Shariah Law VS Secular Liberalism



Last updated: 8th Jan, 2022.

By: Mustafa Sahin 


Let’s analyse the difference and it’s impacts…….


Secular Liberal Westerners would say;

“Our ancestors were British, immoral, uncivilized idiots who knew nothing of the world. We are vastly superior to any other time in history!”


A common sentiment you hear today is that humanity has “progressed” beyond the ignorance and ethics of generations before us. Many people have this strange belief that after they were born the world changed for the better — that they were somehow gifted with an ethos and intelligence that rivals the collective IQ of everyone who has since died. Because we now have the Internet, iPhones, and modern medicine we are somehow “better” than the entirety of humanity before our existence.

But this is such a deluded view of reality.

Sure, our technology and science have become more advanced; but is this how we define human existence? Does all of this make us the best example of human achievement and behaviour? I beg to differ.

Send most anyone out into the wilderness without modern tech and they would end up dying in a matter of days. Most children of the past would outperform most contemporary adults in basic modes of survival. Yet, despite such incompetence, we call ourselves superior? Even with our technology and medicines, we have created a system where superficial and unhealthy foods are easier to access than organics — yet, we are superior? Despite having a wealth of information at our fingertips, literacy and comprehension have declined drastically across the world; people know more about their favourite reality TV shows and musicians than they do basic history and science — yet, we are superior? Despite our claims to civility, we still murder each other in horrific ways and wars are waged in such a manner that the vast majority of casualties are civilians — yet, we are superior? At least our ancestors had the excuse of lacking so many of the privileges we claim to possess.

However, what is most egregious about this myth is not the fact that our technological advancements don’t necessarily correspond with our ethical or rational decision making, but that it is such slander of those who came before us. How would civilization have gotten to this point had it not been for the functioning of humanity prior? How could such “brutish”, “immoral”, and “uncivilized idiocy” possibly bring us to this period? Would we not have ceased to exist by this point?

Certainly. But those who favour such a myth are not interested in the details; the nuances of human civilization and the sacrifices our ancestors had to make to get us this far. No, they were all inferior, because we must be superior — we must be special.

If there was ever a field of historical revisionism based on narcissism, our generation would certainly be the exemplar for future generations. Hopefully, they come to realize this. #PleaseReflect

– By Asadullah Ali

Let’s continue, Westerners will heavily boast about how due to Science and technology and modern way of thinking, how the West has modernized from the dark ages, and how it has developed gracefully to a better world under the so-called era of “Enlightenment. And how Religion particularly Islam has not progressed and has left many Muslim nations backwards, they argue Muslims or Islam has failed civilisation as a whole it is because it’s their religion that has kept them that way for many thousands of years. They will argue, religious teachings are detrimental to today’s living standards and has been the root cause of today’s problems. And that Muslims need to give up their religion so that they can progress and become like them.

Well, we have documented a comparison, between the two worlds and the two thoughts and teachings, and when we analyse we shall see, the fruits that are produced between the east and the west. After you have seen a comprehensive basic level analysis between the two, such as Shariah teachings versus those taught under secular liberalism we shall see, exactly which system has contributed to the success and what system has led to being a failure for humankind. Do also consider, all though most Muslim nations do not run on Shariah rule of law,  they overall surprising do much better than the West. We could not imagine how much more it would improve if the law of the land adhered to a Shariah-based system. 


A Westerner mocks Afghanistan for reintroducing segregated Schools between boys and girls.





Modern-day 20th-century deaths caused by Muslims vs Westerners

Shariah Law = Contributed (2 million) killed.

Secular Liberalism   = Contributed (100 million) killed.



Human Rights abusers?

Shariah Law =  See below the two videos a comprehensive Explanation of human rights.

