Stoning to death those commiting Adultery, and lashing.

Stoning to death those commiting Adultery, and lashing

By: Asadullah Ali


The punishments required in Islam for certain crimes are often considered “barbaric” by non-Muslims and liberal Muslims alike. However, I believe this is due primarily to a misunderstanding of what the punishments entail and what exactly is being punished.

For example, many consider the punishments for adultery to be extremely harsh (i.e. lashing and stoning), but what many people don’t understand is that adultery is not the thing that is actually punished — rather it’s the public display of adultery. This is why four witnesses are required; especially since Islam prohibits entering someone’s private property without permission.

In other words, for such a punishment to be enacted, you’d literally have to have illegal sexual intercourse in a public place (enough so that you’d be noticed in full detail by four people).

Now, there are those who will argue that even with such a clarification, the punishments are still “too harsh”. Why lash an unmarried couple for public displays of fornication? Why stone a married person for the same? Why not just fine them or jail them for a short amount of time?

But these questions display a lack of moral integrity and virtue when it comes to the issue of public displays of adultery. We are not just talking about the act of illegal intercourse here, but two people having the audacity to make it public — an open rebellion against the very foundations of society itself (i.e. the family). It is not some innocuous performance done out of ignorance, but a willing protest against all moral decency.

And it’s far worse when a married person does it. Not only are they spitting on the institution of marriage itself, but spitting in the face of their own family and children. Adultery is already such a heinous crime that one wonders why someone would have the gall to advertise it to the world. Even murderers and thieves try not to be as conspicuous.

Hence why the punishments are so harsh, because the very act that is being punished is so extreme — almost inconceivable.

Thus, I think there is a no more fitting statement than “they were asking for it”, because when you don’t even bother to hide such an indecency then you are literally asking for whatever punishment exist — no matter whether you perceive it as lenient or harsh.

At that point, neither of these categories matter, because you have agreed to the punishment by virtue of your behavior.

By- Asadullah Ali


Also, consider the West has many forms of physical discipline, such as using electric shock stun guns, police buttons, to punish those not conforming with the law.



Extra Rebuttal info:

Critic wrote:

“what many people don’t understand is that adultery is not the thing that is actually punished — rather it’s the public display of adultery.”

So suppose a case in which a man and a woman(both married) is proven to have commited adultery through medical tests, but at the same time it is discovered that they did so in private, behind closed doors. Will they be spared or have to face the punishment?

Muslim – Response:

Because they have agreed to take a medical test, that in its self is an agreement to somthing similiar to “Self confession”.

Therefore, it was their will to be transparent about it, thus they didnt keep it secret, therefore its the same as doing it in public display for why they get punished.

There was a case like this similiar when a Women came to the prophet and gave a self confession and wanted the hadd punishment, the Prophet turned her away three times, but she still insisted because she didnt wish an afterlife punishment which was worse than a worldy one.

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Does Eternal Hell equal no Justice?

By: Mustafa Sahin

Atheist: “Why is God unjust? How can He punish unbelievers for Eternity in Hell”?

Me: “Accept Islam. And God will admit you into paradise. But if you do not. Hell will be your Eternal abode”.

Atheist: “No I don’t wish to accept Islam”.

Me: But if you do not, then you will burn in hell forever”!

Atheist: I don’t care”.

Me: “You don’t care about going to an Eternal hell”?

Atheist: %@#÷^*

Me: See the point here folks, Allah is not unjust. Allah makes an “agreement” with Atheists or unbelievers “before” he puts them to hell “forever”. Atheists “accept” the condition of Eternal hell rather than paradise by refusing to “accept” Islam. Therefore an Atheist can not call: “Allah unjust” or that an Eternal punishment is “unjust”. If the Atheist refused to accept the invitation to Islam, then “technically” He has rather accepted an Eternal hellfire So why would an unbeliever claim Allah is unjust with him on the day of judgement?

Allah (SWT) makes it very clear to unbelievers in the Quran, He warns them of Islam and warning them of the “consequences” if they refuse to accept Islam. Thus it is not unjust for hellfire for being Eternal for them, if that’s the fate Atheists have chosen for themselves!

This Day shall every person be recompensed for what he earned. No injustice (shall be done to anybody). Truly, Allah is Swift in reckoning. (Quran 40:17)


Also please visit this short video response

Where Ali Dawah responds to critics that claim Allah is an unjust God, for punishing unbelievers for Eternity for a finite sin (crime), committed on earth.
He explains using the (Quran 22:99-100) there is no such thing as a finite sin for unbelievers because Allah says in the Quran, Had we sent the Unbelievers back to earth, they will go back to their disbelief, and if we let them live forever on the earth, they would remain on disbelief forever, thus justifying an Eternal Hell. Also note, this verse doesn’t mean sending back to earth means, He will send a man that He judged back to earth, and with that same faculty of seeing Heaven, Angels, Day of Judgement, He will send back to earth, of course, no one would go back to disbelief after seeing such signs. Rather Allah when He speaks about sending them back, He is talking about making everything start all over again, where man has not seen Angels, heaven, God or hell. Allah says even if we did this, He would still go back to disbelieving even if we put him to the test again.

Bellow, is two Atheists who prove that type of arrogance listens:


Counter Rebbutal section:

Atheist wrote:


My response:

@Polymath Let me explain the I don’t care part:
An Atheist says, “he doesn’t care, or consider the Proof for the evidence of God, nor accept the Evidence from theists arguments as valid evidence for the Proof of God. Thus in his rejection has ” technically accepted to refuse to accept the Evidence, thus in doing so, He has picked for himself a destination which warns unbelievers of a punishment. Thus now no unbeliever can accuse God that they have not been “warned” thus there punishment is now justified. Also, some Atheists say Even if God was real, they will still refuse to believe in him. Martin Rowson (Atheist editor-writer and Cartoonist” says:” if God proved He existed I still wouldn’t Believe in him. (Page 22.) Another Atheist named: Thomas Nagel( Atheist Professor of Philosophy) writes: I want Atheism to be true. Is that I hope there is no God. I don’t want there to be a God. I don’t want the universe to be like that.
(Last Word p.g 130-131).

So of course there are Atheists who ” deliberately choose to disbelieve in the evidence”. Even if that evidence was like black and white.
Just as there are flat earthers who ” deliberately” chose to reject the earth is round, there are also Unbelievers who deliberately deny the clear evidence of intelligent design.

Also if a sceptic was searching for the truth, Allah will guide him to Islam, the truth is most Atheist sceptics are not genuinely sincere in searching and accepting the truth.

And the arguement still stands, even if Gods religion has not convinced you it’s the truth, you have rejected the arguement for God’s existence, so in doing so you have accepted the consequences for following a theory that rejects the Evidence, thus in doing so, you have technically “accepted the consequences of Eternal damnation. If that evidence you reject turns out to be true.

Atheist wrote:


My Response:


The truth? (It is not black and white)?

Quran: We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and themselves, till it is clear to them that it is the truth. Suffices it not as to thy Lord, that He is witness over everything?
Quran 41:53

For they had denied the truth when it came to them, but there is going to reach them the news of what they used to ridicule. Quran 6:5

As one can see from the above verses, Allah tells us in the Quran the Unbelievers will receive the Truth, and this truth will be made clear for them (verses41:53). And Allah tells us in (verses 6:5) that they will still deny them.

So even if an Atheist claims his honesty about searching for truth, and claiming there is no evidence, Allah tells us they are liars.

Let’s read the next verses:
And, do not cloak (and confuse) the truth with falsehood. Do not suppress the truth knowingly. (Quran, 2:42)”

Yea, in their own (eyes), will become manifest what before they concealed. But if they were returned, they would certainly relapse to the things they were forbidden, for they are indeed liars. (Quran, 6:28)”

In these verses Allah tells us, the Unbelievers conceal the truth, in other words, do not admit the truth even if it has convinced them, then Allah tells us, they are liars when they claim there is no evidence for God or Islam. Therefore no matter how much an Atheist or an unbeliever claims his being sincere and still rejects Islam, Allah calls him a liar. For why now his Abode in hell is justifiable for Eternity. Because the Unbeliever has chosen the path of unbelief and accepted its consequence, therefore he can not blame Allah for Eternal damnation the Atheist chose for himself by intentionally denying the truth. Only Honest and Sincere agnostics, unbelievers or Atheists will accept Islam, the liars and unsincere ones will die rejecting the truth, and this is clearly why they go to hell for Eternity, that’s the abode they chose for themselves. There they can not blame anyone but themselves, for accepting Eternal damnation, due to their arrogance, and insincerity.

I would also like to conclude by saying this, Atheists/Agnostics like to criticise God for eternal punishment, and how they think this is unfair, and how religion has no real justice.

However, let’s look at the Atheist worldview and the Secular system he believes to follow. Does follow other than religion bring justice?

The answer is not. Take, for example, the 50 people shot and killed in the Christchurch massacre. The victim’s families in court spoke to the judge saying;

No punishment you impose on Brendan Tarrant will ever be enough for the perpetrator.

This is true when you think about it. Here is a ruthless man that killed 50 innocent people. So how is putting 1 man in jail for the rest of his already half-lived life, even compatible with the 50 lives? It is not. Even if capital punishment was imposed. Killing 1 life compared to the lives of 50 people is still not compatible.

However what would be compatible, is eternal punishment for those 50 people, and of course, compromised with the punishment of eternal unbelief.

See, religion unlike the Atheist world view gives much greater justice.

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Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) in Bible. 1 John 4:1-4

Last updated: 28th May 2020

By: Mustafa Sahin

Christians often tell Muslims there is no evidence in the Bible, of the Prophecy of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), foretold in the Bible. So in this paper, I will prove to you using (1 John 4:1-4) to prove to the Christian readers that this passage no doubt give evidence of the coming of future Prophets. I shall include Christian responses, and show how these arguments can be countered. So let us begin:

Read the passage:


So what we can see from the above verse; the term spirit is in conjunction with a Prophet. Though this passage talks about how to recognize a false spirited Prophet. It also tells us how to recognize truthful spirited Prophets.

The verse above also tells us, that Prophets will come to you, in the future tense, and so it advises us, how to recognize them. This proves that the Bible endorsed accepting future Prophets so long as they fit well with the definition, of how we define who is the truthful spirited Prophet. So what are the criteria that need to be established to determine a truthful prophet?

He must acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.

