Why are Muslims building Mosques in the West?

By: Mustafa Sahin


Amir Persian posted a comment objecting to Muslims building Mosques in Australia, under this link:






Don’t go Crazy on you? Sure Amir I can easily take that task on, the country of Australia. Belonged to the indigenous culture and they weren’t Christian. Yet the Christians came here, they didn’t exactly leave their churches behind, did they? So I ask if the Christians can migrate to other lands to build their places of worship and spread their religion to other lands and took over a different culture, why are you getting upset if Muslims bring their religion and culture here? Why the double standards. This country is democratic, and under its jurisdiction it allows, religious freedoms. So maybe you should spend a bit more time understanding our own laws. What Muslims are doing is exactly inline with our constitutional rights. If you are objecting to Islamic rights in this country, then I suggest you need to go complain to the local Government, instead of complaining here. This country is not yours, its every other citizens, and you are not the sole owners, the real owners of these lands are the indigenous people of this country. Western nations don’t like the way we dress, yet they had no problem coming to predominantly Muslim lands and building churches there too, like 49 Muslim countries have Christian churches. I wonder do you complain about those? Just because we may not agree to Western dress codes, it doesn’t mean we can not live side by side in disagreement. Even having a disagreement, is part of your constitutional right, and “freedom of expression”. That’s another lesson for you. In fact our Governments have opposition parties that disagree on a lot of things, have you ever watched a “Parliamentary Debate”?
Do you agree to the Muslim culture? Do you even agree to Muslim cultures over in the Muslims lands? Of course you don’t. And do you let them be? Of course not, You do petitions and demand our Western governments to “secularize the Muslim countries, and when they disagree we usually bomb them back to the stone age” so give me a break about ” islamization” when every single day, we are trying to enforce Secularism to the rest of the Muslim World.
And I kinda find it quite ironic, that you talk about some Muslim countries, being oppressive and not giving Muslims their human rights, and yet when we come to a land that may give us rights that some Muslim countries don’t, you still complain and want to be like those Muslim countries and you too, wish to want to take those rights from Us, I ask are you for freedoms or are you just like the ones you accuse? So I ask, who is “THE TWO FACE? Well let’s talk about being “Hypocrtical and TWO FACE, I bet you would be the first one crying about a Muslim nation impinging against basic human rights, if a Christian or Buddhist, or a Jew, was descriminated against for their religion in a Muslim land, because they had their religious right taken away from them, and yet on the same token, you wish to take religious rights away from Muslim living in the West, so who is the Hyporctite may I ask? And who is the TWO FACE?

Enough said.




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