Part 1

Part 2

Secular Liberalism  = Claims to give Human rights. But if this is true, we need an explanation from them. Such as;

– Where is the right to leaking information. [1]
– Where is the right to have dual citizenship.[2]
– Where is the right to wear what you want.[3]
– Where is the right to burn a flag.[4]
– Where is the right to Hate speech.[5]
– Where is the right to Polygamy. [6]
– Where is the right, for religion in Politics.[7]

Should I continue with Liberal intolerance? Or perhaps you still think liberal values make more sense?


In addition an explanation of the Human rights abuses of the Afghani people.

Video 1

Video 2


Muslim Men beating women?





Do visist a debate and counter responses to a ExMuslim on a debate on Human rights:



Also visit: Are Secular Liberal Humanists really peaceful ?



[1] The US indictment accused Assange of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion by helping US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning gain access to privileged information

[2] Under section 44.1 Australian Law. If any member of Parliament holds dual citizenship will be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives. https://time.com/4898990/australia-dual-citizenship-politicians-joyce/

[3] The French ban on face covering (French: LOI n° 2010-1192: Loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l’espace public,[1] “Law of 2010-1192: Act prohibiting concealment of the face in public space”)

[4] Greece, Germany, France & Spain do not allow, the flag or Anthem to be desecrated.

[5] Facebook has long banned hate speech — defined as violent or dehumanizing speech — based on race, gender, sexuality and other protected characteristics.

[6] In Australia, it is a criminal offence to marry a person when already married to another and is called bigamy.

[7] There is a separation between church and state. Generally, Western constitutions are not to be governed under religious law. Secular liberal laws, are above any religious influence and must be upheld as the highest form of authority. (Which means no Freedom for the religious doctrine to influence or mandate modern-day politics).



Shariah Law = Forbids Terrorism. In other words, intentionally going and targeting civilian population, women and children for example. Also note, there are more Terror attacks committed by Non-Muslims in the US than Muslims. For example, Muslim extremist’s who go ahead and commit acts of Terror, only account for 6% of Terrorist Attacks in the U.S

Non-Muslims however account for 90%
Of all the Terrorism cases in the U.S.





Secular Liberalism = All though Secular liberal countries forbid acts of terrorism, many war crimes have been committed by the West, from raping and killing Afgan civilians to Iraqis, and then you have the Bosnian Massacre committed by Western forces and the list goes on. Westerners even justify acts of Terrorism see video:



Shariah Law =Capital Punishment. Has least cases of Murder.

Secular Liberalism = Punishment to lenient. Therefore Has the Highest amount of Murder. Rates compared to Predominantly Muslim Population watch: https://youtu.be/t_gPky76zHc

FREEDOM of expression/Speech:

Shariah Law = Allows freedom of speech with certain boundaries. Except No other Religion being Taught in Mecca or Medina but allows it everywhere else in Addition, Islam allows constructive criticism, and debate and discourse. When it comes to politics under Shariah law, Islam may censor false news and propaganda that is promoted for the west to fight against Muslims. 

Secular Liberalism  = Allows Hate Speech in the U.S( but some western countries Ban hate speech like Race, Anti-Semite or Sexism. Australia, Germany, France and other European countries. They Also Ban, Burka in France and Ban Aspects of Islam law like Azthan from Minarets, also Polygammy recognition.

New Peer review study shows 40% of the Millennials Favour limited free speech:

Also, consider, the West also bans hate speech towards LGBTIQ and censors anti-LGBTIQ statements. Facebook is one mechanism the West censors free speech.  See more here:




Shariah Law= Punished if you were given all resources but still took the option of Evil.
Proof: Cutting hands of theifs

Secular Liberalism   = Very Lenient punishment. Results to the West having the highest level of theft in Society compared to the Muslim World.
Proof: http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Robberies

Social experiment shows Muslim countries are more honest than Western ones. Take a look:



#New statistical updates coming to this section.

Shariah Law= Capital Punishment

Secular Liberalism  = Lost War on Drugs. Because Laws are too lenient.
The war on drugs is Lost.
Tonny Abbot Admits: They can never win the War on Drugs.
Even U.N admits Losing War on Drugs.