So does the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) fit this criterion? Certainly, there are many passages in the Quran, where the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) attested a Book, that clarifies Jesus to come in the flesh:

A Comprehensive Listing of References to Jesus ('Isa) in the Qur'an

Answering Christian Objection 1:

Christian will say Muhammed is in the Bible, but only when it refers to “False spirit in 1 john 4:1


Yet all this time, Christians argue the Prophet is never in the Bible? But only when Christians want to prove he’s a “False Prophet”, he suddenly appears in 1 John 4:1?

Interesting Hey?

So if the Prophet can be in 1 john 4:1, why then He can not be in 1 john 4:2? As the Truthful spirited Prophet?

Answering Christian Objection 2:

Jesus said the one who denies the Son Denies the Father. Therefore Muhammed denies the “Sonship” and “Fathership”. Therefore he denied Jesus to come on flesh.


The term “Son” can be understood in the Bible as “Servent”.

Read: Some translations have “Son ” changed to “Servent”.

The Quran also affirms this read:

Jesus said, ” indeed, I am the servant of Allah He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. (Quran 19:30)

So the term, Son is clearly “metaphorical” because it can mean Servant, just like the term” Father” is also understood as being Metaphorical. Because even Apostle Paul claimed to be All our ” Father” read:

Paul said; 15 Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

Source: http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/4-15.htm

Therefore these terms such as Father and Son, do not mean in the real sense, rather they are more inclined to a metaphorical sense. Thus Prophet Muhammed does not Deny Jesus as a Servant of God nor denied the Father in a Metaphorical sense in the biblical language as the God of this Universe. Jesus in the Bible refers to himself even as the; “The Son of Man”. (Mathew 12:8)

But Jesus is not Man’s son, He’s God’s Son, right? So how can He be called Son of Man? Well, it’s now clear, that terms such as “Son of Man, or Son of God, are all “Metaphorical” Terms.

After all, Jesus spoke on, Parables, Metaphors and allegories


Answering Christian Objection 2:

I find this one pretty hilarious, a Christian by the name of Tonu writes;

That Prophet Muhammed does not believe in Jesus quoting: (John 8:24) So I replied this was pretty idiotic. Because Muslims (I.e) the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) believe in the Personhood of Jesus.



So what does the desperate Christian do, He tries to twist the Quran, to appeal that the Quran is talking about a “different Jesus”.  However, this has been refuted here:

Mary, daughter of Amram, sister of Aaron: A Qur’anic error or deliberate allusion?

Now, this gets even more interesting, if Christians honestly believe that, the Qur’anic Jesus is a “different Jesus” and not the Jesus of Christianity who was born from a virgin? Then why do “Christians appeal to this Sureh:


Christians say this is “Evidence” Jesus died on the Cross” according to the Quran. “And the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive”.

Of course, the Islamic position is, this is talking about “Jesus second coming” where He (Jesus) will be sent to the earth a second time, will die a natural death, then rise from the dead.

In any case, Christians still use Sureh 19:33, to prove to Muslims, that the same Jesus of the Bible, who died on the Cross, is the very same Jesus in the Quran (Sarah 19:33).

So as you can see, we are seeing a huge inconsistency, from Christians like Tonu. Where He desperately tries to claim, Jesus of the Quran is a different Jesus to the Bible, but then His same Christian folks, try to selectively Quote certain verses of the Quran to prove the very same Jesus of the Bible!

Answering Christian Objection 3:

Christian writes, quoting 1 john 4:1-4 the part where it says; ……… Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,



Both, Mario and Tonu, are suggesting Prophet Muhammed’s God, is not the same God as Jesus.

However, it gets really, interesting because Christian Apologists like “Christian Prince” tries to even prove “Allah is a Trinity”.


So if Christians like Mario and Tonu want to, prove Allah is a different God than the one Jesus had in the Bible, why then do other Christian Apologists appeal to the Quran, to prove that Allah is a “Triune God”, just as the Biblical God?

Interesting Hey?

As Dr James White says” Inconsistency is the sign of a failed arguement”

Anyhow, the fact is if we put to the side, the opinionated theological differences, then both the Qur’anic and the Biblical God are the “same God”, thus Prophets Muhammad’s God, and Jesus God is the same.

Answering Christian Objection 4:



So the assertion here is, that if the Prophet Muhammed is a true Prophet and did confirm Jesus came in the flesh, He the Prophet Muhammed needs to confirm the correct theological belief about Jesus, that being is that the Prophet needs to affirm that Jesus is God. But let me just take you back for a moment, when we look at 1 John 4:1-4.

Nowhere in this “passage does it say, the spirit of truth “The prophet” must confess Jesus has come in the flesh “as God”. Thus this is not the criteria. Rather all the verse says is;

Quote: “This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God”.

Notice nowhere does the verse ever say, He must declare “God is with Us in Jesus”.  Thus it’s clear, a Christian is forcing separate criteria to the one mentioned in (1 John 4:1-4).

Anyhow, you can see this article: https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2020/04/30/figurtive-literal-games-in-the-bible/

Where we prove, that terms like being called “God” or “Son of God” are to be understood in Metaphorical Terms as Godly People.

Answering Christian Objection 5:



Prophet, Muhammed (PBUH) is a sinner? Therefore He, can not be the Truthful Spirit, in 1 John 4:1-4?

Read what Apostle  Paul said;


We are told that “Apostle Paul” who admits His the Worst of Sinners, Yet Christians don’t reject Paul, or his letters, now do they? They have no issue in accepting Paul as a Prophet. Also another reminder, the criteria of (1 john 4:1-4) does not say, the spirit of truth (Prophet) must be “Free of Sin”.  So again a Christian has forced his criteria to the text. Additionally are Christians really, assuming that the Prophet to come, must be “Sinless”? And yet I thought, that the only one without “Sin” was to be Jesus Christ. So are Christians assuming that there is to come to another “sinless being like Jesus?

Interesting Hey?

Answering Christian Objection 6:

Jesus is the “only way”




Now even more interesting if Jesus was “The only way” for all times, He wouldn’t be preaching about future Prophets to come would He? Which He did in (1 John 4:1-4).

Now I have a crossfire section  with the Christian missionary:








  1. Note: We already answered the claim for “Sinner”.


As you can see the Christian is in denial and does not wish to list the truthful spirited “foretold Future Prophets as prophecised in (1 John  4:1-4), and the Christian just wishes to talk about the False ones, so all I could do is get reminded by what Jesus said;


And what the Quran has said;


Allah, (SWT) Has spoken the Truth, they will continue to conceal the “Future Prophets”. Until Allah (SWT) confronts them on the Day of Judgement.


Note: even if a Christian claims Apostle Paul was a Prophet after Jesus, this does not disqualify the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) because “Testing the Spirits are in the Plural, as the Christian himself admitted, meaning it doesn’t have to refer to one. It could be one, but it doesn’t have to mean only one, according to the Bible, and of course one needs to also reason that, Paul himself never called himself “A Prophet”. Unlike the Prophet Muhammed. See our bellow article,  where we talk about this further in yet another passage of the Bible indicating another Prophecy about Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) see:

John  1:20-21 https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/prophet-muhammed-pbuh-in-the-bible/


Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) in Bible. John 1:20-21

By: Mustafa Sahin

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in the Bible.

The Early Jews were seeking and asking around for the several personalities mentioned in many places in the Old Testament. They understood that these personalities will be coming in the future, so they started their enquiry based on the knowledge they had since they were learned about their books.

So the Jews went to first ask “John the Baptist” since he was a devotee to God in:


Notice there is a distinction between Christ Messiah and Prophet. Christians want to claim they were only enquiring a Prophet who is Jesus. However, what we can see is 3 distinct people are being enquired:

1 – Christ = Jesus

2 – Elijah

3 – That Prophet = Who is it?

It’s clear they were waiting for Messiah Jesus and a man called Elijah additionally a Prophet distinct from Messiah. Otherwise, they would have just said. Messiah and Elijah. However, they mentioned the 3rd identity. We dont dispute that the Prophecy in 1 john 20-21 is not about Jesus. It is about Jesus. But it’s not just about Jesus. The Enquiry is also about other people besides Jesus. One happens to be about Elijah and the third is That Prophet. That is why they asked three questions, as opposed to two questions. The three Questions refer to three distinct individuals. So let’s ask the Christians we know who the TWO that is being inquired Jesus and Elijah who is the third?

Some Christians when you push them to show you who is the third? I’ve had a Christian tell me it was ” Apostle Paul”.  However there is one issue with this, Apostle Paul never specifically identified himself as a “Prophet”. Nor was He ever called a “Prophet”.

However, the Prophet of Islam was named a Prophet. Quran 7:158  Quran 33:40. Therefore the third enquiry can not be talking about Apostle Paul. And if a Christian claim, well Paul still did duties Prophets do, as one Christian article suggests here:


Then by that token, any other person besides Paul can also be that third Enquiry namely the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) who at least fits the definition of the enquiry head-on. It gets hilarious, Christians identify Paul namely as, “Apostle Paul” and not ” Prophet Paul”, but I guess if we continue to promote, Prophet Muhammed, being part of (John 1:20-21) Christians will probably start getting so annoyed and start naming Paul, Prophet Paul, instead of Apostle Paul, even though none of Paul’s Disciples or Jesus Disciples “EVER” called Paul a Prophet!

And isn’t it, interesting Christians will vigorously argue with Muslims, saying there is no passage in the Bible that talks about the coming of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) after Jesus. But then they conveniently shove Paul into (John 1:20-21), to deny Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

That’s Cute.

I once also engaged a Christian Apologist by the name of Nakdimon Yasmeen,  one of the author’s at AnsweringIslamcom, who told Me, the Jews were ignorant, that’s why they mistakenly inquired about three separate individuals, rather they were only supposed to enquire about Jesus.

My Response to that would be, are we led to believe, that these early Jews, were “only wise” in their enquiry about Jesus? But foolish to enquire about other Prophets? Well, I find that interesting though, you accept Paul after Jesus.

They fail in the consistency department, don’t they?

Related article: also see

Prophet Muhammed foretold in (1 John  4:1-4)



Nabeel Qureshi Wife made False Prophecy in the name of the Holy Spirit

Christian Apologist Nabeel Qureshi, Wife made a “False Prophecy” about God saving Nabeel from his illness. 

See the video:


Click on this link to view the Video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=828314077330844&id=100004567772338

She quotes as saying:

” I believe the Lord gave peace this means; this is going to lead to healing, I believe this is coming from the “Holy Spirit”.

