Jesus will fight the Jews and not the Muslims

Last updated: 19th, April. 2022

BY: Mustafa Sahin

There are Christians who heavily promote the love for the Jews. They will proclaim things like, may God save Israel or things like;

The verses where Jesus condemns the Jews:

According to Biblical Scholars, such as John Gills expedition of Luke 19:27 this passage describes, a parable in which Jesus will come back a second time to the earth and slay those Jews who rejected Jesus. By the way that’s a lot of Jews if you ask me, as 99.9% majority of the nation of Israel reject Jesus.

See John gills commentary on Luke 19:27

Jesus even goes as far as judging the 12 Tribes of Israel

In this passage we read Jesus judgment upon the Jews. Yes ALL 12 tribes of Israel will be judged. Again no where does Jesus say He will judge the Muslims. Rather only the Jews.

Jesus even compares the Pharisees the Jews to Vipers!

So as you can see, these Christian’s heavily promote Israel as though they are God’s chosen people, despite Jesus who proclaims to go to war against Israel.

Let’s read further;

When Christians talk about Jesus is love and peaceful but the “Islamic Prophet is WAR Lord?

Read from Christian website;


Some amazing insight from the Christian website reads:

About the End Times. They say “Yes” Jesus did a lot of wars in the Old Testament Bible, however Jesus came in the New Testament to teach, Peace and Love and no more killing and Wars and taught us to turn the other cheek.

But wait! this Christian Website says Jesus comes as a WAR Lord in his second coming:

Interesting points from the Christian website;

1 – The Devil Anti-Christ will sign a contract with Israel and not Saudi Arabia. So much for Christians sucking up to Jews! And defending Israel.

2 -The devil will then ” Rule the Jews” for seven years! Note the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will be accepted by the Jews as their Leader. Notice nothing about Islam or Arabs being ruled by the Anti-Christ. So much for Islam being of the devil!

  • The Anti Christ will be Worshiped in the Jureselem Temple. Not in the Islamic Mosque!

3 – Jesus will then WAR against the Anti -Christ AND his ARMY. Ask yourself who is the army of Israel. Hamas or IDF?

4 – Jesus will then cast ALL unbeliever’s into a Lake of Fire.

Halulya God of Peace?

It seems Jesus will be fighting none other then the Zionist Israeli run by the Anti Christ.

If Islam was the devil why nothing about fighting Saudi Arabia or the Palestinians?

Even a evangelical Christian preacher and Apologist named Sam Shamoun a critic of Islam admits; “Israel is an Abomination”

See also this video how Jews insult Jesus. And the hypocrisy.

So there you have it folks, Christians declare they have the New Testament a book of turn the other cheek and peace, despite how they use the New Testament to preach that Jesus will come back to wrath and vengeance and go to War with Israel.