Does the Quran approve the Bible? Vs Does Christians approve the Bible?

Last Update: 2nd June 2022

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By: Mustafa Sahin

Christian missionaries use several Quranic verses like (Sureh 2:87, 5:46, 3:3, 10:64) and other similar verses, to prove that the Bible can not be corrupted. They misinterpret the verses of the Quran and Hadith to show that the Gospel is truth and light and guide for humanity whereas Muslims are even requested to Judge by it. They even claim the Islamic sources speak about Biblical Preservation.

These misinterpreted verses have been refuted here;


But here are some useful points to counter their arguments and expose how this arguement can be used against them.

Point 1: Muslims don’t claim  Everything in the bible is distorted.

No Muslim who understands the Quran or Hadith claim everything within of the Previous Scripture (i.e) verses of both the Old Testament or the New Testament is altered or corrupted. The Muslim & Quranic/Hadith position is like that of the Christians concerning the Bible. Christians themselves believe there are “Un-Authentic” narrations or verses among the many ” Truthful Statements” in the Bible. So for example, Christian Apologists like Dr James White and David Wood and many other more prominent Biblical Scholars agree that there are ” Un-Authentic” additions to the Bible. So Both Muslims and Christians attest that the Bible has been contaminated. All through the Quran speaks that there is truth and light and guidance for Humanity concerning the Bible. The Islamic Sources also testify there are contaminations within the Text, please visit the link below to see examples:

Proof: http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/evidence_that_islam_teaches_that_there_was_textual_corruption_of_the_christian_and_jewish_scriptures

Point 2: ” If the Bible is error-free, then why do Christians dismiss certain verses”?

If Christians want to assert that the Quran does not assert the Bible is contaminated with false information. Then why do Christian Apologists and Scholars themselves attest that there are ” Un-Authentic verses attached to today’s New Testament? So it is clear that Christians are not even consistent with their arguments. Why then do Christians not accept everything as Canonical inspired and Authentic?

For instance, have a look at this:

Christian Apologist “David Wood,” says; Every Scholar in the World agrees with the last part of Mark’s Gospel as being” Un -Authentic” Proof: Forward to (3 Minute 42 seconds).
Watch: https://youtu.be/Uko0Saf-orQgg

It is now evidently clear that both Muslims and Christians agree ” Not Everything in the Bible is authentically Reliable. So if Christians want to accuse Muslims of misinterpreting the Quran for speaking corruption of the Bible, why then do Christians attest to fabrications and alterations in the Bible? Now even if a Christian suggests, that they know exactly where the changes are, therefore they can remove corruption, and affirm the Bible as a preserved book, they still have issues because Christians don’t just have interpolated issues, but also canonical differences between Christian denominations that are not agreed upon.

This will be discussed further…..down below.

Point 3:   “The Quran itself is a guide”

More cherry picking inconsistency by Christians. They go to the Quran to tell us that the Quran says the Bible is a Guide. And Muslims & Christians are commanded to Judge by the Bible.
However, they leave out the part where Allah also says: The Quran itself is a guide, let’s read:

“The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an,  A GUIDANCE for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey – then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you, and perhaps you will be grateful”. (Quran 2:185)

Notice the Quran all although mentions parts of the bible i.e ( Un-Distrorederd parts) are a guide or a light in other verses of the Quran, it however does the same with the Quran in the verse above. So why do Christians cherry-pick by appealing to the Quran, to prove the authenticity of the Bible but leave out the verse in the Quran, that says the Quran is also a guide?

Let’s read; Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.658 Narrated by Abu Huraira Allah’s Messenger (saws) said “How will you be when the son of Mary (i.e) Jesus (a.s.) descends amongst you and he will judge people by the Law of the Qur’an and not by the law of Gospel. So Christians cherry-picking is not a good idea. When Both the Quran and Hadith attest that the Quran is the superior guidance as Jesus will judge by the Quran and not the Bible. So why do Christians accept the part that the Bible has guidance but reject the very same verses in the Quran that say the Quran is guidance also. In fact Jesus will judge by the Quran and not the Gospel.

Now a Christian may claim, why does Jesus in the Islamic version not Judge by the Bible but only the Quran? isn’t that a double standard since Allah claims both the Quran and the Injeel bible is light and guidance?