Of course, this False Prophecy turned out False, and Nabeel Passed away.

Please don’t be offended or think im mocking Nabeel death. I am not, im just questioning these apparent, feelings and revelations of the Holy Spirit telling Nabeel’s wife and assuring Her, that Her husband Nabeel illness “will lead to his healing”. She made a definitive statement, and claimed She believes it’s coming to her from The Holy Spirit”

This is the same family that would say Nabeel had “visions” before his conversion to Christianity. And this was a “sign” Christianity was the true religion!

Now for my interaction with a Christian on this Subject of False Prophecy foretold by Nabeels Wife.

Christian wrote:

More videos on nabeel from a Muslim but you’re all convinced you have no malice or ill intention when posting them.
This is a propaganda video, watch the whole thing. For one he names his church in Texas, which is a baptist church. This is meant to continue to smear his name because he preached at bethel.
How many young mothers and wives out there would love God to heal their husbands and not be left as single mums struggling to raise a child alone but you’ve twisted it to make it seem evil or not good to want to believe in a positive outcome.
Why don’t you deal with Christians like Matt chandler who had stage 4 brain cancer or tumours however you say it and God healed him and he’s still preaching years after they took a huge chunk of his brain out. God does heal and making fun of people looking for it is sinful.
If Islam is real why do you lot feel the need to dance and celebrate the death of this man?


If you have seen the whole video what exactly did we misinterpret? Her statements are clear, she said along those lines, “she felt that the Spirit inspired her that Nabeel will be healed”. She passed on a definitive response. We wouldn’t have gone after Nabeel if he wasn’t making claims that he accepted Christianity and left Islam because one of those reasons was based on visions and dreams from the Holy Spirit. Why are you feeling so disheartening? Im 100% certain that had Nabeel Survived you Christians would have praised Nabeel Wife and her visions, but when it turns out false you want to play the victim card?

It’s not our fault that Nabeels Family were insisting on definitive statements to prove a Miracle through Nabeels Trauma. So my advice next time is “tone it down” and stop preaching that the Holy Spirit speaks to you with words of Healing, that way no one will complain when the guy doesn’t get healed, it is plain and simple. If any Christian makes such definitive claims and didn’t survive I can assure you we would have gone after him too. And “Yes” Mothers out there can ask for healing, but there is one thing asking, and another thing claiming you had a definitive response, which seems to be what Nabeel Wife suggested.

If Matt Chandler’s wife went on social media said she had a vision of Prophet Muhammed saying he will Survive in Hospital concerning her Husband. All the Christian Apologists would have criticized these visions, once He passed away.

Christian wrote:

Thanks for accepting that you’re going after him. All these posts and everyone is claiming no malice but at least you’re honest.
My problem with this after he died Muslims were posting that he had lost his faith and was going to bizarre lengths to get healed. This video continues that thread.
I wonder if you were dying your wife would give you and your people words of confronting or give you the worst-case scenario. She’s comforting her husband and giving him hope and it’s quite wicked to turn it into something to rejoice over.
I wonder how many Muslims will start drinking after this, you seem so eager to celebrate a win that I think someone might buy some champagne to toast the death of this young father.


  1. Again I dont know how much more clear I can make it, we are not going after and picking on Nabeels suffering rather going after and pointing out the false Prophecy made in the name of the Holy Spirit. Again, there is a difference between giving hope like, saying things like you believe that God will heal you and another thing claiming that you received a definitive response from the Holy Spirit that “he will heal you”. That is now a “Clear False Prophecy in the Holy Spirit name” And giving a False hope, which is quite sad. I couldn’t care less if you think we are celebrating, it’s another thing when you’re trying to wash it down like it is nothing. Like I said earlier, had Nabeel Survived you would have celebrated the Prophecy made by his Wife, and please stop pretending that you wouldn’t have. You guys would have lynched on the opportunity and made tons of videos about how Nabeel surviving this was another miracle healing promised by Nabeels Wife’s Holy Spirit.

Christian wrote:

Did she say it was a vision or a feeling inside of her like a hope.?


These are her words:

1-  She said “I believe the Lord gave peace”

2-  She said: “This meant: healing”.

3-  She said: She believed: “it was from the Holy Spirit”.

So I dont know how you like to interpret it? vision or feeling?

Whatever floats your boat. She claimed to know how the Holy Spirit conveys the message. Nabeel’s wife said:  “He will be healed”. Well more accurately the Holy Ghost. So stop pretending it’s not a ” failed Prophecy”. It is clear.

Christian wrote:

His wife was proven wrong and people need to stop putting words in Gods’ mouth, they end up looking stupid if proven wrong.


So you finally admit, his wife was proven wrong. Why then should anyone believe the rest of the stuff that comes out of their mouths concerning Nabeels visions? If his wife Got it wrong about the Holy Spirit working through her why should we accept Nabeel visions? Regarding one of the reasons why Christianity was true, Maybe that too are fraudulent tales like his own wife’s narrative.

Christian wrote:

The fact that he’s dead means she was wrong but I don’t see any malice in a wife comforting her dying husband. I wouldn’t have used those words but it’s wicked that the man hasn’t been buried and stupid little things like this are being thrown around. Goes to show just how well he lived his life because you’re all on a witch hunt and this is the level you’re stooping to over a dead man and his grieving widow.


So why is Nabeel’s wife, giving falsified Prophecy? Is this how Yahway looks after Nabeel gives him a false preacher wife, to lie or mislead Nabeel? And maybe Yahway gave Nabeel also a fake preacher like David Wood who also tricked him?

Christian wrote:

You’re taking something so small and making it so big. I don’t think anything changes whether you accept his visions or not. Many people in the Muslim world are having them.
You’ve already rejected the guy, let him rest in peace.


Many Muslims are not having these visions. As even your bible says that the Devil can appear as the Angel of light. For all, I care they were getting false visions like Nabeel’s wife and possibly Nabeel himself. So yeh sad these guys got deceived. David wood his teacher the bigger deceiver sent this guy to hell if He did die indeed unrepented.

(Another) Christian wrote:

How is what you said any different than what I said? She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband. Doesn’t Jesus tell us to ask and believe?? This is a ridiculous argument to me. I have Muscular Dystrophy which is 100% fatal and I’m in a wheelchair. I shouldn’t be alive right now yet I BELIEVE he’ll keep me around longer, but like Nabeels his wife, I’ll still believe EVEN IF he doesn’t. This doesn’t make me a false prophet because I’m doing what Jesus told me to do, ask, knock, believe.


You wrote: “She BELIEVED God was going to heal her husband”.

That’s not the only thing she believed. She said, that her belief, came to her by the Holy Spirit. So it wasn’t as though, she had her opinion that He would be healed, rather she mentioned, she believed this inspiration was coming to her from the Holy Spirit.

She acted as though she was having an interaction with the Holy Spirit as though he was some Golfing buddy, which slipped a bit of information to her that Nabeel will be healed. Now that’s very different from acknowledging God can heal. And like I said, had Nabeel been healed, Nabeel would have made a video glorifying his wife’s interaction with the holy spirit as a true Prophecy, saying this is how the Holy Spirit speaks to us, David wood would have also clinched on the opportunity and would have made Nabeels Wife his female “Saint”. So let’s not pretend they would have not jumped on the opportunity to make a miracle out of Nabeel’s wife’s inspirations she believed came from the Holy Spirit. So yes since she claims that the Holy Spirit told her by a feeling he will be saved. And since He died, Then “yes” she made a false Prophecy. There is no Escape!

Another Christian recently also posted a response, and I responded, He agrees that it was “a minor false Prophecy



Also, more evidence: Nabeel didn’t exactly accept his fate. He never gave up on God sending miracles, while even going into palliative care, He requested Christians to “Pray for a Miracle” See here – https://youtu.be/kZpPhDzgdzg

Nabeel has also produced frequent videos never to give up, on Christians performing Miracles. He even suggested they can do; “Greater” miracles than Jesus”! See here: https://bloggingtheology.net/2017/01/03/nabeel-qureshi-truechristians-do-greater-miracles-than-jesus-exegesis-of-john-1412-14/

It seems, no true Christians left out there to show us a greater miracle than Jesus, and raise Nabeel from the Dead?

(Bellow) The Christian again says, suppose they made an “Honest Blunder”:



And now (bellow) the Christian is pretty annoyed so his now trying to have a poke at Islam:


And here below is a Video ” indicating that Nabeel” was Skeptical about the Bible and doubted it, in his last days:

Nabeel was made to get on his knees to ask God for “Forgiveness” pushed on by his Bible adviser. Nabeel was at the very low point of his Faith in Christianity, towards the end days of his ministry.

Is this how strong, his conviction in Christianity was after all those years, bashing Islam?


Now for some Screenshots, of other Christians who have been left embarrassed by Nabeel Wife’s False Prophecy. And here are the comments of those Christians who also “Testify Nabeel Wife was proven; “Wrong, Stupid, a false Prophet, Foolishness and Ignorance.




As you can see, infighting began among Christians about this, and the fact is, it was “a False Prophecy” and whatever feeling Nabeel wife got, what she felt, she claimed it was from the Holy Spirit. And now that it’s been proven False, all Christians can do is label Nabeels Wife, ignorant for not understanding her feelings. Though I can almost guarantee if Nabeel Survived, the same people, accusing Nabeels wife of ignorance, would have put her on a pedestal and turned her into “Hail Mary” but since it turned out False, let’s just blame the individual and shift blame away from Christianity that teachers “inspiration through the Holy Spirit”. Yep, you guessed it, When a False Prophecy happens that’s the fault of the individual, if a true prophecy happens, that’s the Holy Spirit! Convenience perhaps?

These are the same Christians who have given us soap operas from Nabeel having “Visions and Dreams“, before his conversion from Ahmediya to Christianity, and that it was a sign Christianity was the True Religion! Nabeel speaks about being at some feast, and this feast represented heaven, and his friend David was blocking the door, and the only way He could come to the feast is if He accepts Jesus.

See here:

Perhaps they are false revelations also? Oh no of course not, they are “True” ones! Right.

Well let us see, evidence that Nabeel seems to make up a story due to clear contractions:

See more on Nabeel Qurashi:


Camel Urine in Islam?