See America the images of drugs Horrific 


This bellow Website, sites 5 countries to be the worst most effected globally to drug use.

5 World Countries with the Worst Drug Problems


The top5 listed are;

Iran 🇮🇷 

Afghanistan 🇦🇫 

Russia 🇷🇺 

U.S.A 🇺🇲

Great Britain 🇬🇧 

Now I know what your thinking, why are there two Muslim nations leading the pack?

There is a easy explanation. Firstly Iran is a Shia nation and are not Sunni. And don’t exactly follow Shariah requirements as understood by Sunni Ulamah. As for Afghanistan, that country has been stricken by War and displacement for last 20 years, and Afghanistan was institionalized by Western Values due to U.S invasion to liberalise the nation which may explain the High level of Drug use. Now that the Taliban are just recently back in power in late 2021, we hope to see a significant reduction of drug use since they will most likely apply Shariah rule of law of corporal punishment to stamp out drug Trafficking. This of course will take some time perhaps decades. 


Prostitution & PORNOGRAPHY

Shariah Law= Forbids it. And most Muslim countries make it ” illegal”.



Secular Liberalism= Legal. The Biggest Consumers/Profits by Western Nations. Even their top politicians are watching Pornography at their workplaces http://m.theage.com.au/victoria/former-liberal-adviser-says-pornography-was-distributed-inside-victorian-parliament-20141015-116p64.html

All though you can find articles published like this online, https://www.dnpindia.in/current-affairs/top-10-most-porn-watching-countries-in-the-world-pakistan-on-the-first-position/

Where they assert, that most of the top countries that watch Pornography are Muslims, like Pakistan, Egypt Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. The publishers of this article seem to be ( Indian publishers ) who are biased towards Pakistan and Muslims, and their sources are questionable of a claimed survey conducted over 11 countries. Again it seems like an outdated survey that most likely has very little authenticity.

It is disputed here: https://propakistani.pk/2015/01/19/pakistan-gets-wrongly-labelled-top-porn-searching-nation-proofs/

I mean even if it were true, one could argue that both Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, are “Secularisized nations” that are non-Shariah-compliant. Nevertheless, there is another study, which is conducted by one of the biggest Porn stations on social media, known as PornHub. And not a single Muslim country is found in the TOP 20.



Ghana is not world’s second-highest porn watching country – Israel Laryea fact checks


In fact according to Western Reports in 2015. Shows more evidence that most “porn searchers, comes again from Non-Muslim nations;




So these two articlcaststs doubts the survey that suggests Muslim nations rank the highest in Porn search when not a single Muslim nation is found in the top20 countries. The claims against Muslim nations topping the most watch list for Porn, Contradicts other Western sources that tell a very different story.



Shariah law  = Forbids its consumption.

Allah has “Spoken the Truth”, about Alcohol

“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, idolatry, and divining arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handiwork. So avoid that so that you may be successful. Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and prayer. So will you not desist?” (Verses 90 and 91of Surat Surat Al-Ma’idah).

ALCOHOL is classified as Carcinogen – A cancer-causing agent.

Source: https://www.cancervic.org.au/preventing-cancer/limit-alcohol/how-alcohol-causes-cancer



Secular Liberalism = Legal. Caused the Death of 3.3 Million People in 2012


By the way, their education system into drinking in moderation has failed. Because they always have a new wave, of the new generation who like to test the limits, and thus the cycle of damage continues.



Shariah Law= Forbids it. Though some scholar argue it’s permissible before the 6O day period. As the soul has not reached the fetus as understand by Islamic theology.

Secular Liberalism= Legal. Murders more than 1.21 million babies annually. http://www.operationrescue.org/about-abortion/abortions-in-america/


Women and Wealth Entitlement:

Shariah Law= Women in Islam do not have to share their wealth. The husband must provide everything.