My response would be. No not really, I mean think of it this way, Christians claim both the Old Testament and the New Testament are from Yahweh God right? Despite this Christians of today claim, they are only to be judged by the New Testament, though Christians still believe the Old Testament is inspired. So I can’t see why they would then have issues of Jesus of the Islamic version using the Quran instead of the Bible.


Point 4:  “Judge by the Bible”?

Since Christians appeal to the Quranic verses to prove that, we are commanded to Judge by the Bible. How come Christians do not also full fill this condition and judge by the Previous Scripture. For example, does it then include the Bible Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter?
Do these ancient texts claim Jesus was not Crucified rather substituted on the Cross similar to what the Quran claims. Read here for yourself:


Notice Christians reject Certain Christian writings and deem them Apocryphal. Different Christian religious sects have different amounts of books among themselves. So why then do they not judge by everything and instead dictate to Muslims what “is” inspired and what is “not” inspired?

So notice the Christians are guilty of what they accuse Muslims of. If the Christians can selectively “choose” what is part of revelation. Then why are the Muslims condemned for doing the same by filtering out what they believe is the only authentic verses within the Bible? So according to the Christians,  Muslims are supposed to go look at the Bible for Judgement but not just any Bible. It has to be a Bible version that only specifically agrees to the Christians narrative. Isn’t that convenient? 

So notice the Double standards. They accuse Muslims that they should judge by the previous scripture and accept it, as the Quran commands. Yet Christians themselves do not judge by everything and reject certain bibles and certain passages of the Bible and deem it ” Un-Authentic”, and force Muslims to concede to their particular version of the Bible what they think is Authentic.

So Christians are guilty of the same thing by telling Muslims to listen to their bogus interpretation of the Quran and to judge by everything of the previous book sent down, yet they don’t listen to the very Quran they interprete by rejecting Bibles of the past by deeming them Apocryphal or Non-Authentic and trying to pick out the Correct Bible for both Muslims and  Christians to judge by. Sorry but that is just hypocritical and convenient and no different from accusing the Muslim of claiming not all Bibles or verses of the Bible are accurate. When a Muslim tries to also figure out what verses are accurate he gets ridiculed, Yet the Christian can pick out what he pleases as Authentic. Hypocritical.


Some of those Bibles those Christians reject may include;
-Shepherd of Hermes
-Epistle of Barnabas
-Apocryphal Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter

In addition, Christian Scholars tell us more than (30 verses) were deleted from the NIV version bible which is still found in the KJV Bible. They are either completely removed from the page, or moved to the footnote, just as a historical reference, but their inspiration is disputed since they don’t exist in the earliest ancient manuscripts.

It is then clear that when Muslims or Christians are told to judge by the Gospel it is only to Judge by the authentic parts and not ALL of it. And Since the Quran does not define the exact truthful amount of books in the previous Scripture such as the 27 Books in the New Testament. Then Christians have no right in forcing  Muslims to what their standards of authentic books are For all, I care the many Gnostic could be Authentic as well. And so could the verses Christians dismiss from their bible, and since the Quran does not outline what exactly is the ” Authentic ” Canon” or the Authentic verses, then this is an open field day for all parties for both Muslims and Christians. The Christians claim to have a position of working out “Authenticity”, they try and rely on the Most Earliest ancient manuscripts. We have dealt with this arguement here, that when Christians claim they can fix the errors in the Bible by referring to the earliest material, See:


Also, referring to the Earliest is not always a good idea. Because it can still be early and Un-Authentic read ( Galatians 1:4-8) Where Paul admitted there were false books and scribes as early as (50 A.D) and Paul insisted his Disciples turn away from those scribes. A Christian can try and be clever here by saying Paul didn’t consider those other books to be other bibles, therefore there weren’t any other bibles back then. However this is incorrect, when Paul dismissed it, it didn’t mean those other early scribes did not exist or that their documents did not exist as their version of the Bible, if they didn’t exist then why would Paul say turn away from them? They did exist, and Paul did not want them considered to be a bible because Paul disagreed with them, thus this does not mean other bibles did not exist, they were just false ones according to Paul, thus proving early documents even in Paul’s time can be wrong, so what makes you think if something is written early means it’s correct? It isn’t according to the biblical premise!