                                  By: Mustafa Sahin

You may have constantly heard Islamic critics bring up the Hadeeth where the Prophet ordered some Bedouins to consume camel urine for medical use due to having a medical condition. Many critics laugh and mock this. However in recent years, Science is begining to confirm there is Medical benefits in Animal Urine.


Nonetheless, the product has been studied by a handful of researchers. A 2012 study published in the journal Ancient Science of Life suggested rats with diabetes that were fed Gomutra Ark had significantly lower blood glucose levels than rats in a control group did. “This study supports the traditional use of Gomutra Ark in diabetes,” the researchers wrote, noting that it has a “high therapeutic index and is safe for chronic use.”

And a 2013 study in the International Brazilian Journal of Urology claimed that distilled cow urine might help to prevent the development of kidney stones in rats.

However, these and other studies may not convince skeptics to start drinking urine anytime soon, even if it is part of a tasty soft drink.

“Just trust me on this — this drink really will require flavoring,” Keith-Thomas Ayoob, nutritionist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, told ABC News. “If they use sugar or a caloric sweetener, then the world probably doesn’t need another drink that’s just a source of sugar calories, although this drink will probably have its 15 minutes [of fame] because of its novelty


Urine is also used in “Modern Medicine”

In addition even in Today’s Western World: ” Premarine” is also a medicine extracted from Horse or Mule Urine, used today to treat women’s ailments.

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premarin

Also:  Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals.

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urea

Now for some responses to the Critics who site:

Islamic critics often site:

The World Health Organisation has said that camels are the source of the Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus and has urged people who have “diabetes, renal failure, chronic lung disease, and immunocompromised persons are considered to be at high risk of severe disease from MERS-CoV infection” to avoid contact with camels, drinking raw camel milk or camel urine, or eating meat that has not been properly cooked.

The Critics of Islam want you to believe, that Muslims sit around the table just conversing and enjoying a glass of Urine, like it’s our culture. However you will not find this, among Muslim majority cultures, rather the hadith in Question, Camel Urine was recommended only to a specific medical condition, and thus the camel urine, is not just a Beveridge of passed time entertainment, as the Islamic critics want you to believe, and if ever a small “Ignorant group” of Muslims arise and drink the Urine as pure entertainment or pleasure, then they have no idea of its usage protocols. There are also Muslim theologians who have suggested that, during the prophets time, that the Camel urine may have been boiled and sterilized before it can be administered for medical use, what ever the case is, the Camel urine, is only served for a particular medical condition and not to be used as a passed time Beveridge, as the Anti Islamist want to suggest, which is totally false. Disease out breaks occurs, when some Muslims don’t adhere to the correct protocols.

See for example;

They qoute: As of 2020 there is no specific vaccine or treatment for the disease,[3] but a number are being developed.[2] The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that those who come in contact with camels wash their hands and not touch sick camels.[2] They also recommend that camel-based food products be appropriately cooked.[2] Treatments that help with the symptoms and support body functioning may be used.[2] 

The World Health organisation suggests, that “Sick Camels” could be the possible reason, to the transmisson of Disease.

And we see this even in other diseases, like the Sea food market of Wuhan in China, when correct protocols are not put in place in the handling of Sea food, can create disease from animals to humans, but we don’t tell humans they can’t eat sea food, when there is a claim that there is a link between Sea food and Corona Virus .

So the bottom line is this, when correct protocols are implemented, like obtaining urine from “Healthy Camels”, followed by Sterilization, through boiling, and only under strict measures of administering the Urine, due to a specific body ailment, is the correct protocols, anything other then this could cause health issues. And that’s how even Modern day drugs or medicine work, there are so many protocols on how to take medicine, just turn the medicine packet and read the label, such as do not mix medicine and alcohol, or only take 1 tablet a day.  Thus there are also guidelines with Camel Urine, and anytime a guideline is breached is when, the spread of Diseases or problems occur.

Allah knows best.


Violence against Women in Islam, and what about Bible and the West?

Last updated: 4th, Jan. 2022

Wife beating Verse in Sureh 4:34?


Responding to Truth will set you free;

Beating Humans is also endorsed by the West. They just changed the authority from husband and gave that authority to the state. Now the state can use legal proportionate force, to use against even women. And beat them like a dog, using either an open hand, batons and Tasers, if anyone goes against public order.

But alhamdulillah for Islam if your wife gets out of order, then a mild tapping can occur, where the Quranic Scholars such as the Prophets companion known as Ibn Abbas said, this beating should be conducted in a non-violent fashion. Meaning no marks to be left, no bruising, no punching on the face..etc etc. In other words, the (ayah) in the Quran is only meant to be a “symbolic beating” only to express the seriousness of the matter, for extremely foul women. Because even the mildest taps, can insult women. Now compare that “patriarchy” to the ” “patriarchy” you created in your systems, where you have given the power to a state to conduct some of the most brutal beatings, where people have died as a result. And here you are wanting to Question Islam about women beating and human rights.

As Muhammed Hijab would say,” You got destroyed, bro”.

Sureh 4:34 correct interpretation is how the earliest Muslim Scholar ibn Abbas interpreted and understood it. He says ” a beating that is (Non-Violent)”.



Ask yourself now the question what type of beating is non-violent?

Answer: a tap. Like taping extremely (lightly) like taping a drum.

Here I’ll shall show how an Islamic Sheik shows how the (tap)
Is done using the (Miswak lightly where it’s non-violent)

We see from the Quran, in conjunction with the Tafsir: That woman should not be treated “Harshly” except of course if she has cheated on her husband like committing Adultery.


Source: http://m.qtafsir.com/Surah-An-Nisa/Women-Should-not-Be-Treated-wi—

Christian wrote:


My Response:

Ibn abbas are the companion of the prophet. The narrator of many hadiths.

So who would know the Quran better than Prophets companions? The Prophet himself, in multiple Sahi Narrations also spoke about a beating done in a non-violent way. For example, he said,

How does one beat his wife then go to bed with her?

The Prophet (PBUH) also expressed astonishment at the cruelty of certain men when he said: “Could any of you beat his wife as he would beat a slave, and then lie with her in the evening ?” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Narrated Mu’awiyah ibn Haydah: “I said: Apostle of Allah, how should we approach our wives and how should we leave them? He replied: Approach your tilth when or how you will, give her (your wife) food when you take food, clothe when you clothe yourself, do not revile her face, and do not beat her.  (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11, Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Number 2138)

He also said, when one beats. He should avoid the face. And He also said, when one beats it should not leave a mark.

Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet  said, “If one of you were to hit, he should avoid the face…” [Musnad Ahmad]

You can view the narrations here:

So as you can see, Ibn Abbas interpretation is actually “in line” with the many “Sahi Hadith”. That also demonstrates a non-violent beating.

Now answering the Hadith where the Prophet “Struck Ashia his Wife on the Chest: (Listen from minute 9.24)

Also, see this video response:


Jesus Endorsed women to get beaten up”.


Imagine this verse for a moment? If you beat your slave with a baseball bat black and blue, blood all over the place, as long as the Slave doesn’t die, then their is no sin upon you?

And yet these Triniterians want to attack the Quran for the supposed condoning violence?

Seriously what leg do these Christians have to stand upon? The real joke is on them.

Jesus as the God of the Old Testament apparently inspired the verses in the Old Testament. Now even if a Christian asserts they have the New Testament. And the Old law no longer needs to be followed.

Can I say, is that because your God didn’t know about “human rights”? And it took him time to work out what abuse looks like? How are we expect to believe that the Biblical God, is so perfect and ethical that He passed such a law like this in the first place?

I can see why Atheists have a field day of fun with the Christian concept of God.

Finaly let’s now turn our attention to the Secular Western Moral values regarding using violence? No I mean real violence.

But now let’s point the finger at you, What’s the verse in the West? That say’s Police officers can use, Capsicum Spray, Electric stun guns, and Baton to smack protesters who are acting disorderly? Security guards can use proportionate force to evict people acting disorderly.

Isn’t that insensitive towards human beings?

Women beating in Islam vs the West.

Beating Humans is also endorsed by the West. They just changed the authority from husband and gave that authority to the state. Now the state can use legal proportionate force, to use against even women. And beat them like a dog, using either an open hand, batons and Tasers, if anyone goes against public order.

But alhamdulillah for Islam if your wife gets out of order, then a mild tapping can occur, where the Quranic Scholars such as the Prophets companion known as Ibn Abbas said, this beating, should be conducted in a non-violent fashion. Meaning no marks to be left, no bruising, no punching on the face..etc etc. In other words, the (ayah) in the Quran is only meant to be a “symbolic beating” only to express the seriousness of the matter, for extremely foul women. Because even the most mildest taps, can insult a women. Now compare that “patriarchy” to the ” “patriarchy” you created in your own systems, where you have given the power to a state to conduct some of the most brutal beatings, where people have died as a result. And here you are wanting to Question Islam about women beating and human rights.

A Critic Wrote back saying:

The West doesn’t specifically encourage violence towards women. Rather state laws have measures against both sexes.

Secondly, you can legally be sued for violently removing somebody from the premises. What are you talking about?

Yes, some kind of authority is bound to exist because we are not anarchists. But one that gives more freedom and minimal suffering is appreciated in the liberal paradigm.

My counter Response:

For example you said you can be legally sued for forcing and evicting a person.

Um, not exactly. Security guards in Australia for example can place people in legally abiding painful submission holds and force them out of a night club for example. This means they can bend your hand into certain very painful positions known as:
Such as this

This is all legal and part of the law.

Also, Police officers carry tasers and batons. Thats the law. You can’t sue a police officer for using proportionate force.

You then said I believe the Liberal west, does not specifically encourage the beating of women.

Um, that doesn’t matter. It still encourages to hurt both men and women. So the argument still stands.

Also if you watch my video, you can scroll through, where we show that the beating of women in Islam is not meant to be conducted violently. Therefore the Quranic verse is still much better than the Western standard, when it comes to dealing with matters of taking disciplinary measures.


Satanic Verses & Allah is a Deciever? What about the Bible?


Refuting the claim the Qur’anic satanic verses?



