Stoning to death those commiting Adultery, and lashing.

Stoning to death those commiting Adultery, and lashing

By: Asadullah Ali


The punishments required in Islam for certain crimes are often considered “barbaric” by non-Muslims and liberal Muslims alike. However, I believe this is due primarily to a misunderstanding of what the punishments entail and what exactly is being punished.

For example, many consider the punishments for adultery to be extremely harsh (i.e. lashing and stoning), but what many people don’t understand is that adultery is not the thing that is actually punished — rather it’s the public display of adultery. This is why four witnesses are required; especially since Islam prohibits entering someone’s private property without permission.

In other words, for such a punishment to be enacted, you’d literally have to have illegal sexual intercourse in a public place (enough so that you’d be noticed in full detail by four people).

Now, there are those who will argue that even with such a clarification, the punishments are still “too harsh”. Why lash an unmarried couple for public displays of fornication? Why stone a married person for the same? Why not just fine them or jail them for a short amount of time?

But these questions display a lack of moral integrity and virtue when it comes to the issue of public displays of adultery. We are not just talking about the act of illegal intercourse here, but two people having the audacity to make it public — an open rebellion against the very foundations of society itself (i.e. the family). It is not some innocuous performance done out of ignorance, but a willing protest against all moral decency.

And it’s far worse when a married person does it. Not only are they spitting on the institution of marriage itself, but spitting in the face of their own family and children. Adultery is already such a heinous crime that one wonders why someone would have the gall to advertise it to the world. Even murderers and thieves try not to be as conspicuous.

Hence why the punishments are so harsh, because the very act that is being punished is so extreme — almost inconceivable.

Thus, I think there is a no more fitting statement than “they were asking for it”, because when you don’t even bother to hide such an indecency then you are literally asking for whatever punishment exist — no matter whether you perceive it as lenient or harsh.

At that point, neither of these categories matter, because you have agreed to the punishment by virtue of your behavior.

By- Asadullah Ali


Also, consider the West has many forms of physical discipline, such as using electric shock stun guns, police buttons, to punish those not conforming with the law.



Extra Rebuttal info:

Critic wrote:

“what many people don’t understand is that adultery is not the thing that is actually punished — rather it’s the public display of adultery.”

So suppose a case in which a man and a woman(both married) is proven to have commited adultery through medical tests, but at the same time it is discovered that they did so in private, behind closed doors. Will they be spared or have to face the punishment?

Muslim – Response:

Because they have agreed to take a medical test, that in its self is an agreement to somthing similiar to “Self confession”.

Therefore, it was their will to be transparent about it, thus they didnt keep it secret, therefore its the same as doing it in public display for why they get punished.

There was a case like this similiar when a Women came to the prophet and gave a self confession and wanted the hadd punishment, the Prophet turned her away three times, but she still insisted because she didnt wish an afterlife punishment which was worse than a worldy one.

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