothing wrong with asking for evidence of someone’s credentials. If that person is claiming to have those credentials, because many people lie about their credentials. How would you like it, if a scientist was claiming his a Scholar of science with a Science degree, and this so called scholar of Science started writing and publishing articles about science, claiming his qualified to do so? This would be wrong to do right? If we didn’t check people’s credentials then anyone can claim anything and take advantage of people. So saying it’s not important to disclose your scholarship, would be wrong, because then it would create a civilization where anyone can claim they are a scholar, which will result in people taking advantage of others, because people look up to scholars, due to their high understanding of the matter. Now just imagine I claimed I was, a Scholar of the Christian Religion, and I started telling people, my understanding of the Bible is valid, because I’m a scholar of the Bible. And when people asked evidence of my scholarship, I didn’t produce it. People would think I’m lying wouldn’t they? Therefore it’s important to prove to people your scholarship to prove your are genuine. Just imagine if we didn’t put our credentials in a work related resume? When applying for a job? And people lie to their boss about there academia? If bosses don’t check evidence of a person’s study, then you could have many people lying about their qualifications. I really don’t care about who you think his refuted, that is besides the point. And does not justify not disclosing his Scholarship evidence. Christians believe David Wood refutes all the Muslims aswell, but we don’t see David Wood going around claiming his a Islamic Scholar. Ahmed Deedat at his time was going around refuting all the Christian theologians, yet Deedat wasn’t claiming his a Christian Scholar.

Also: CP, tells his Debate opponents ” He is a Scholar” and therefore his interpretation of the Quran is valid compared to the interpretation of his opponents, therefore If CP is using his credentials as “evidence” to prove the validity of his arguements, then it’s required for him to prove he holds such credentials!

And besides Farid has already exposed CP and his flaws on Islam, his got over 101 lies of CP, see here:

After watching Brother Farid dismantle CP, actually promted my investigation in CP Scholarship. Because he was making basic mistakes in the Arabic. Now stop running, and go ask CP to produce evidence of his scholarship!

Another Christian Prince Fan boy wrote”; “CP credentials don’t really matter”.

My Response:

Yes I agree with you on this. However if He himself claims He holds those credentials then it does matter. Because if He does not have them, when He claims to have them, then He would need to produce that. If I go around telling people I’m a Scholar, and I have a master degree, then it would be on my own responsibility to prove that, if someone asks. Because people do take academia seriously and it gives a person more of a authoritative position if they claim they are a scholar. So why is it fair for him to claim that He is a scholar, or He has master degree, but then it becomes unfair if we ask for proof. If Scholarship didn’t really matter, then why is CP flaunting it? It obviously matters and that’s why he keeps reminding people of his scholarship. If it didn’t matter then He wouldn’t be talking about it now would he?

You say, it’s a security issue? Well his not a teenager and no longer in school. So how can you blow up a school he graduated many years ago from? How can CP revealing his first and last name, be a security threat? He lives in the U.S and not the middle East. Other Christian Apologists like Sam Shamoun, David Wood, and Converted2Islam guy, are just as vile in attacking Islam, yet Sam and David have appeared on many many public debate platforms, none of which were ever shy in revealing their identity, are you saying Christian Prince is not as brave as them? I mean I’m not even personally asking him to publicly show his face. Though brother farid has called him out and even told him, to come wear a mask, if his that worried about his appearance being revealed, yet he still refuses, and I’m not even asking him to do that, all I’m asking for is, his first and last name, and the university he graduated from and the year in which he earnt, his master degree. Giving someone your first and last name, has no security issue so long as you don’t reveal your identity, because hundreds if not thousands of people can carry the (same) first and last name of CP, therefore it’s not a security threat to reveal it, again I’m not asking for a photo I.d. Rather the University and year he graduated from and a first and last name that’s it, so I can verify it for myself. Of course if his liar, He will just continue to use, his life is in danger as an excuse to hide his lies, that’s pretty convenient if you ask me. I will use CP standard of arguement. CP is lying about his master degree in Shariah, Law. And his Lying about being a Scholar. Until He proves it. Is that still unfair?

6 – Sam Shamoun

Sam Shamoun is a women beater.

Court documents reveal, Sam Shamoun Ex-wife has filed a complaint, that Sam Shamoun is not permitted to no longer “Physically abuse his Wife.

Sam Shamoun constantly Misquoting (Sureh 4:34) and presenting it without due context enlight of other hadith. And for doing so, it seems Allah has punished Sam Shamoun, and exposed his deeds of being a real women “beater himself”!

Glory be to Allah.

More coming soon…….God willing.


Nabeel Qureshi Wife made False Prophecy in the name of the Holy Spirit

Christian Apologist Nabeel Qureshi, Wife made a “False Prophecy” about God saving Nabeel from his illness. 

See the video:


Click on this link to view the Video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=828314077330844&id=100004567772338

She quotes as saying:

” I believe the Lord gave peace this means; this is going to lead to healing, I believe this is coming from the “Holy Spirit”.

Of course, this False Prophecy turned out False, and Nabeel Passed away.