After, reading the above link, you can get a real grasp to the events, basically Satan tries to come to the Prophet, to try and confuse him, and Satan tries to reveal false verses to the Prophet, and then Allah jumps in to tell the Prophet those verses are incorrect, and Allah then removes those verses, and then rectifies to the Prophet that Allah never gave the Prophet those verses. Again this remained Privart between Allah and his Prophet, and the Prophet never recited those verses to any of his companions. So in other words, this whole narrative proves the Prophet is a true, Prophet. If He were false, then the narration or the Qur’anic passage would never say, Allah corrected the truth, which proves the Prophet and the Quran was “protected”. Even Samuel Green a Christian Apologist who is a “Author” at the AnsweringIslam website, agrees the Quran, was “Corrected”. In otherwords there was “No satanic verses”, that were left, or made part of the Quran:


So as you can see, the Prophet never walked around preaching the satanic verses, or never said to any companion this is part of the Quran.

It was a very short lived moment, Satan comes tries to deliver the Prophet verses, then Allah quickly intervenes telling the Prophet, I didn’t give you those verses, so then Allah removes those verses, before those verses reach other companions. Christians assume, that the satanic verses were revealed, and then the Prophet narrated them to a companion, then those companions and scribes wrote those verses down, and made it part of the Quran. However none of this is true, and it never got to that point. Allah (swt) quickly removed what was casted in the mind or toung of the Prophet and it was all quickly removed, which proves again that his a True Prophet, and not a false one.

Other Christians bring arguements such as: Satan can play tricks by putting some truth in the Quran?


Its funny how he says Satan put some Truth in the Quran to make you believe its true then added lies to decieve you its true. Well same could be said about your bible. And your Bible says Satan can not say truth or else he will be destroyed. So your got owned by the standard of your bible.

(Mark 3:26) Satan will not work against himself.

Now Quran says (26:210); No evil one has brought down this Revellation.

Hence according to your Bible. If there are satans words in Quran it can’t be, because He will be destroyed according to your Bible. Satan will not work against himself be revealing Truth.  Sure 26:210; declares no evil one brought down the Quran. If these words were Satan’s words, that would mean his working against himself, which the bible declares can’t happen, and Satan would be destroyed!

And here is another “inconsistency”  Christians says it’s very very clear ALLAH = SATAN


Inconsistency much?

Christianities main two figures effected by (Iblis) Satan according to their own Bibles:

St.Paul possessed by demon in inspiration

Jesus possessed by Demon in the Bible

Proof for the devils words in the Bible

Was Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) squeezed by Demon?

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2



Muslim Response to Allah is the “Best Deciever”?



Now evidence the Biblical God can “Be a Deciever”


Christian say’s; Allah is best deciever, and gets Humiliated. After back and forth discussion admits;

Christian say’s in text comment bellow his own God (Yahway) sent Allah to Muslims as (Strong delusion) meaning Deceived the Muslims, when he tries answering: 2 Thessalonians 2:11

So Yahway is Responsible for sending deception and causing people to be “decieved ”




Now let’s see what, strong delusion means according to the English dictionary?


Yep, it means Deception.

So according to Christians there own God (Yahway) sent “Muslims a deception. He decieved Muslims basically, by sending them a False God called Allah?

Yet these Christians accuse Allah for being a Deciever? Yet they agree their own Biblical God sent a false Allah to Muslims?



Refuting Pedophillia Lie of Atheists & Christian claims against the Prophet Muhammed Pbuh.

  • Last updated: 11th, dec 2021.
  • Added an update reference to my conclusion. Due to reading a comment which I shall respond to.

Watch video response: Ali Dawah gives a wonderful Response:

Now watch this:

Also, see:

What about Christianity?

Joseph “90 Years old” married 12-Year-old St.Mary
According to Christian (Historical Record) http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08504a.htm
{ According to the Roman Catholics’ Encyclopedia “New Advent”Mary was as young as 12 when she married 90-year old Joseph. This means that she was around 11 when she got pregnant with Jesus.}

Nabeel Qurashi a Christian Apologist even admits that Mary and Joseph were “Young Children” when they conceived Jesus.


Bible: We also have a clear verse in Bible. KILL women but keep virgins (little) girls to your selves.
Numbers 31:17-18. In this passage of the Bible a priest was given 32 virgin girls as “war booty”.

A Christian called: Christian Prince even admits,  these girls were taken as slaves and after one month time, you can marry them. So after killing their parents in war, you take them as slaves and you can desire to wed them. See:

And then they attack the Quran about wedding children., which is e.

No wonder Christian Priests follow the Bible they are known as the Biggest Pedophiles world widworldwide00 Priests Convicted of Rape just in the U.S.A
Proof: http://bishop-accountability.org/priestdb/PriestDBbylastName-A.html

I believe Allah has Punished the Christians for their slandering of our Prophet so Allah has exposed them. So they are taking their Anger out on Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had many enemies and they claimed many things against him but never of Pedophilia ( astaghfirullah)
It’s unfair to judge people of 1400 years to even as far back as 100 years according to today’s laws and customs, you have to judge them if they were doing something wrong or not, by their laws and customs during their time.

Age of consent was set at Puberty in History:
Age of consent & customs
The Encyclopaedia of Britannica 15th edition volume 26 page 850.
Definition for puberty:
In human physiology, puberty is the stage or period of life when a child transforms into an adult normally capable of procreation

100 years ago for Islamaphobes and ignorant people go read history in “1889 America age of consent 7 to 10 years old in history in the WEST. Clearing the Prophet of going against the laws in history hence clearing Pedophilia.

Under Subtitle History and Social attitudes.

Alexios II Komnenos Byzantine emperor married Anna of France at 8 years old she was born in 1171 married at 1179 died in 1204
Isaac II Angelos Byzantine emperor married Margaret of Hungry (empress) in 1184 when she was only 9 years old she was born in 1175 and died at 1204

Today around the world the average is between 13 and 16
Spain 13 Argentina 13 Austria 13 Bulgaria 14 Germany 14 Italy 14 Portugal 14 Brazil 14 Ecuador 14 Canada 14 and many more. The list is on the link below.

Legislation varies across Europe, with countries setting different legal ages of consent:

  • 14 years old: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal
  • 15: Greece, Poland, Sweden
  • 16: Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia

In the UK the age of sexual consent is 16,

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43300313

So if we look at it with a sound mind; Your ancestors can be classified as a pedophile as well. Your family is born from pedophiles. I am ashamed of you, you are an outcome of pedophilia, Perhaps?

Not to mention throughout history people would get married young because the average life span was short. And it was normal during the customs of that time. Take a look at 1700 to mid-1900.


Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_expectancy

25 years to 35 years was the age expectancy. So this is more proof that people would have gotten married much earlier.

Also, this begs the question if life expectancy was low, then girls developing early to women hood would have been a factor too. Some people ask, would you give your 9-year-old daughter to a 50-year-old man? The answer is, we dont live 200 years ago let alone, 1400 years ago, where girls matured much earlier based on puberty. Just as life expectancy had evolved so could have girls maturing later.

Just 200 years ago, the American constitution had laws that set marriage between 7 and 10 years old. These days it’s not the same, so no I wouldn’t condone 50 years old marrying today’s 9-year-olds. Because we know that, they can hardly be developed as, today things have changed dramatically.

We can see even the age of puberty dramatically changes:


So who can say for sure? Girls didn’t earlier back 1400 years ago, Just as age death expectancy changes and so does puberty, it’s then possible girls and boys developed into women and men much earlier than today’s standard.

Christian Apologist “Sam Shamoun” admits on his Website.
at Answering-Islam.com

Thus, we have a biblical text establishing that the age for marriage begins when a girl has become post-pubescent, i.e. when she has reached a point where she is past puberty. Source:http://www.answering-islam.org/Shamoun/marriage_age.htm

According to experts in the medical field, the average age for the start of puberty starts between 9 and can end at 15 or 16. So this would mean Sam Shamoun is suggesting that after the age of 15 or 16. Then a girl can be wedded. However, if we follow Sam’s explanation there are laws in both Australia or most states in the United States of America that have the legal age set at 18. However, the Bible says “Post- Pubescent which would mean around 15 or 16. That’s still two to three years younger than the legal requirement. So how are we to believe the Bible condone Pedophilia because it would now allow a 30 or 40 or 50-year-old man, to get married to a 15 or 16-year-old? Sam Shamoun now has to accept that a 50-year-old man wedding a 15-year-old is not then defined as Pedophilia because He argues the Bible says, Post-Prebuscent is when she can get married.

Now, this gets more interesting, all though “the average” age for the start and end of puberty can be between 9 and 15. It can even start much earlier depending on which ethnicity or race, or the geographical region you are located in. For example in the African or Hispanic continent, it can start much earlier like age 7 and can take 3 to 4 years of the process of puberty to end. That would mean by age 10 a girl can be Postpubescent!

See here:


Source: https://www.dukehealth.org/blog/when-puberty-too-early

Therefore Sam Shamoun technically accepts that Young marriages to even 10-year-old girls are Biblical!

So again when the Prophet Muhammed consummated his Marriage with Ashia, she could have been 9 years and 11 months old. (i.e) close to 10 years old.

And we know Islamic sources do say, she was 9 when Marriage was consummated. And not 6. At age 6 she was only betrothal  to the Prophet, (a mutual promise or contract for a future marriage) Meaning only worded contract, nothing more than that. There was no sexual intimacy.

So now going back to the Bible and looking at this book for approval of the Prophets Marriage, which is approved Biblically and Scientifically as being PostPrebuscent.

The West knows that the difference between a Child and a Adolescent is Puberty. Ashia (r.a) the Prophets youngest wife after becoming post prebuscent was Married according to the Norm of Society.

Christian Apologist Dr James white reminds Christians not to use the Pedophillia Arguement because, Young Marriages were common back then:
Source: https://youtu.be/wyvPhcsWbzY

Here is the Evidence from History and Present Day!
Age of Marriage was low back then. Western World.

Even in our Modern World 12 Year old Girls.

Read this:
2000 to 2010, the most recent year for which most states were able to provide information. We learned that in 38 states, more than 167,000 children — almost all of them girls, some as young 12 — were married during that period,

Source: 1:


Source 2:


And here, We have the French in Our Modern World reducing the age of sexual consent from 18 to only 15 years old. Source:


Makes you now wonder, how the WEST is confused on the specific age of Sexual consent. Having sexual relations between a 40 year old and a 15 year old, would be considered Rape in the UK, Australia and Most states of the U.S, well not so now in France. But again who gets to call they are “Progressed”? France or the Rest?