The Muslims on the other hand take the approach with what agrees to the Quran or not in contradiction to it, as the safer option. Now a Christian may look at this and frankly assert that is absurd. But then again these are the same Christians who want Muslims to appeal to the Quran for validation of the Bible, interesting Hey?

Point 5: “The Double standards”

Christians tell Muslims that the Quran is corrupted. And that Allah is a different God than the Bible they even say; an evil spirit demon gave the Quran to Prophet Muhammed in a cave. Yet the same Christians say Allah in the Quran, says He gave Christians the Bible as Truth and Guidance and a Light”. Now how can Satan who is Allah give Christians a Bible which is light and guidance? Makes no sense now does it?

If Christians say, no we don’t just say ALL of the Quran was from a Demon, But it also contains plagiarization copying the Bible. Well, this brings up more difficulties for the Christian. Why? Because if Christians appeal to the Quran, where Allah tells Christians he sent them the Bible? Then how can this be plagerization? Since both the Quran and bible (Truth parts of the Bible) come from the same source that being ( The preserved Tablet in heaven) which is from Allah! Therefore plagiarization arguement does not stand, so the Christians have to now submit to the original arguement that all of the Quran is from Satan, and if this is the case, then again how can Satan say in the Quran, the gospel is “truth and a light”? Why would Satan confess this? Satan will only say the Bible is truth and light, if it’s a False bible, therefore when Christians appeal to the Quran and say it speaks that the Bible is truth and light, yet claim the Quran is from Satan is an illogical fallacy, thus the best explanation is, that “yes” the Quran is not from Satan, nor copied, and both the Quran and only the truthful parts of the Bible that have survived distortions are the Truth and the light!

Point 6: “The Inconsistency” Muslims to refer to the Quran, that approves the Bible?

Inconsistency to call the Quran not a Reliable Historical Source? The Christians say that the Quran is not a credible historical source of information.


Now that begs the Question? If the Quran is not a reliable source of information why then do Christians refer to the Quran and tell Muslims to also refer to the Quran that “approves” Qur’anic “verification of the Bible? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say the Quran is a false book yet at the same time claim it’s a reliable source of information for saying the Bible is light and guidance. If the Quran is not a reliable source since it was transmitted many years later after the Bible, why then do Christians tell Muslims even your Quran approves it? If the Quran is not reliable then that would mean, the verse in the Quran regarding the Bible being truth and right side is also unreliable. See we Muslims do not claim everything written in the Bible is Falsewhwhere ChriChristians the Quran! they go to the extent of saying the Quran is from a Demon yet use the work of a Demon to approve the Bible. Interesting!

So is the Quran a Historically true and accurate testification of the truth of the Bible? If the answer is “No” then you are asserting the Quran lied about the Bible being a guide and light. If your answer is ” Yes” then you ought to agree the rest of the Quran is true as well. You can’t simply “cherry pick”

A Christian may claim why do Muslims “cherry-pick” from the bible, well that’s simple. That’s because “We can” since we don’t claim it’s all distorted, however, Christians claim the Quran is demon inspired!

Point 7: ” Did Allah send the Gospel which is the whole New Testament and much of the Bible forgotten according to the Quran”? Also, there are Christians who appeal and also misquote Hadith or Qur’anic verses about “The Protection” of the Injeel or the Bible”?

The Christians show more inconsistency when they reference the Quran out of context. They will bring verses like the Quran says we will preserve the Injeel. However, this is talking about the “preserved tablet in heaven” (al-law al-Mahfouz) https://islamqa.info/en/answers/7002/what-is-al-lawh-al-mahfooz

So the original copy of the Injeel in heaven “Yes that will remain unchanged” however the copy sent to earth, Allah may have preserved the Bible only during the “ministry of Jesus” Christ while on earth.

