Christian Prince Errors & Lies Exposed by Br.Farid


Over 100 lies & Errors of Christian Prince. Exposed by Br. Farid

Introduction video:

Br. Farid and Muhammed Hijab, discuss, CP.

CP fans admit, He is dishonest and a Liar.

CP. Lies #1-4

CP Lies. #5-6 ( Mohammed and Khatice)

CP on Slavery the double standard

CP, Doesn’t know what Christ Means (Zakir Hussain)

CP, 3 times. Lies #7-9

CP about Fornicating with Children. Lies #10-14

CP, to doubting Muslim. Lies #15-16

CP reads the Quran

CP God is a rooster. Lies #17

CP about Idol, named Ahad. Lies #18

CP verse about farting. Lies #19-22

CP, denies asking for money. Lies #23

CP, prophet stole bekeni Lies. #24-27

CP Tries to prove Trinity in Islam

CP lies 11 times in 1 minute. Lies #28-38

CP the moon eclipse was the Moon split. Lies #39-41

CP the Prophets name is sperm hyena. Lies #42-49

CP Nudity around the Kabbah. Lies #50-53

CP hangs up call. Busted. Lies #54-56

CP tricks a man out of Islam. Lies#57-59

CP, on Forign Policy in the Seerah. Lies #60-62

CP, busted on Satanic verses. Lies #63-66

CP hangs up phone, says Muslim hangs up. Lies #67

CP hates Everyone

CP Allah prayes. Lies #68-70

CP the Geologist. Lies #71

CP, Arabs put penis in Black Stone. Lies #72 -73

CP All Muslim say Allah is Physical. Lies #74

CP response to Farid “big mistake”

CP alwayse Wins.

CP and Panties. Lies #75-82

CP on Zaid and Zaynab. Lies #83

CP lies about Jesus. Lies #84

CP lies Bukhari is a companion. Lies #85

CP on Omar and the Black Stone. Lies #86-89

CP, Umar changed prayer direction. Lies #90-94

CP, busted by Azhar Sheik. Lies #95-98

CP fails to read (In the name of God). Lies #99

CP, season finale. Lies #100

CP Epilogue. Lies#101

CP attempts to Challenge Farid to Debate.

CP attempts to Respond to. Lie #1

CP, this video will turn CP into Joke

CP, Epilogue 2. Lies #102-107

CP, Farid vs Christian Prince (2017 old debate)

Christian Prince book review

This Video will end Christian Prince Credibility Forever

CP, challenged Me to refute this.

“Public Apology” to CP

Farid asks CP fans, if CP is a Liar

CP, Prophet had no children. Lies #110

CP, does’nt makes no sense.

CP, Imam Murrah Exists!

CP, teaches Me about Ghusul

CP, sex with children in Bible

Diffrence Between Farid and CP

Reaction to a CP video response

CP, attempts to defend himself 11 lies.

How CP got Afzal to leave Islam for Christianity

Does CP bring fake Muslims to his show?

CP does Fake Debate with DR Sabeel

Sam Shamoun claims Christian Prince is his “teacher” Yet Sam Shamoun admits CP books are written poorly in a way where it’s not intelligible, meaning it’s not understandable.

Conclusion: Between Christian Prince and Farid.

Also see, Investigating CP Islamic Scholarship Credentials


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