Here is another Christian conservative Apologist Milo Yiannopoulos who is Anti-Islamist agrees that” for a 29 year old man to have consensual Sex with a 13 year old who is ready sexually. It is not Pedophillia! He argues. Take a read:

For more details read: Responses to Common Arguement Christians make about Pedophillia read:

According to Journal of Human development reaching Puberty meant becoming a Adult in terms of Giving Consent read:

Note: Young Teenagers in History who went through Puberty were able to give consent according to The Journal of Human development. As the onset of Puberty marked Maturity, Responsibility and Behavior. The link i provided attests to that for why the age of consent coincided with the Age of Puberty.

At the same link here:

Go to the Anti-Islam responses section bellow the page, we deal with all the twisted lies in the hadith that Ashia. Did not reach puberty at 9. Playing with Dolls, Does the Quran allow sex with prebubscent children? Did Abu Bekir Refuse Marriage? Also above the page we deal with the lie that she was only SIX years old. When this is not exactly correct, all though there was marriage age 6, this wasn’t consummated until she was 9. We explain it further here:

See here:



Atheist can not even say from a Scientific perspective that child marriages are wrong or raping people is wrong. Take a listen here; there are no real objective morals in Science.

Again I’m not condoning Child marriages just showing the double standards according to their own Atheist world view.

In the Year 1976 “Taking Nude and Sexualized pictures of a 10 year old Girl in the West.


From the Religion of Love. 10 and 8 years olds in Romania promised Arranged Marriage:

12 Year Old Gives Birth in Australia.
Source: https://thewest.com.au/news/health/12-year-old-girl-gives-birth-in-perth-hospital-report-ng-b881084396z

Of course it’s possibly another Legal Teen pregnancy due to boy & girl friend relationship. Will now hush Our Bogan Culture Under the table?

What about these: 17,000 Pedophiles in Australia?


Should we now say? Pedophilia is Australian Culture?

Rebbuttal section:

The critics write; Muslims follow Pedophile/ Warlord Prophet as the “Best Exemplar”.


The West still has laws in the Modern West that still allow sexual relations on the onset of Puberty. Look at America the age of consent still set at 12 in some states. Prophet has nothing wrong as the best exemplar since he never brock the ruling of young marriages accepted through out history. So yes his still the best exemplar for ALL time. Ashia marriage age was certainly normal and even today U.S laws still have the age of consent as low as 12. Just because your subjective opionion raises it to 18 does not mean who ever disagree is a false exemplar. Its a straw man arguement its like argueing if i change the consent law to age 28, who ever does not full fill this and disagrees and marry’s people who are 18 is the wrong exemplar.

So whos the best exemplar? Puberty at 9 is wrong for sexual maturity. But puberty at 13 is O.K according to West? Teen pregnancy ok as West is best exemplar but marriage to Adolescent is wrong exemplar?

Furthermore even if you like to dispute and say his not the best exmplar due to our current laws. Thats still incoherent because his life was the best exampler through out history. As you are aware his young wife was not the only wife, he had wives that were even older then him, therefore he was still the best exempler as he full filled both pre-modern laws and full filled Modern laws by marrying women whos ages of consent was accepted in the past and future. So to then judge him with todays modern laws proves nothing since he still married older women within even his own life time. Who knows maybe in the future Westerners may drop the age of consent back to Puberty, just like today they still accept teen pregnancies in the West so to try and character assisinate him on today’s subjective laws is quite unfair and illogical. And since when is the West the measuring stick of the best exemplar? The same West that has legal necrophilia, incest, sodomites, even having sex with Animals. You can find these laws legal in parts of Western countries. So no the West is not the measuring stick of what is determined as best Exemplar. For Muslims engaging in these sorts of behaviours such as man on man is the wrong exemplar. Therefore imagine i used my subjective opionion and criticized West for being the wrong exemplar for human kind? See im showing you that its a incoherent arguement to apply a subjective opionion to determin what makes or makes not a good exemplar.


“Your Prophet was a pedophile! He was married to and cohabited with Aisha when she was just nine years old!”

You trolls need to find some new lines. The Prophet, peace be upon him, married Aisha with the blessing and approval of her parents and he was committed to her, took care of her, taught her, and, through his care, she became one of the most knowledgeable and influential scholars of Islam and a leader of the community. This was the kind of marriage practiced by Muslims and Christians and Jews and every other culture and religion for nearly all of human history. Girls were married young by their parents to committed husbands. My own great grandmother was married at 13.

In contrast, the pedophilia pioneered in the modern West, practiced by rich and poor Western perverts alike, involves, among other things, diddling one’s child relatives secretly in closets and dark rooms, orgies with underage girls that are essentially kidnapped, the most evil child pornography, sex rings with thousands of abducted children, where once they have drugged up the children, used them and put them through the most degrading, vile sex acts, passing them around among their friends like broken objects, these children are discarded like trash. Some are killed and never heard of again. This is the pedophilia of the “superior” west that you disgusting trolls want to equate with the noble, pure marriage of the Prophet peace be upon him to our mother, Aisha.

Don’t project the filthy degeneracy found in the “superior” West onto the superior religion.

-Daniel Haqiqatiu

A Critic Wrote: Yes I do know catholic’s also have a problem in Child Molestation but most of them seem to be historic cases, they seem to have got their house in order, We no longer have Grooming Modern day gangs as prolific in the West unlike the Muslim ones.

My Response: Predominately Christian cases are only Historic are they?

Most of the top 5 countries in the World are Predominately Christian countries who have a significant Child Abuse Cases. So Child abuse is part of your filthy non-Muslim Modern day culture, not just history.


South Africa

One child is raped in South Africa every three minutes, according to a 2009 report by trade union Solidarity Helping Hand.

A 2009 survey by the country’s Medical Research Council found that one in four men admits to raping someone, 62% of boys over 11 believe forcing someone to have sex is not an act of violence and a third believe girls enjoy rape, the Independent reported


In its 2013 report India’s Hell Holes: Child Sexual Assault in Juvenile Justice Homes, the Asian Centre for Human Rights said that sexual offences against children in India have reached epidemic proportion.

The report stated that more than 48,000 child rape cases were recorded from 2001 to 2011 and that India saw an increase of 336% of child rape cases from 2001 (2,113 cases) to 2011 (7,112 cases).

“Imagine 48,838 children raped in just 10 years


Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said in 2012 that rape cases against children continued to increase countrywide, according to NewsdeZimbabwe.

“The (rape) cases are on the increase and during the week ending 25 September 2012, the cases rose to 81 from 65 the previous week. Evident from our investigations is the fact that relatives commit most juvenile rape cases,” said Charamba. 30,000 boys and girls sexually abused

United Kingdom

A quarter of a million Britons – more than one in every 200 adults – are paedophiles, according to figures released by Scotland Yard, the Telegraph reported in 2000.

In 2012/13, there were 18,915 sexual crimes against children under 16 recorded in England and Wales, according to the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Included in that figure were 4,171 offences of sexual assault on a female child under 13 and 1,267 offences of sexual assault on under-13 male children.

In the UK, one in 20 children (4.8%) have experienced contact sexual abuse and over 90% of children who experienced sexual abuse, were abused by someone they know, NSPCC said.

A paedophile ring linked to Britain’s worst abuser Robert Smith, arrested in 2005, is ‘still at large’, the Herald reported in 2013.

United States

“Even if the true prevalence of child sexual abuse is not known, most will agree that there will be 500,000 babies born in the US this year that will be sexually abused before they turn 18 if we do not prevent it,” according to the Children Assessment Centre (CAC).

What is more “Shocking is that even in our modern World some states it is legal to Wed girls as young as 12 years old read:

2000 to 2010, the most recent year for which most states were able to provide information. We learned that in 38 states, more than 167,000 children — almost all of them girls, some as young 12 — were married during that period,



BBC-Reports Angel was just 13 years old when she was forced into Marriage in the U.S:

According to the local department of tourism, more than 4.7 million foreigners come to the Philippines each year. Of these, 1.2 million are men who arrive on their own. Most numerous are tourists from Korea, the US, China and Australia. The UK is ninth on the list, closely followed by other European countries.
Freedom to leave children behind?

In conclusion:

We need to understand we live in a Modern new world. Things that were practised in the past, were done in the context of environmental differences from today. 200 to 300 years ago, Marriages to adolescents were accepted even in the West, between ages 7 to 10 years old. Now since then the age of consent has been raised to 14 or 18 depending what part of the Western World you live in.

The reason being in our modern era, girls tend to develop much later. This is part of human evolution. And no, I’m not talking about Darwinian evolution, but rather accepted changes that naturally fluctuate depending on nutrition and environmental circumstances. For example they say, girls and boys who live in hotter climates tend to develop earlier then those who live in colder climates. And so if we accept that these changes can occur, who is to say 1400 years ago the climate was much diffrent and so was the science behind girls developing much younger? So for example todays 15 or 16 year old girl could be equivalent to a 9 or 10 year old back 1400 years ago?

And so based on that, it would be unfair to judge the Prophet based on the age He married Ashia, when she most probably did not look anything like todays 9 year old girls, but rather looked like she was 14 or 16 for the matter.

1400 years ago was awfully a long time ago, and many things may have changed by then. Thus the critics trying to attack the character of the Prophet have no real arguement at all, since they conflate our modern era, to that of very ancient times. For those who dispute and claim there is very little evidence that, biological changes occur or that there is no evidence that girls developed earlier in pre-modern times, well i would ask you to read this article:

So to sum up:

There you will read that even in our modern times, people are going back to maturing earlier based on nutritional factors . So I ask what makes you think it wasn’t possible for girls to mature earlier during the Pre-modern era? If changes are observed today then its also possible changes occurred in ancient times, thus the fact that there is now evidence that biological development fluctuates in our modern times what makes you think it didn’t fluctuates back in the ancient times? If it’s possible now, then it was possible back then, end of story. Also makes me laugh, when a critic claims back in the ancient times there are no records to suggest that girls in ancient times matured earlier. This makes me laugh, because they think almost 1500 to 2000 years ago, there were scientists collecting data from all parts of the globe measuring when girls conclusively went through development. These fools think, that science back then was interested in those findings as if there were hundreds of universities collaborating with one another on such findings, well news flash things of that nature and interests about such topics were very vague and not conclusive and hardly was there investigation as there is like in today’s modern world, they just didn’t have that sort of accessibility, people back then would spend months and years travelling from  one continent to another let alone, attain all the knowledge about human development of the time. Science and Data was hardly even collected for conclusive rulings, so yes it does make me laugh, when todays Modern critic rules out the evidence of early development in girls in pre-modern time, because he thinks there is no evidence. Well the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, all it means is that people didn’t pay attention to collecting data more broadly back then, because of environmental factors, or other circumstances like the development of science. So for these silly critics to dismiss possibilities based on no data, is foolish and ignorant and really arrogant indeed. Because that’s not how things are to be dismissed. Just because there was no data in ancient times about the existence of DNA does not mean that DNA isn’t true is it? Well it is, even if there wasn’t supporting evidence for it in the ancient times. Just as we have supporting evidence today of the existence of human DNA and the genome, we also have evidence of human  development evolving at times maturity comes much later and at times much earlieThisich in of its self also evidence those changes could have occurred much earlier in ancient times.