“A Christian may argue and say, they don’t believe a Bible or (complete Injeel) existed during Jesus ministry”

However,r this can be easily disproven because as you know today’s New Testament are only copies of the words Jesus spoke or his companions. And that originals of the (Injeel) ought to have existed in the 1st Century which we dont have today just fragmented copies, so once Jesus left the earth the Injeel or Gospel full-filled its duty making way for the Quran so Allah may have then “lifted the protection” which may explain why the copies we have are not fully reliable as we can not compare them to originals since we don’t have them. Christian Apologists till today try extremely hard to try and date their manuscripts to the 1st century, and they continue to fail in disappointment, as almost all of their carbon dating comes in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries after Jesus. Now isn’t that interesting! The same Christians who try to dismiss the evidence of an earlier original, are usually the ones trying to assume an earlier date for the manuscripts they have to 1st century now is that interesting. And of course therefore biblical scholars who even entertain the idea of the Gospel Q which the claim ought to have existed: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_source

We also have Wallace a Christian Scholar of N.T who argues there was an “original bible” that has “disappeared” see:

The fact is there is not a single verse in the Quran or Hadeeth that says the Gospel will be protected or guarded “forever” in the earthly abode. Rather it was only a temporary guard during Jesus’ ministry since it didn’t matter for it to remain preserved as the Quran was coming way as the last final revelation. 

Another great explanation can be found here:


Islamic sources and Tafsir, explain that Allah may have only “preserved” the important parts of the message, such as the “coming of the Prophet Muhammed”, and the essential message like Tawheed in the Bible, like the “ones” of God, and things like the 10 commandments.

“Now a Christian may say, that’s just absurd!”

However, I find this interesting because, whenever Muslims point out Interpolation in the Bible, or corruption in the Bible, referring to Biblical variances, Christians often say, well it “doesn’t matter” if the Bible has “Textural variances” and they point out, the “errors” in the Bible dont matter, and what matters is that the central message of Christianity is still preserved and the textural variances of the Bible dont effect that central message. Well then if Christians can make that justification for the preservation of the Bible, Muslims can equally say; there is no contradiction when Allah says, He will guard the Bible, and this doesn’t mean ALL of the Bible, and rather that He will “only” preserve and guard the central message.

Now here is another Hilarious point, Christians misinterpret the Quran and keep insisting that Allah promised to guard and protect the earthly Bible,  yet these Christians “believe” Allah is a Devil, and the Quran, was revealed to Muhammed in a Cave by a Demon. So this would mean, the Devil inspired the Quran. So my question is, if Allah is a Devil, and if the Quran was inspired by a Demon, did now a Demon who authored the Quran promise that He will guard and protect the Bible? Interesting Hey?

As Christian Apologist; “Dr James white” says; Inconsistency is the “sign” of a failed arguement”.

Furthermore: “Christians say, well why did Allah fail to preserve the earthly Injeel bible”?

Im was sure if Christians lost everything in the O.T Bible they wouldn’t care much and say well we have the New Testament which is the latest information for us to follow, hence I would argue the same for the Quran, as the last and most latest source to follow and it wouldn’t matter if the New Testament hasn’t been preserved. After all, even though Christians have the O.T they don’t use it much and say only the New Testament applies to them.

This gets more clear when Allah says in the” (Quran 5:13-14)….. “much of the Injeel” (Gospel) has been “forgotten”.

So notice how can Christians Quote the Quran believing the Quran speaks of the preservation of the Original Bible yet leave out the verse where the Quran says much of it has been “forgotten”.

The verse is clear read: 5:13

Sahih International: So for their breaking of the covenant We cursed them and made their hearts hard. They distort words from their [proper] usages and have forgotten a portion of that of which they were reminded. And you will still observe deceit among them, except a few of them. But pardon them and overlook [their misdeeds]. Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.

As you can read, the jews distorted the book, and so Allah cursed them. And then he made the jews forget a portion. Meaning He took (parts) of the original book away from them as a punishment by causing them to forget it.

Continue reading:
Verse 5:14

Sahih International: And from those who say, “We are Christians” We took their covenant, but they forgot a portion of that of which they were reminded. So We caused among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. And Allah is going to inform them about what they used to do.