Please don’t be offended or think im mocking Nabeel death. I am not, im just questioning these apparent, feelings and revelations of the Holy Spirit telling Nabeel’s wife and assuring Her, that Her husband Nabeel illness “will lead to his healing”. She made a definitive statement, and claimed She believes it’s coming to her from The Holy Spirit”

This is the same family that would say Nabeel had “visions” before his conversion to Christianity. And this was a “sign” Christianity was the true religion!

Now for my interaction with a Christian on this Subject of False Prophecy foretold by Nabeels Wife.

Christian wrote:

More videos on nabeel from a Muslim but you’re all convinced you have no malice or ill intention when posting them.
This is a propaganda video, watch the whole thing. For one he names his church in Texas, which is a baptist church. This is meant to continue to smear his name because he preached at bethel.
How many young mothers and wives out there would love God to heal their husbands and not be left as single mums struggling to raise a child alone but you’ve twisted it to make it seem evil or not good to want to believe in a positive outcome.
Why don’t you deal with Christians like Matt chandler who had stage 4 brain cancer or tumours however you say it and God healed him and he’s still preaching years after they took a huge chunk of his brain out. God does heal and making fun of people looking for it is sinful.
If Islam is real why do you lot feel the need to dance and celebrate the death of this man?


If you have seen the whole video what exactly did we misinterpret? Her statements are clear, she said along those lines, “she felt that the Spirit inspired her that Nabeel will be healed”. She passed on a definitive response. We wouldn’t have gone after Nabeel if he wasn’t making claims that he accepted Christianity and left Islam because one of those reasons was based on visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit. Why are you feeling so disheartening? Im 100% certain that had Nabeel Survived you Christians would have praised Nabeel Wife and her visions, but when it turns out false you want to play the victim card?

It’s not our fault that Nabeels Family were insisting on definitive statements to prove a Miracle through Nabeels Trauma. So my advice next time is “tone it down” and stop preaching that the Holy Spirit speaks to you with words of Healing, that way no one will complain when the guy doesn’t get healed, it is plain and simple. If any Christian makes such definitive claims and didn’t survive I can assure you we would have gone after him too. And “Yes” Mothers out there can ask for healing, but there is one thing asking, and another thing claiming you had a definitive response, which seems to be what Nabeel Wife suggested.

If Matt Chandler’s wife went on social media said she had a vision of Prophet Muhammed saying he will Survive in Hospital concerning her Husband. All the Christian Apologists would have criticized these visions, once He passed away.

Christian wrote:

Thanks for accepting that you’re going after him. All these posts and everyone is claiming no malice but at least you’re honest.
My problem with this after he died Muslims were posting that he had lost his faith and was going to bizarre lengths to get healed. This video continues that thread.
I wonder if you were dying your wife would give you and your people words of confronting or give you the worst-case scenario. She’s comforting her husband and giving him hope and it’s quite wicked to turn it into something to rejoice over.
I wonder how many Muslims will start drinking after this, you seem so eager to celebrate a win that I think someone might buy some champagne to toast the death of this young father.


  1. Again I dont know how much more clear I can make it, we are not going after and picking on Nabeels suffering rather going after and pointing out the false Prophecy made in the name of the Holy Spirit. Again, there is a difference between giving hope like, saying things like you believe that God will heal you and another thing claiming that you received a definitive response from the Holy Spirit that “he will heal you”. That is now a “Clear False Prophecy in the Holy Spirit name” And giving a False hope, which is quite sad. I couldn’t care less if you think we are celebrating, it’s another thing when you’re trying to wash it down like it is nothing. Like I said earlier, had Nabeel Survived you would have celebrated the Prophecy made by his Wife, and please stop pretending that you wouldn’t have. You guys would have lynched on the opportunity and made tons of videos about how Nabeel surviving this was another miracle healing promised by Nabeels Wife’s Holy Spirit.

Christian wrote:

Did she say it was a vision or a feeling inside of her like a hope.?


These are her words:

1-  She said “I believe the Lord gave peace”

2-  She said: “This meant: healing”.

3-  She said: She believed: “it was from the Holy Spirit”.

So I dont know how you like to interpret it? vision or feeling?

Whatever floats your boat. She claimed to know how the Holy Spirit conveys the message. Nabeel’s wife said:  “He will be healed”. Well more accurately the Holy Ghost. So stop pretending it’s not a ” failed Prophecy”. It is clear.

Christian wrote:

His wife was proven wrong and people need to stop putting words in Gods’ mouth, they end up looking stupid if proven wrong.


So you finally admit, his wife was proven wrong. Why then should anyone believe the rest of the stuff that comes out of their mouths concerning Nabeels visions? If his wife Got it wrong about the Holy Spirit working through her why should we accept Nabeel visions? Regarding one of the reasons why Christianity was true, Maybe that too are fraudulent tales like his own wife’s narrative.

Christian wrote:

The fact that he’s dead means she was wrong but I don’t see any malice in a wife comforting her dying husband. I wouldn’t have used those words but it’s wicked that the man hasn’t been buried and stupid little things like this are being thrown around. Goes to show just how well he lived his life because you’re all on a witch hunt and this is the level you’re stooping to over a dead man and his grieving widow.


