Latest information on Biblical Preservation

Last updated: 4th, Jan. 2022

Christian Scholars and Apologist admit Error’s in the Bible.

Bart Ehrman VS Wallace, see how Dr Ehrman proves the Bible can’t be trusted to another Scholar

Does the Errors in the Bible in Textural criticism effect the central or essential message or doctrine in Christianity?

Can Textural Criticism correct the Bible to affirm a true Preservation?

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Who wrote the Gospel of Mark?

Who wrote the Gospel of Mathew?

Testing the Historocity of the Gospel of Luke:

Who wrote the Gospel of John:

Testing the Historicity of the 4 Gospels

Is the Bible better attested then the Quran?


The Lost and Missing Early Gospels:


Contradictions and Errors in the Bible, can the Four Gospels historically realiable?


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