Secular Liberalism  = Husband is not obliged to buy anything for Her it’s only optional. He’s not required to buy her house, pay for Rent, Buy her clothing and pay for Her bills or even buy her shopping like groceries.


Shariah Law= We Created men and women equal in Allah’s sight, though Islam understands they have biological differences. And Men and Women can understand they are different, but they can also work their differences harmoniously without trying to live up to man’s and women’s expectations. They each go at their own pace. Islam does believe however in certain gender roles.

We have written a short paper here on Gender roles in Islam outlined:


Secular Liberalism = Believes in Equal Rights but check this out. It seems what they encourage isn’t reflecting in their modern Society:

Also consider: The Term (Feminism) originates from the Western Activists. This Term is Un-Known in the Muslim World due to Female oppression being Low in Muslim World. Most Feminist Movements are located in Western World.

U.S soldier, sexist comment?

American Soldier tells Iraqi soldiers that they are acting like a bunch of women. Due to them being scared and Coward.

See video: https://www.facebook.com/FireourGovernment/videos/415058006628433/

Also note, the West also believes in gender roles. That’s why they will never choose a woman to jump in the boxing ring to fight Mike Tyson. They will always pick a Man to do that.


Nuclear Weapons:

Shariah Law = Forbids its use.
All though Pakistan has Nukes, which is a Democratic constitution. A Real Shariah Law State forbids its use due to breaking Rules of engagement like Innocent lives, cutting down trees and livestock, and poisoning the crops. These are all forbidden in Islamic war protocols.

Secular Liberalism = Legal, Example of use: Hiroshima/Nagasaki 120,000 Dead innocent women children including livestock, poisoned crops and land through depleted uranium causing years of Birth defects for generations to come.


Shariah Law = Forbids it.

Secular Liberalism = Legal. One of the main factors of the Spread of HIV.

Over 690 000 [500 000− 970 000] people died of HIV-related illnesses worldwide just alone  in 2019


Beastiality (Sexual intercourse with Animals:

Shariah Law = forbids it.

Have a read here:




Source: http://www.answering-christianity.com/sex_with_animals_forbidden.htm
Therefore Every Muslim country Forbids it.


Secular Liberalism=  There are still to this very day, Secular liberal countries that Legalize it.


See here, how Ex-Muslims who have become Secular and Liberal endorse Sex with Animals.


Shariah Law = Forbids it: http://islamqa.info/en/84982


Secular Liberalism= all though most Western countries make it illegal, under true Secular Liberal dogma, it is not illegal as it is Freedom of Right to do it. So long as you use Contraception and its consensual agreement. See here:


Shariah Law = Forbidden.

Secular Liberalism= Legal and encouraged. Fornication/Adultery caused the spread of Sexual Transmitted Disease 1 in 6 Females in West Contract STI

The U.S tops the Chart at 126 Million cases.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the more sexual partners a person’s had the less likely the person is to pair-bond (be committed) to a single partner in a long term relationship.

“women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution.”

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/227546156_Premarital_Sex_Premarital_Cohabitation_and_the_Risk_of_Subsequent_Marital_Dissolution_Among_Women

Note, the source is non-Muslim, therefore their understanding of pre-marital courtship is different from that of Muslims.

So yes, you should ask and judge her based on her previous partner count if she is a good potential wife for you.

Also, consider the result of Fornication leads to a great contribution to these stats. Notice there all Non-Muslim nations at the highest;


Watch bellow how Western Secular Media makes the one committing Adultery look like the Victim!



Shariah Law = The only religion that has the phrase “only marry 1” but we can marry 2, 3 or 4 with the condition we act justly between them all.

Secular Liberalism = In the West you can be married and have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  girlfriends on the side there is no law to forbid this act.

In fact: More than 30,000 married Australians are found ‘cheating’ every month:


Furthermore a ExMuslim Atheist liberal, Harris Sultan boasts about having more women then Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)



Interesting that they mock Muslims for heaven with 72 Houri?



Shariah Law = Forbids it.