So why is Nabeel’s wife, giving falsified Prophecy? Is this how Yahway looks after Nabeel gives him a false preacher wife, to lie or mislead Nabeel? And maybe Yahway gave Nabeel also a fake preacher like David Wood who also tricked him?

Christian wrote:

You’re taking something so small and making it so big. I don’t think anything changes whether you accept his visions or not. Many people in the Muslim world are having them.
You’ve already rejected the guy, let him rest in peace.


Many Muslims are not having these visions. As even your bible says that the Devil can appear as the Angel of light. For all, I care they were getting false visions like Nabeel’s wife and possibly Nabeel himself. So yeh sad these guys got deceived. David wood his teacher the bigger deceiver sent this guy to hell if He did die indeed unrepented.

(Another) Christian wrote:

How is what you said any different than what I said? She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband. Doesn’t Jesus tell us to ask and believe?? This is a ridiculous argument to me. I have Muscular Dystrophy which is 100% fatal and I’m in a wheelchair. I shouldn’t be alive right now yet I BELIEVE he’ll keep me around longer, but like Nabeels his wife, I’ll still believe EVEN IF he doesn’t. This doesn’t make me a false prophet because I’m doing what Jesus told me to do, ask, knock, believe.


You wrote: “She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband”.

That’s not the only thing she believed. She said, that her belief, came to her by the Holy Spirit. So it wasn’t as though, she had her opinion that He would be healed, rather she mentioned, she believed this inspiration was coming to her from the Holy Spirit.

She acted as though she was having an interaction with the Holy Spirit as though he was some Golfing buddy, which slipped a bit of information to her that Nabeel will be healed. Now that’s very different from acknowledging God can heal. And like I said, had Nabeel been healed, Nabeel would have made a video glorifying his wife’s interaction with the holy spirit as a true Prophecy, saying this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us, David wood would have also clinched on the opportunity and would have made Nabeels Wife his female “Saint”. So let’s not pretend they would have not jumped on the opportunity to make a miracle out of Nabeel’s wife’s inspirations she believed came from the Holy Spirit. So yes since she claims that the Holy Spirit told her by a feeling he will be saved. And since He died, Then “yes” she made a false Prophecy. There is no Escape!

Another Christian recently also posted a response, and I responded, He agrees that it was “a minor false Prophecy



Also, more evidence: Nabeel didn’t exactly accept his fate. He never gave up on God sending miracles, while even going into palliative care, He requested Christians to “Pray for a Miracle” See here – https://youtu.be/kZpPhDzgdzg

Nabeel has also produced frequent videos never to give up, on Christians performing Miracles. He even suggested they can do; “Greater” miracles than Jesus”! See here: https://bloggingtheology.net/2017/01/03/nabeel-qureshi-truechristians-do-greater-miracles-than-jesus-exegesis-of-john-1412-14/

It seems, no true Christians left out there to show us a greater miracle than Jesus, and raise Nabeel from the Dead?

(Bellow) The Christian again says, suppose they made an “Honest Blunder”:



And now (bellow) the Christian is pretty annoyed so his now trying to have a poke at Islam:


And here below is a Video ” indicating that Nabeel” was Skeptical about the Bible and doubted it, in his last days:

Nabeel was made to get on his knees to ask God for “Forgiveness” pushed on by his Bible adviser. Nabeel was at the very low point of his Faith in Christianity, towards the end days of his ministry.

Is this how strong, his conviction in Christianity was after all those years, bashing Islam?


Now for some Screenshots, of other Christians who have been left embarrassed by Nabeel Wife’s False Prophecy. And here are the comments of those Christians who also “Testify Nabeel Wife was proven; “Wrong, Stupid, a false Prophet, Foolishness and Ignorance.




As you can see, infighting began among Christians about this, and the fact is, it was “a False Prophecy” and whatever feeling Nabeel wife got, what she felt, she claimed it was from the Holy Spirit. And now that it’s been proven False, all Christians can do is label Nabeels Wife, ignorant for not understanding her feelings. Though I can almost guarantee if Nabeel Survived, the same people, accusing Nabeels wife of ignorance, would have put her on a pedestal and turned her into “Hail Mary” but since it turned out False, let’s just blame the individual and shift blame away from Christianity that teachers “inspiration through the Holy Spirit”. Yep, you guessed it, When a False Prophecy happens that’s the fault of the individual, if a true prophecy happens, that’s the Holy Spirit! Convenience perhaps?

These are the same Christians who have given us soap operas from Nabeel having “Visions and Dreams“, before his conversion from Ahmediya to Christianity, and that it was a sign Christianity was the True Religion! Nabeel speaks about being at some feast, and this feast represented heaven, and his friend David was blocking the door, and the only way He could come to the feast is if He accepts Jesus.

See here:

Perhaps they are false revelations also? Oh no of course not, they are “True” ones! Right.

Well let us see, evidence that Nabeel seems to make up a story due to clear contractions:

See more on Nabeel Qurashi: