Freedom of Speech? Islamic Intolerance. What about Christianity/West?

Last Updated: 23rd June. 2021

Does Islam allow Free Speech, what about the West.?

By: Mustafa Sahin

Read the response:

Western Double standards on Free Speech

Yasir Qadhi :

Alsit’sts interesting that, YouTube does censorship of my video response to Ayaan Hersi Ali:


Where freedom of rights, to tolerate a Muslim Response? Notice folks, my video was shut down and flagged. What happened to toleration and to agree to disagree? Is YouTube a Muslim organization, Created by a Muslim? No! This is a Western platform that is supposed to believe in Western Liberal values, yet hypocritically removes content that is not in agreement with Western political correctness. So where are all those Western Free thinking liberals who attack Islamic countries for censorship while they are the ones, who close down videos that expose and Criticise the West?

CHRISTIANITY: Freedom of Speech?

Women in the Bible do not have “Freedom of Speech to preach in a Church. They must remain “Silent” according to the New Testament.

Not only did Jesus of the New Testament forbid Freedom of Speech to women but we also read in the Old Testament, a story in which Jesus used bears to “kill children” for Insulting a Prophet. Christian’s say, Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, so let’s read:

Yahwah(Jesus) killed 42 children using wild bears for insulting a Prophet by calling him “Bald Head”;

23 He went up from there to Bethel, and while he was going up on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” 24 And he turned around, and when he saw them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. And two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys. 25 From there he went on to Mount Carmel, and from there he returned to Samaria.

Bible (2 kings 2:23-25)

Why did Jesus the same God as the O.T, kill 42 children simply for teasing a Prophet? Seems like freedom of expression is not tolerated by both the O.T and the N.T.

In the above passage, we clearly see a Prophet being insulted, and then the Prophet curses these children, then Jesus who is in heaven, gets annoyed by this “insult” so Jesus then “sends” bears to tare apart these Children. So what was the crime? It was Freedom of expression.

And I find it incredibly hypocritical, that Christian missionaries want to mock Jihadist for beheading those who insult Islam, and yet their very own scripture shows, Jesus uses bears to mutilate children or young youths, for insulting one of God’s Prophets.

If Jesus was here today, He would be arrested under secular liberal values, for condoning and conspiring to the death of not 1 but 42 youth children. And if a Christian says, that was the “Old Testament”?

I would argue, I’m sorry saying it’s “The old testament” doesn’t make the “crime go away”.

Oh, and the irony when a Christian wants to talk about “Islamic Intolerance”!

It gets more interesting, you get Christians like David Wood, who uploads a video, showing how a Tunisian Girl, was arrested for insulting the Quran in Tunisia, pay attention to the comment from (Teto Omda).


Who writes; the Religion that doesn’t accept to be freely criticized is a false religion!

Over (840 people) Predominately  Christians “liked” the comment.

So the question remains, is Christianity also a “false Religion” for killing children for criticizing a Prophet, who is a member of Jesus Religion (2 kings 2:23-25)

Also, I am not an advocate of suppressing Freedom, to critic and Question a religion, in good faith, of course, I don’t like the bullying mentality, or teasing mentality, which is not good for any peaceful and meaningful dialogue, though in saying that, I believe that Western Media should be banned in Muslim countries, and here are my reasons.

Western Media should be “Banned” from operating in ALL Muslim Countries.

I know what the Islamic critic is thinking. Here we go, perfect evidence of a Muslim Fundermantlist impinging on “freedom  of the press”

Believe Me, the West is not there, to report truths. Western Media has a biased record of reporting half-truths. And in doing so, causes more evil than good. We know this because of the countless Anti-Islamic material it publishes compared to the positive ones that are very extremely rare. And in doing so, continues to demonize the broader predominantly Muslim nations. There is no such thing as, Western Media being Neutral” and Unbiased Reporting. How can they claim such a thing and lie to you, when the facts are, they are openly biased against Islamic culture and Islamic Principals? Most WARS are caused by biased generalism. What they do is, they will either twist the words of Muslim Political leaders, make them look like Monsters, Tyrant Dictators, and then they put their Focus and energy on human right abuses, make it look larger problem than it is, and most of the time, report on isolated cases, and make the government held responsible, because the media interviews a victim, then becomes the arbitrator and Judge, without taking the matter to court, thus trying ever so, to tarnish a System of Government. Just look how Amnesty International operates. That’s how they do it.