Notice again, Allah did this because they brock his covenant.
Notice it says they have forgotten a portion of what was reminded that being verses to do with the covenant.
It’s clear, that the Torah and the Injeel were not preserved with them in their entirety for they have become cursed for playing with God’s revelation for distorting it.
Ask yourself, why was a portion of the revelation caused to be forgotten? If God was trying to preserve it through their scribes?
And also, why is Allah cursing them till the day of judgment despite as these missionaries claim Allah preserved the previous scripture with them. Are we to suggest Allah preserved a book with the Jews and Christians whom He cursed? So on one hand Allah has cursed them till the day of resurrection while at the same time blessed them with a preserved book? Doesn’t make sense now does it?

Furthermore; the earliest copies of the New Testament from the Original manuscripts come from E to 240 CE. Thats almost 100 years after Jesus. Therefore a lot can be forgotten from what was contained in these Original Bible we don’t have today just copies written later on. The Copies we have of today’s new Testament word for word, chapters and verses can not be compared to an original. Because we dont have originals or a complete original of the New Testament within the 1st century. So every that that ng ame in the (Second centuries are only believed thats what the originals may have said. There is very little tangible evidence of this only maybe a few letters of certain passages of the N.T and not everything within the 1st century.  And even the dating of these letters are disputed, and there is no real evidence there dating are 1st-century documents,  nevertheless, the point is, Christians can not even cross-reference their second-century Manuscripts with 1st-century ones, because 1st-century documents are not available and as Christian Scholar Pro. Bart Ehrman says, how do we know if the 2nd2nd-centuries are correct if we don’t have the originals to verify that the copies are correct or in line with the originals, since the earlier we go the more mistakes we find when we try and reconstruct an original:

See here: Re-construct with confidence 98% of the Original? Watch Ehrman Vs Wallace: from (Minute: 1.30.21) Go then again to (minute 1.56.07) onwards, and Bart Ehrman, shows can trust something 97%? Accurate?

Also here is a video, demonstrating the problem of not having an “original Bible available” and how Christians are left confused on the text of the Bible on what it said, due to the variances. Christians believe that they can correct the Biblical Errors by referring to the Oldest Manuscripts of the New Testament, however, this falls flat on its face take a read here:


To further prove that verses have been “forgotten”, as the Quran suggests. The New Testament says it is “WRITTEN” in the Law of Moses Jesus will; “die and rise on the third day”. (Luke 24:44-46)

I request Christians to bring us these explicit words: “Rise after the third day” from the Law of Moses, and not half the Prophecy like; “He will die and rise”. Christians can never show this explicit part; ” rise after Three Days” in the Law of Moses. So notice this is evident Proof they have forgotten to write this explicit statement. All they have is; He will die and rise, but no mention of “Rise after the third day”. It’s nowhere to be found in the Old Testament, yet Luke claims that exact statement word for word, was written there. However when we look in the Old Testament, or the law of Moses, books the statement is not there, this goes to show, either Luke made a false error in assuming it was written like the way, He said it was. Or that, it was there or was supposed to be in there, but the scribes “forgot to put them in there”. Again for me, it’s not important because as a Muslim I don’t believe in the Christian narrative about Jesus being crucified, however, I’m just demonstrating that scribes have forgotten to put a lot of things in the Bible, and this is just an example of that.

See my video here, where I continue to respond to a Christian; “He asks where is this Injeel”?

Furthermore, Christians can not prove the correct “preserved Canon” of the Bible today. They don’t have a unanimous agreement on it between the Protestants, Catholics and Greek Orthodox. If they had an Original they would have all agreed.

Here is a link showing different amount of Books accepted in one denomination compared to another Christian denomination:

So when the Christians say the Quran says it preserved. They need to be able to show which Bible Canon. Simply Quoting the Quran and not being able to prove which Canon is Preserved defies the whole purpose of appealing to the Quran. And even if you claim you have a Preserved Canon Bible its still subjective as other Christians’ Denominations differ from what you believe is Preserved Canon agreed on Books. An example from unveiling Christianity web site:

73 Catholic Canon Books

63 Protestant Canon Book

Both Can not be Right.