Secular Liberalism= Legal. In the United States of America since “Interest” is part of their economy the U.S financial system is under a Debt of 21 Trillion+ Dollars which faced Debt Crises. http://www.usgovernmentdebt.us/

See also this video, how Interest has ruined nations 



“Riches” and Wealth.

Shariah Law = Islam continuesly encourages to donate your Wealth. Islam is favoured by Allah when it comes to Wealth. But has also cursed some nations by Wealth as to Test them.

Secular Liberalism =

They write;



You say, so many Islamic countries are poor. That may be true, but 5 out of the 25 richest countries in the world happen to be Muslim. With the highest ranking GDP.



That said, most Muslim countries GDP is pretty much the standard of majority of the Western countries:


I know what a Western will say, they will say the reason why Muslim countries top the GDP is because of all that oil, and not because of their hard work.

Well, my response would be, it just shows how Allah blessed those Muslims, and they didn’t even have to work for it as a Dog.

Is it to know wonder that most of the biggest volumes of rich natural resources are found in the middle east? Is that just a coincidence or divine intervention?

Even President Donald Trump advocating looting the oil. Take a listen;

Also, consider most Western countries did a lot of bad deeds to get where they did, besides the industrial revolution. Take for example how Brittian looted over 45 trillion Dollars from India.

Much more looting by the West could be mentioned, how they looted blood diamonds out of Africa.


And how the West invaded almost the whole globe, from the West to the East. Like South Africa, India, Australia to America where it reaped from all its natural resources, and then to add insult to injury took slaves out of Africa to work forcefully and build the West.

But yeh, please go on and tell us more about how the Western world is so rich compared to the Muslim nations.

Also, consider all though Western countries are rich, they also have the biggest debt out of any other nation. See the next post below. Also, his Mikes comment about Muslims giving charity to religious institutions, instead of using the money to help the poor. This comment is stupid, because when Muslims donate money to their religious organisations, that money is used to help the poor people as most of those funds go to help projects such as building orphanage homes, and water wells in Africa so people can have access to clean water, including the donations to help the poor with food. See our post under “Charity and Donations” it’s Religious people who donate more money to the poor than those who call themselves Atheists who appeal to secular liberalism.



A country with the most Debt:

Shariah Law = Encourages not to get into financial debts and Forbids things like loans that have “interest”. And so when we look at the World debt Crises, the Muslim nations are doing much better. 

Secular Liberalism= Non-Muslim countries have the worst record in the “debt” department take a look at the top countries:




Charity and Donation’s.

Shariah Law = Compulsory if you’re able. Known as Zakah. Hence a Solution to End World Poverty.

Secular Liberalism= Not compulsory rather Optional even if you are a Billionaire. Hence has contributed to World Poverty. The Poor give more money to Charity then the Rich a study finds. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5937100

Religious people are more Generous another study finds. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/10885180/Religion-makes-people-more-generous.html

Interesting how secular liberalism shuns organized Religion right?


Biggest Polluters in the World:

Shariah Law = Not the biggest Pollution.

Secular Liberalism = Australia & U.S.A biggest Pollutionists http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2009-09-11/australians-the-worlds-worst-polluters/1425986

Slavery and Sex Slavery (Rape):

Shariah Law = Forbids Colonial Style Slavery the Quran came to overall encourage to free the Slaves. Do listen to response here. We also show how Sexual Slavery was condoned in the Bible:


Secular Liberalism = Will often quote Dubai as Slavery like Work Conditions, However, let’s look at Secular Europe where Human Prostitution Slave Trafficking still Exists and Secular World Australia Has been Exposed on Modern Day Slavery:


The West has never abolished Slavery. They have just renamed it;




Also Sex slavery in Islam refuted here:


In the above video: Brother Daniel sites Western academia to show why Sexual Slavery was practised against the enemy combatants in order to grow numbers, otherwise if they didn’t this could wipe their own extinction. 

So for example why the Taliban:

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