And let’s be frank, we know that even Westerners themselves, demand Western Media platforms to get shut down if those Media platforms speak positive or give a voice to Muslim intellectuals to help combat and speak against Islamaphobia. The Australian Government, broadcasting show ABC was threatened by the Australian government that it will be cut from funding if it continues to invite on there show, Muslim activists, highlighting that Wars, create Terrorism. Also Far-right activists also threatened the ABC, for being sympathetic to those who advocate Islam in Australia. And thus the ABC broadcaster was forced to not promote anything positive about Islam, or to promote any Muslim speaking critical about Government foreign policies in the middle east. We have seen this with a personality like Yasmin Abdul Majeed, who would regularly appear on the ABC Q&A Program defending islam and responding to Islamaphobia, this was however cut short, after many boycotts levelled at the ABC, for broadcasting positive news about Muslims.

With that in mind, do not ever be fooled, with the Western claim of “Free Press” or “Freedom of Rights” or Freedom to report without bias. Their always be unfair treatment, and their alwayse be media biased enforced by Government run, media organizations. And by the way, even the “Independent” News Corps, are not free from biases, so just because your independent does not mean you don’t have an agenda, in fact we all do. And since that is the case, then it is fair to say, if Western countries can’t put pressure on not to tolerate or allow, Muslims to freely promote their point of view on Western Media platforms, then I say, Islamic countries should also do the same, and stop Western news agencies, from trying to influence public opinion in biased reportings of those Muslims lands, in addition trying to tarnish the reputation of Muslim leaders. Like every Western country, Muslim countries also have their own Media network which can report, and we don’t need Western News agency to report for Us.

Here is also a example how Western governments shut down Media of Muslims countries 

  1. https://www.france24.com/en/asia-pacific/20210623-us-blocks-websites-linked-to-iranian-government

Of course a Westerner would say if we don’t allow Western Media platforms in, then how will we get the truth, how will we bring justice to Tyranical leaders? I would argue, let every country deal with their own affairs, I honestly would not have an issue of Western analysts coming in to investigate issues, however they have shown a great awful track record, of dishonest reporting. Therefore they are the least credible source to report on matters and help bring people to justice, when their core belief, is to destroy Islamic civilizationtion especially if that country is run on Islamic convertism, they will do anything in their power to ridicule a system they, don’t agree with and wish to impose Secularism to that nation, so how can there be any good from these people, when they have “Evil” intentions to eradicate Islam or Islamic authoritative principals.

Until the West can accept for Islam to remain and live side by side with Foreign Secular Ideology, and until you remove your thoughts about eradicating Islam, and forcing them to adopt Western Liberalism. Then there is no way, any Muslim nation should allow, Western Media to operate freely on the Muslim lands, “Spying” for Western national interests. Because let’s face it, that’s exactly what they are, Modern day Spys, acting as a free press. They are not “Free Press” rather they are a “Propaganda machine”, created to demonize Islam and Muslims, so the whole globe turns against them. We have seen how the Western Press operates in Israel and how inhumane it treats Palestinian People, and how it makes the Zionists look like the “victims” of the conflict, which then had resulted in the ongoing slaughter of defenceless Muslims. Much more can be said, on that point.

It is also interesting to note, if you quote a source of reference from Islamic run media outlets, a Westerner especially someone critical of Islam or Muslims, will reject the report based on one of it being Islamically affiliated, and demand only a Western paper. So again I ask, if that is a Western method of attaining truths to shun aside Muslim reporting, then why is it wrong for a Muslim to reject or ban Western Reporting?