It is thus clear, Allah was correct in saying, much of the Injeel (Bible) has been caused to be forgotten (Quran 5:13-14) the Christians though they have parts of the Bible that have truth and light and some guidance for mankind, a lot of it has been slipped away from them.  And of course, we have explained already why Allah would allow such a thing so important like that to slip away, well perhaps because of their sins, so Allah partially took guidance away from them, and secondly because the Quran was going to make way, but if this is still difficult for a Christian to understand why God would do such things, a Christian would then need to then explain, why would Yahweh also allow the Quran to come which according to Christians allowed the misguidance of so many Muslims away from the Bible and allowed confusion like this? Even if Christians say that wasn’t Yahway who did that, rather it was satan, that still begs the question of why would Yahway allow Satan to cause such confusion like that. But then again the same Christians tell Muslims to refer to the Quran for the truth of the Bible. Interesting! See we can play the same Questioning with Christian Yahway God of the universe.

Point 8: ” Why do Christians filter and dismiss verses, we can play the same”

If Allah in the Quran tells us Muslims to follow ALL the accounts of the Bible why do Christian Scholars filter out what they believed was the Authentic parts of the Bible? And remove what they believe is ” Un-Authentic? If Christians can filter the bible what makes you think Muslims can not? Thus proving that not everything is “Authentic”.

So Yes! Muslims in being consistent can refer to Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) being in the Bible, for example, this is not being hypocritical at all since Muslims do not say “everything” is corrupt. But you Christians say ” ALL the Quran was given to Muhammed by Satan in a Cave that being ALL the Quran is corrupt” yet you Christians say this Satan’s book ( Quran) approves the Bible. So a Corrupt evil Book like the Quran is used to affirm the Truth of the Bible? How so?

These Hypocritical Christians, tell Muslims that Allah says ” Everything in the Bible is Authentic! yet the Christians tell us their Bible has verses in there that are not Authentic! and removed a lot of verses that they felt was not part of what they believe was not closer to the original Bible. Amazing isn’t it?

We can play the same game on the Christians. The Christians have to accept the Gnostic Bibles and Unite on a Biblical Canon! because the Quran said to confirm them ALL. If they don’t accept this. Then how can they expect us to follow their version of the Bible? If they reject bibles and verses within the New Testament and disagree on the Canon of the Bible, then that validates Muslims to do the same! Plain and simple!

I guess no Christian would accept that premise, so why do they expect Muslims or the Quran to accept their version of the Canon that is according to their denomination? Interesting that the protestants will then tell Muslims to stay away from the Catholic Canon which differs from the Protestant Canon, but hey Allah told Muslims what the Christians have today is preserved and authentic, yet Christians can’t tell us which one! And it all depends on their subjective opinion depending on which Christian denomination they belong to.

Point 9:  “Counter Rebuttal to some of my points”

Rebuttal Section can be found on YouTube in Audio:

1st counter Rebuttal: (Responding to Sam Shamoun of Answering-Islam)

2nd Counter Rebuttal (to a random online Christian Apologist)

3rd Counter Rebuttal: (Responding to Sam Shamoun of Answering-Islam)

slam Blog).

4th Counter Rebuttal: (Responding to Sam Shamoun of Answering-Islam) his article can be found here:


My Response:

As I expected Sam Shamoun didn’t deal with my arguments. All He did was, switch the subject to “The Preservation of the Quran”. The Preservation of the Quran is not the subject here. The Subject is, does the Quran confirm the Bible, and we counter the arguement Christians make that the Quran claims the Bible to be true in its complete form. That is why I have pointed out the flaws of the Bible. Because Christians try and use the Quran to validate the truth of the Bible. So Sam Shamoun trying to prove that the Quran preservation is false doesn’t validate your bible on the flip side it makes it much worse for Him, for bringing up Qur’anic Corruption claims because in doing so, invalidating the Quran. Funny that his attempting to invalidate the Quran, yet trying to use the same Corrupt Quran to approve that the Bible is true. See how silly He just made himself look? If the Quran is Corrupt all of it as you Christians claim, then why would Christians use the Quran as a historical valid document to prove the Bible is correct? Christians say, a Demon authored the Quran, so I ask how can a Demon who wrote the Quran, tell Christians the Gospel is truth and light? So this desperate Apologist, instead of dealing with all my arguments instead tries to throw mud on Islam. News flash for you my arguments are still valid, and Sam has failed to deal with them.