A Christian wrote;



Clearly this person is a liar. The Prophet did not explain how the rules of the religion made it possible. Rather Abu Bekir hesitation was due to Aisha being already engaged to someone else at the time. And So Abu Bekir didn’t know how to approach this and end it, He later then found it a good idea to help end his daughters engagement to another man who was a member of the Qurashe who were enemies of the Muslims, so infact Abu Bekir thought this was eventually a good idea to end that engagement. Which begs another question, if Islamic rules were there to convince Abu bekir to so those rules favour the Prophet, why was Abu Bekirs daughter already engaged to someone else before the Prophet?

This in itself debunks the accusers, and that young marriages were practised before the Prophet engaged with Abu Bekirs Daughter. This now refutes the notion that the Prophet was like a cult figure trying to introduce a law to suit the Prophet, when there was already customs of young marriages being implemented before the Prophet wish to engage with Aisha R.A.


Shariah Law VS Secular Liberalism



Last updated: 8th Jan, 2022.

By: Mustafa Sahin 


Let’s analyse the difference and it’s impacts…….


Secular Liberal Westerners would say;

“Our ancestors were British, immoral, uncivilized idiots who knew nothing of the world. We are vastly superior to any other time in history!”


A common sentiment you hear today is that humanity has “progressed” beyond the ignorance and ethics of generations before us. Many people have this strange belief that after they were born the world changed for the better — that they were somehow gifted with an ethos and intelligence that rivals the collective IQ of everyone who has since died. Because we now have the Internet, iPhones, and modern medicine we are somehow “better” than the entirety of humanity before our existence.

But this is such a deluded view of reality.

Sure, our technology and science have become more advanced; but is this how we define human existence? Does all of this make us the best example of human achievement and behaviour? I beg to differ.

Send most anyone out into the wilderness without modern tech and they would end up dying in a matter of days. Most children of the past would outperform most contemporary adults in basic modes of survival. Yet, despite such incompetence, we call ourselves superior? Even with our technology and medicines, we have created a system where superficial and unhealthy foods are easier to access than organics — yet, we are superior? Despite having a wealth of information at our fingertips, literacy and comprehension have declined drastically across the world; people know more about their favourite reality TV shows and musicians than they do basic history and science — yet, we are superior? Despite our claims to civility, we still murder each other in horrific ways and wars are waged in such a manner that the vast majority of casualties are civilians — yet, we are superior? At least our ancestors had the excuse of lacking so many of the privileges we claim to possess.

However, what is most egregious about this myth is not the fact that our technological advancements don’t necessarily correspond with our ethical or rational decision making, but that it is such slander of those who came before us. How would civilization have gotten to this point had it not been for the functioning of humanity prior? How could such “brutish”, “immoral”, and “uncivilized idiocy” possibly bring us to this period? Would we not have ceased to exist by this point?

Certainly. But those who favour such a myth are not interested in the details; the nuances of human civilization and the sacrifices our ancestors had to make to get us this far. No, they were all inferior, because we must be superior — we must be special.

If there was ever a field of historical revisionism based on narcissism, our generation would certainly be the exemplar for future generations. Hopefully, they come to realize this. #PleaseReflect

– By Asadullah Ali

Let’s continue, Westerners will heavily boast about how due to Science and technology and modern way of thinking, how the West has modernized from the dark ages, and how it has developed gracefully to a better world under the so-called era of “Enlightenment. And how Religion particularly Islam has not progressed and has left many Muslim nations backwards, they argue Muslims or Islam has failed civilisation as a whole it is because it’s their religion that has kept them that way for many thousands of years. They will argue, religious teachings are detrimental to today’s living standards and has been the root cause of today’s problems. And that Muslims need to give up their religion so that they can progress and become like them.

Well, we have documented a comparison, between the two worlds and the two thoughts and teachings, and when we analyse we shall see, the fruits that are produced between the east and the west. After you have seen a comprehensive basic level analysis between the two, such as Shariah teachings versus those taught under secular liberalism we shall see, exactly which system has contributed to the success and what system has led to being a failure for humankind. Do also consider, all though most Muslim nations do not run on Shariah rule of law,  they overall surprising do much better than the West. We could not imagine how much more it would improve if the law of the land adhered to a Shariah-based system. 


A Westerner mocks Afghanistan for reintroducing segregated Schools between boys and girls.





Modern-day 20th-century deaths caused by Muslims vs Westerners

Shariah Law = Contributed (2 million) killed.

Secular Liberalism   = Contributed (100 million) killed.



Human Rights abusers?

Shariah Law =  See below the two videos a comprehensive Explanation of human rights.

Part 1

Part 2

Secular Liberalism  = Claims to give Human rights. But if this is true, we need an explanation from them. Such as;

– Where is the right to leaking information. [1]
– Where is the right to have dual citizenship.[2]
– Where is the right to wear what you want.[3]
– Where is the right to burn a flag.[4]
– Where is the right to Hate speech.[5]
– Where is the right to Polygamy. [6]
– Where is the right, for religion in Politics.[7]

Should I continue with Liberal intolerance? Or perhaps you still think liberal values make more sense?


In addition an explanation of the Human rights abuses of the Afghani people.

Video 1

Video 2


Muslim Men beating women?





Do visist a debate and counter responses to a ExMuslim on a debate on Human rights:



Also visit: Are Secular Liberal Humanists really peaceful ?



[1] The US indictment accused Assange of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion by helping US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning gain access to privileged information

[2] Under section 44.1 Australian Law. If any member of Parliament holds dual citizenship will be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives. https://time.com/4898990/australia-dual-citizenship-politicians-joyce/

[3] The French ban on face covering (French: LOI n° 2010-1192: Loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l’espace public,[1] “Law of 2010-1192: Act prohibiting concealment of the face in public space”)

[4] Greece, Germany, France & Spain do not allow, the flag or Anthem to be desecrated.

[5] Facebook has long banned hate speech — defined as violent or dehumanizing speech — based on race, gender, sexuality and other protected characteristics.

[6] In Australia, it is a criminal offence to marry a person when already married to another and is called bigamy.

[7] There is a separation between church and state. Generally, Western constitutions are not to be governed under religious law. Secular liberal laws, are above any religious influence and must be upheld as the highest form of authority. (Which means no Freedom for the religious doctrine to influence or mandate modern-day politics).



Shariah Law = Forbids Terrorism. In other words, intentionally going and targeting civilian population, women and children for example. Also note, there are more Terror attacks committed by Non-Muslims in the US than Muslims. For example, Muslim extremist’s who go ahead and commit acts of Terror, only account for 6% of Terrorist Attacks in the U.S

Non-Muslims however account for 90%
Of all the Terrorism cases in the U.S.





Secular Liberalism = All though Secular liberal countries forbid acts of terrorism, many war crimes have been committed by the West, from raping and killing Afgan civilians to Iraqis, and then you have the Bosnian Massacre committed by Western forces and the list goes on. Westerners even justify acts of Terrorism see video:



Shariah Law =Capital Punishment. Has least cases of Murder.

Secular Liberalism = Punishment to lenient. Therefore Has the Highest amount of Murder. Rates compared to Predominantly Muslim Population watch: https://youtu.be/t_gPky76zHc

FREEDOM of expression/Speech:

Shariah Law = Allows freedom of speech with certain boundaries. Except No other Religion being Taught in Mecca or Medina but allows it everywhere else in Addition, Islam allows constructive criticism, and debate and discourse. When it comes to politics under Shariah law, Islam may censor false news and propaganda that is promoted for the west to fight against Muslims. 

Secular Liberalism  = Allows Hate Speech in the U.S( but some western countries Ban hate speech like Race, Anti-Semite or Sexism. Australia, Germany, France and other European countries. They Also Ban, Burka in France and Ban Aspects of Islam law like Azthan from Minarets, also Polygammy recognition.

New Peer review study shows 40% of the Millennials Favour limited free speech:

Also, consider, the West also bans hate speech towards LGBTIQ and censors anti-LGBTIQ statements. Facebook is one mechanism the West censors free speech.  See more here:




Shariah Law= Punished if you were given all resources but still took the option of Evil.
Proof: Cutting hands of theifs

Secular Liberalism   = Very Lenient punishment. Results to the West having the highest level of theft in Society compared to the Muslim World.
Proof: http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Robberies

Social experiment shows Muslim countries are more honest than Western ones. Take a look:



#New statistical updates coming to this section.

Shariah Law= Capital Punishment

Secular Liberalism  = Lost War on Drugs. Because Laws are too lenient.
The war on drugs is Lost.
Tonny Abbot Admits: They can never win the War on Drugs.
Even U.N admits Losing War on Drugs.

See America the images of drugs Horrific 


This bellow Website, sites 5 countries to be the worst most effected globally to drug use.

5 World Countries with the Worst Drug Problems


The top5 listed are;

Iran 🇮🇷 

Afghanistan 🇦🇫 

Russia 🇷🇺 

U.S.A 🇺🇲

Great Britain 🇬🇧 

Now I know what your thinking, why are there two Muslim nations leading the pack?

There is a easy explanation. Firstly Iran is a Shia nation and are not Sunni. And don’t exactly follow Shariah requirements as understood by Sunni Ulamah. As for Afghanistan, that country has been stricken by War and displacement for last 20 years, and Afghanistan was institionalized by Western Values due to U.S invasion to liberalise the nation which may explain the High level of Drug use. Now that the Taliban are just recently back in power in late 2021, we hope to see a significant reduction of drug use since they will most likely apply Shariah rule of law of corporal punishment to stamp out drug Trafficking. This of course will take some time perhaps decades. 


Prostitution & PORNOGRAPHY

Shariah Law= Forbids it. And most Muslim countries make it ” illegal”.



