Jesus of the Bible will Torture Ex-Christian Apostates.

By: Mustafa Sahin

It’s pretty straightforward, all Christians believe, Jesus will come back and judge. (See: John 5:22)

His Judgement will include, sending disbelievers which include Apostates since an Apostate is a disbeliever (See: Rev 21:8), to the lake of fire, which the Bibles calls the second death a place of separation from God.

The Bible also indicates to us this place is literal fire and a literal physical punishment of the new Spiritualized body that will “feel agony”

See Christian Fatwah (commentary) “New Bodies feel pain”:

Source: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/gotquestions.org/amp/bodies-hell.html

See also Christian Apologist Matt Slick who argues the lake of fire is both literal and everlasting and Eternal.


Matt Slick also shows the Bible, describing hell to not just be spiritual torture but physical. Read his “conclusion”.

Here: https://carm.org/christianity/what-is-hell/

So what we see is, All though Islam may prescribe to kill apostates on this earth. We see Christianity teaches Jesus will return and torture infidels/Apostates in an everlasting agony which is eternal punishment for rejecting Christ. This includes Infidels, Disbelievers, Ex-Christian, and the like in the Next life will face immense punishment’s.

What is interesting is that Jesus will not act alone. But also get his disciples to judge the 12 tribes of Israel, and help Jesus decide who gets the Execution.
(See Luke 22:30)

So both Jesus and the Disciples will cast infidels and Apostates to hell. So much for the Christian assertion, Islam is barbaric for killing Apostates who leave Islam.

Some Christian Apologists argue, that Islam is still different since it beheads those who leave the faith. However, I would argue, it’s equally worse if you put them in hell and torture them into eternal agony and pain. It’s like having to ask the executioner if you would like the Sword or the Fire? you take your pick.

Some Christians say that Jesus put to death Apostates is not a real style execution death it’s just a separation from God to Hades (Hell) where they will be separated from God. However this is not entirely correct we posted above in the article, that this place of separation is eternal, it has pain and suffering. And of course, God will be separated since God is not in a place called hell, thus the separation thus a type of execution, if they don’t die it’s worse since it everlasting hence eternal suffering, if they do, however, ” die” and their life does not continue it’s still an execution no matter which way you look at it.

Some Christian’s argue Muslims compare Earthly Islam Individual punishment to God sending people to hell? However this argument also has no value, since the basic point of our argument is the fact that Jesus will punish apostates not only by himself, it includes his disciples carrying it out since they will also judge see (Luke 22:30) So if Muslims are accused of punishing or carrying out God’s punishment then what about the disciples of Jesus whom will help carry out the work of Jesus?

Furthermore, there is no real difference between prescribing God’s punishment on this earth or the next, that would be as though assuming Punishing Apostates on planet Neptune that is wrong, but executing them on Mars is fine? It’s that absurd of an Argument to assert there is a huge difference, killing or torturing apostates is all the same no matter where it is, here(Earth) or there( Hereafter).

Besides I thought Christians believed Jesus will come back to this earth ( Luke 19:27) to carry judgement?

Nevertheless, Jesus and his disciples will kill or perhaps to the least torture and punish Apostates. Period.


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