His old arguments have been refuted at the following link:



Point 10: ” Clear evidence of Bible corruption”

Now see for yourself Evidence of the Corruption tampering within the Bible Christian Apologist like Jay Smith admits  and say’s “We Know the Bible has been changed, and We know where those changes have been made:

See video:

See also how we have demonstrated that not only has there been “corruption” of how many books are to be part of the original Biblical  Canon, but even within the New Testament Text, there are clear signs of distorting words, and interpretations, interpolations, and textural variances, in adding words to the latter gospels and shifting around words, to force a theology about Jesus, Salvation, Divinity, crucifixion and so on:

See: https://mustafasahin33.wordpress.com/2016/08/20/proof-how-christology-evolved-in-the-four-gospels/






Point 11: “Today’s New Testament is the same Bible in Muhammad’s time?

Sam Shamoun asks, is today’s New Testament the same as the one in Muhammed’s time?

Christians hold today’s bible and say this is the Bible that is the same one in Muhammed’s time. Yet the same Bible they hold they admit has fraudulent verses in there like the last 10 verses of Mark Gospel.

Did those 10 verses of Mark’s Gospel exist in the Bible in Muhammed’s time? The answer is also “Yes”. Since those verses pre-exist Prophet  Muhammed according to the dating of those late Manuscripts.

Therefore even in Muhammad’s time, Yes there was a bible. But was it fraudulent free? The answer ought to be No. Unless Christians assume the ending of Mark was not there in Muhammed’s time. However, they can’t do that since again those manuscripts predated Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) Therefore the Christians fail to prove a point to show, what existed in Prophet Muhammad’s time was fraudulent free. When the historical records show otherwise.


I like to ask Sam Shamoun since the Codex Sinaiticus is a 4th century Bible that predates Muhammed. It contains 29 books of the New Testament instead of 27 books. So this would mean in Muhammed’s time there was Codex Sinaiticus that had 29 books. So why doesn’t today’s Protestant canon of 27 books of the New Testament agree with the Bible in Muhammed’s time?  According to Sam Shamoun God only inspired 27 books of N.T? So in Muhammed’s time, they didn’t have the preserved right canon. It had forgery even back then of 2 extra books. Ouch!

So No Sam Shamoun even “in” or “before” Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) time, you had verient Bibles that had a different amount of Books in a canon, and there was not one canon identically the same that was in agreement to today’s accepted Canon.

Point 12:   ” Allah’s Words Do Not Change”

Christians missionaries like Sam Shamoun will say; Surah 6:115 and 18:27 state that no one can change the words of Allah. The Torah and Gospel were the words of Allah. Since they couldn’t have changed that means that Islam testifies to the incorruptibility of the text of the Bible.

Bassam Zawadi already deals with that here: https://www.call-to-monotheism.com/refuting_the_argument_regarding_allah_s_words_do_not_change

And So has Dr Shabir Aly also refuted this:

In these articles, we see that Allah does not say the Torah and Injeel specifying them can’t change. Rather He said Word. Word doesn’t have to imply the previous revelation rather it could mean, His decree as outlined in the sources provided in the links above, also it could be talking about the preserved tablet in heaven that cannot change, which both the copies of the original Injeel and Torah come from. So what is on the earth could change such as previous scripture but not the preserved tablet in heaven the master original, of the Quran the last book which Allah said, it will be guarded against corruption.

I would also like to ask Christian Apologists, Like Sam Shamoun if they believe that Allah’s word can not change in the way they understand it when referring to the Bible, then why does Sam Shamoun in the second part of his response found here: https://answeringislamblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/01/the-quranic-affirmation-of-the-holy-bible-revisited-pt-2/

Demand that Allah’s word “can change” in Qur’anic manuscripts? It seems Sam Shamoun is not even being consistent with his arguement. “FacePalm” moment.

Point 13: ” Christians like Sam Shamoun use Surah 61.14 “To Prove that Allah says the Christians will be Victoria’s which includes the Protection of their Bible.

However, being Victoria’s has nothing to do with the preservation of their Bible, see:


Please also visit this video by Ijaz Ahmed who Refutes more Hadith brought up by Christians about Quran confirmation of the Bible:

Some funny back and forth, Christian wrote:

My Response;

If you are in doubt?

Ask the People of the Scripture if you are “found in it”?



2 thoughts on “Does the Quran approve the Bible? Vs Does Christians approve the Bible?

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