Secular Liberalism= Legal. The Biggest Consumers/Profits by Western Nations. Even their top politicians are watching Pornography at their workplaces http://m.theage.com.au/victoria/former-liberal-adviser-says-pornography-was-distributed-inside-victorian-parliament-20141015-116p64.html

All though you can find articles published like this online, https://www.dnpindia.in/current-affairs/top-10-most-porn-watching-countries-in-the-world-pakistan-on-the-first-position/

Where they assert, that most of the top countries that watch Pornography are Muslims, like Pakistan, Egypt Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc. The publishers of this article seem to be ( Indian publishers ) who are biased towards Pakistan and Muslims, and their sources are questionable of a claimed survey conducted over 11 countries. Again it seems like an outdated survey that most likely has very little authenticity.

It is disputed here: https://propakistani.pk/2015/01/19/pakistan-gets-wrongly-labelled-top-porn-searching-nation-proofs/

I mean even if it were true, one could argue that both Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, are “Secularisized nations” that are non-Shariah-compliant. Nevertheless, there is another study, which is conducted by one of the biggest Porn stations on social media, known as PornHub. And not a single Muslim country is found in the TOP 20.



Ghana is not world’s second-highest porn watching country – Israel Laryea fact checks


In fact according to Western Reports in 2015. Shows more evidence that most “porn searchers, comes again from Non-Muslim nations;




So these two articlcaststs doubts the survey that suggests Muslim nations rank the highest in Porn search when not a single Muslim nation is found in the top20 countries. The claims against Muslim nations topping the most watch list for Porn, Contradicts other Western sources that tell a very different story.



Shariah law  = Forbids its consumption.

Allah has “Spoken the Truth”, about Alcohol

“O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, idolatry, and divining arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handiwork. So avoid that so that you may be successful. Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and prayer. So will you not desist?” (Verses 90 and 91of Surat Surat Al-Ma’idah).

ALCOHOL is classified as Carcinogen – A cancer-causing agent.

Source: https://www.cancervic.org.au/preventing-cancer/limit-alcohol/how-alcohol-causes-cancer



Secular Liberalism = Legal. Caused the Death of 3.3 Million People in 2012


By the way, their education system into drinking in moderation has failed. Because they always have a new wave, of the new generation who like to test the limits, and thus the cycle of damage continues.



Shariah Law= Forbids it. Though some scholar argue it’s permissible before the 6O day period. As the soul has not reached the fetus as understand by Islamic theology.

Secular Liberalism= Legal. Murders more than 1.21 million babies annually. http://www.operationrescue.org/about-abortion/abortions-in-america/


Women and Wealth Entitlement:

Shariah Law= Women in Islam do not have to share their wealth. The husband must provide everything.

Secular Liberalism  = Husband is not obliged to buy anything for Her it’s only optional. He’s not required to buy her house, pay for Rent, Buy her clothing and pay for Her bills or even buy her shopping like groceries.


Shariah Law= We Created men and women equal in Allah’s sight, though Islam understands they have biological differences. And Men and Women can understand they are different, but they can also work their differences harmoniously without trying to live up to man’s and women’s expectations. They each go at their own pace. Islam does believe however in certain gender roles.

We have written a short paper here on Gender roles in Islam outlined:


Secular Liberalism = Believes in Equal Rights but check this out. It seems what they encourage isn’t reflecting in their modern Society:

Also consider: The Term (Feminism) originates from the Western Activists. This Term is Un-Known in the Muslim World due to Female oppression being Low in Muslim World. Most Feminist Movements are located in Western World.

U.S soldier, sexist comment?

American Soldier tells Iraqi soldiers that they are acting like a bunch of women. Due to them being scared and Coward.

See video: https://www.facebook.com/FireourGovernment/videos/415058006628433/

Also note, the West also believes in gender roles. That’s why they will never choose a woman to jump in the boxing ring to fight Mike Tyson. They will always pick a Man to do that.


Nuclear Weapons:

Shariah Law = Forbids its use.
All though Pakistan has Nukes, which is a Democratic constitution. A Real Shariah Law State forbids its use due to breaking Rules of engagement like Innocent lives, cutting down trees and livestock, and poisoning the crops. These are all forbidden in Islamic war protocols.

Secular Liberalism = Legal, Example of use: Hiroshima/Nagasaki 120,000 Dead innocent women children including livestock, poisoned crops and land through depleted uranium causing years of Birth defects for generations to come.


Shariah Law = Forbids it.

Secular Liberalism = Legal. One of the main factors of the Spread of HIV.

Over 690 000 [500 000− 970 000] people died of HIV-related illnesses worldwide just alone  in 2019


Beastiality (Sexual intercourse with Animals:

Shariah Law = forbids it.

Have a read here:




Source: http://www.answering-christianity.com/sex_with_animals_forbidden.htm
Therefore Every Muslim country Forbids it.


Secular Liberalism=  There are still to this very day, Secular liberal countries that Legalize it.


See here, how Ex-Muslims who have become Secular and Liberal endorse Sex with Animals.


Shariah Law = Forbids it: http://islamqa.info/en/84982


Secular Liberalism= all though most Western countries make it illegal, under true Secular Liberal dogma, it is not illegal as it is Freedom of Right to do it. So long as you use Contraception and its consensual agreement. See here:


Shariah Law = Forbidden.

Secular Liberalism= Legal and encouraged. Fornication/Adultery caused the spread of Sexual Transmitted Disease 1 in 6 Females in West Contract STI

The U.S tops the Chart at 126 Million cases.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the more sexual partners a person’s had the less likely the person is to pair-bond (be committed) to a single partner in a long term relationship.

“women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution.”

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/227546156_Premarital_Sex_Premarital_Cohabitation_and_the_Risk_of_Subsequent_Marital_Dissolution_Among_Women

Note, the source is non-Muslim, therefore their understanding of pre-marital courtship is different from that of Muslims.

So yes, you should ask and judge her based on her previous partner count if she is a good potential wife for you.

Also, consider the result of Fornication leads to a great contribution to these stats. Notice there all Non-Muslim nations at the highest;


Watch bellow how Western Secular Media makes the one committing Adultery look like the Victim!



Shariah Law = The only religion that has the phrase “only marry 1” but we can marry 2, 3 or 4 with the condition we act justly between them all.

Secular Liberalism = In the West you can be married and have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  girlfriends on the side there is no law to forbid this act.

In fact: More than 30,000 married Australians are found ‘cheating’ every month:


Furthermore a ExMuslim Atheist liberal, Harris Sultan boasts about having more women then Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)



Interesting that they mock Muslims for heaven with 72 Houri?



Shariah Law = Forbids it.

Secular Liberalism= Legal. In the United States of America since “Interest” is part of their economy the U.S financial system is under a Debt of 21 Trillion+ Dollars which faced Debt Crises. http://www.usgovernmentdebt.us/

See also this video, how Interest has ruined nations 



“Riches” and Wealth.

Shariah Law = Islam continuesly encourages to donate your Wealth. Islam is favoured by Allah when it comes to Wealth. But has also cursed some nations by Wealth as to Test them.

Secular Liberalism =

They write;



You say, so many Islamic countries are poor. That may be true, but 5 out of the 25 richest countries in the world happen to be Muslim. With the highest ranking GDP.



That said, most Muslim countries GDP is pretty much the standard of majority of the Western countries:


I know what a Western will say, they will say the reason why Muslim countries top the GDP is because of all that oil, and not because of their hard work.

Well, my response would be, it just shows how Allah blessed those Muslims, and they didn’t even have to work for it as a Dog.

Is it to know wonder that most of the biggest volumes of rich natural resources are found in the middle east? Is that just a coincidence or divine intervention?

Even President Donald Trump advocating looting the oil. Take a listen;

Also, consider most Western countries did a lot of bad deeds to get where they did, besides the industrial revolution. Take for example how Brittian looted over 45 trillion Dollars from India.

Much more looting by the West could be mentioned, how they looted blood diamonds out of Africa.


And how the West invaded almost the whole globe, from the West to the East. Like South Africa, India, Australia to America where it reaped from all its natural resources, and then to add insult to injury took slaves out of Africa to work forcefully and build the West.

But yeh, please go on and tell us more about how the Western world is so rich compared to the Muslim nations.

Also, consider all though Western countries are rich, they also have the biggest debt out of any other nation. See the next post below. Also, his Mikes comment about Muslims giving charity to religious institutions, instead of using the money to help the poor. This comment is stupid, because when Muslims donate money to their religious organisations, that money is used to help the poor people as most of those funds go to help projects such as building orphanage homes, and water wells in Africa so people can have access to clean water, including the donations to help the poor with food. See our post under “Charity and Donations” it’s Religious people who donate more money to the poor than those who call themselves Atheists who appeal to secular liberalism.



A country with the most Debt:

Shariah Law = Encourages not to get into financial debts and Forbids things like loans that have “interest”. And so when we look at the World debt Crises, the Muslim nations are doing much better. 

Secular Liberalism= Non-Muslim countries have the worst record in the “debt” department take a look at the top countries:




Charity and Donation’s.

Shariah Law = Compulsory if you’re able. Known as Zakah. Hence a Solution to End World Poverty.

Secular Liberalism= Not compulsory rather Optional even if you are a Billionaire. Hence has contributed to World Poverty. The Poor give more money to Charity then the Rich a study finds. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5937100

Religious people are more Generous another study finds. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/10885180/Religion-makes-people-more-generous.html

Interesting how secular liberalism shuns organized Religion right?


Biggest Polluters in the World:

Shariah Law = Not the biggest Pollution.

Secular Liberalism = Australia & U.S.A biggest Pollutionists http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2009-09-11/australians-the-worlds-worst-polluters/1425986

Slavery and Sex Slavery (Rape):

Shariah Law = Forbids Colonial Style Slavery the Quran came to overall encourage to free the Slaves. Do listen to response here. We also show how Sexual Slavery was condoned in the Bible:


Secular Liberalism = Will often quote Dubai as Slavery like Work Conditions, However, let’s look at Secular Europe where Human Prostitution Slave Trafficking still Exists and Secular World Australia Has been Exposed on Modern Day Slavery:


The West has never abolished Slavery. They have just renamed it;




Also Sex slavery in Islam refuted here:


In the above video: Brother Daniel sites Western academia to show why Sexual Slavery was practised against the enemy combatants in order to grow numbers, otherwise if they didn’t this could wipe their own extinction. 

So for example why the Taliban:

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