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Did Islam Spread by the Sword. What about Christianity and the West spreading by the Sword?

I just wanted to mention that if any system is oppresive upon humans, it has to be toppled down to maintain peace on earth. When some non-muslim commander (I guess Roman) asked Khaled bin Waleed, what do you want exactly, ” He said something like this, ”we want to free mankind from the slavery of mankind, take them from the cluthces of human dictators towards the protection of Allah”.

Here is the actual story, it is Rabi bin Amir not Khalid bin Waleed:

Prior to the historical battle of Qadissiyya, Saad bin Abi Waqqas(RA) sent Rabi’ bin Aamir(RA) to the Persian Emperor Rustam.

While Rustam was seated on a gold throne and besides him pillows and cushions laced with gold thread, Rabi'(RA) was approaching him on a horse with his hand on a sword in a scabbard made of shaggy cloth, and his spear was bound with a strap of sinew.

Rabi bin Aamir(RA) moved forward, trampling over the precious carpet in the tent of Rustam with the hooves of his horse.

He dismounted and tied his horse to the edges of two cushions. Refusing the orders of Iranian soldiers to handover his sword, Rabi’ (RA) moved forward in a stately manner. He walked with short steps, leaning on his spear, piercing the carpet. When he came close to Rustam, he sat down on the floor, cross-legged and plunged his spear into the carpet. Rabi'(RA) said, “We will not sit on this finery of yours.”

This shows that he was not intimidated by this kingly pomp and lifestyle of the Persians.

Rustam asked him : “Why have you come here with your armies?”

Rabi’ bin Amir(RA) replied:

“Allah has sent and brought us here to extricate those, who so desire, from their servitude to men and make them servants of Allah; and to remove His servants from the constrictions of this world and show them the spacious path to the Hereafter. We are also here to extricate people from the cruelty of the false religions and bestow on them the justice of Islam. He has sent us to bring His religion to His creatures and to invite them to Islam.”

These words of Rabi(RA) is the reason why Mujahideen are engaging in Jihad Fee Sabeelillah throughout the world.

In addition:

Islamic history nor western foreign policy is not a basis for correctly understanding offensive jihad. It has nothing to do with proselytising or implementing NGO policy

The basis are the legislative texts of Islam that address jihad. The classical scholars differed on the sabab (cause) of jihad, majority said it was the existence of oppression others said the existence of rule of kufr. This difference had little impact on offensive jihad since Kufr is also Oppression (dhulum) but today some sections of the Ummah seek to pacify or use euphemism and call offensive Jihad, a “pre-emptive Jihad”?!

The essence of offensive jihad is to remove Kufr and Oppression and Implement Islam and Justice on the land. To make the word of Allah the highest. It follows a three stage method. The fighting (qital) part, is not against the people, it is only removing the material obstacles in the way of the dawah to the people.


The West deep down actually “Supported the failed Coup attempt at Murdering President Receb Tayip Erdogan, to forcefully remove him out of Office, so they can reinstate, someone who rules more secular than rather someone like Erdogan who rules a bit more from a Islamic stand point.

I remember the day, how most of the Western Media were so dissapointed that the coup failed, and how their offensive Jihad, was foiled.

Yep as the saying goes; If you dont accept Secular Democracy. We will come and bomb your nation, so it accepts our Secular democracy.


Secularism spreads by the sword:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

See how this ExMuslim got exposed on the West spreading human rights by force to Afghanistan

See also Secular liberalism the way it spread to Algeria under the French occupation:

See also how the Bush administration spread Christianity by force to Iraq

A Mormon United States Senator, Mr. Gordon Smith admits in a leaked video that he voted in favour of the Iraq war so that the Mormon Church could send its missionaries to convert Iraqis and to establish Mormon Churches in Iraq.

“Our missionaries always follow in the footsteps of American soldiers.”


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