“Western Media incredibly is extremely cunning, it has a real treacherous face”

For instance, to manipulate minds, they try and play how they are fair, just and Unbiased, so basically throughout the year, they will report hundreds of articles to display 99.9% “Negative News about some random Muslim” then show then a handful of good things or say positive things about Muslims. That way it undermines its audience making the reader assume it’s “Neutral and Unbiased” when in reality it’s bombarding 24/7 Negative things about Muslims, then slipping in something positive once in a while, “tricking the audience that its a fair and just platform, when this is far from the truth.

Also note, it gets interesting when those on the right jump on the Donald Trumps bandwagon that Western News is “Fake News” but Muslim points that out, how dare they!

Let’s see more “Intolerance” this is ARVI Yemeni:

He can an active Islamaphobe that constantly gets arrested by Police for his Freedom of Speech.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3146807845401522&id=424135517668782

A additional point:

A common arguement is made by Westerners, that Islam impinges on the human rights of ExMuslims. It shuts down their freedom to criticise Islam. It closes down their social network platforms. This oppression can not go on, as they so often argue.

But let me explain to you now the double standard of this narrative. Why does the West closed down and revoke the licenses of Anti-Vax medical doctors, see:


Now a Westerner would argue, this is a good thing the government is doing. It is shutting down Doctors who spread misinformation about Covid-19. And if the Government allowed these Doctors to spread misinformation this can hinder people from getting vaccinated which can endander all of our lives against this deadly virus.

Now according to the same logic, i can then argue, its a good thing that Shariah governents close down the social media accounts of ExMuslims spreading mis-information about Islam, where it hinders people away from Islam, as a result people end up going to Hell because of the distorted misinformation spread in order to keep people away from Islam which in reality is their (cure) to salvation. And because Islam cares about peoples salvation it stops these exmuslims from trying to mislead people to afterlife destruction.



Muslims can not take Unbelievers as Friends? Let’s respond;

See this article where Christians are forbidden to allow the preaching of the Quran:


Finaly read here where you can see “Free Speech to insult someone’s religion is even a Crime in the West!

See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/909294505794899/permalink/3562189300505393/

Also see:

Alot of enlightened so called Muslims want an end to blasphemy laws.
However, all countries has blasphemy laws. Including countries that follow secular/atheist theocracy. (Yes, they are just another religion.)

Here is an example of a person punished for blasphemy in a secular theocracy

Go ahead now Westerners tell us how you keep mocking Islam and Muslims for not tolerating freedoms and yet your folks are still imprisoning people for burning gay pride flags.


Let’s read about more double standards here:


A man drawring ideas” under freedom of Expression” is being prosecuted!

Proof: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/quenelle-comedian-dieudonn-mbala-mbala-may-face-prosecution-over-sketch-about-isis-executions-9715518.html

Australian News Paper forced to Remove Cartoons about Gaza showing Anti-Semetism. Note: (Nothing to do with the Holocaust)

Muslim French woman banned from wearing head covering.

President Holanda under freedom of expression banned the performance of a Commedian Diebonnda for Anti-Sematics

French rapper is prosecuted in court for calling “France a Slut” and insulting Napolion.

French Cartoonist on trial for Anti-Semetism

Rupert Murdock  Apologizes to Netenyahu for publishing Anti-Semetic Cartoons about him.( Nothing to do with Race or Holocaust.)


Mike Carlton forced to Resign after making anti-Semetic comments

No outrage for Palestinian Cartoonist who is arrested and Jailed in Isreal.

French court bans Religion  Advertisement http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4337031.stm

Muslim Man Arrested for hate Speech

More double standards you can make Fun of the Prophet of Islam but not about the Holocaust
The Medias Double Standards Towards Islam & Musli…: http://youtu.be/1Jb1YTbA8yU

Check this out the British Government tries to put laws restricting Boycotting Israel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=

French Police interrogated Muslim for denying the Armenian Genocide Claim


sky news banned for having a different opinion on Covid-19



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