Jesus/Christians & Jews kill in God’s Name

Last update: 4th, Jan. 2022

20200507_150345By: Mustafa Sahin

When Christians and Jews accuse Muslims, of spreading bloodshed in Allah’s Name?

Christians kill in God name: 

See how the Bush administration, after sending troops into Iraq also sent Christian missionary to spread to the Iraqies the Bible.

1 – Christians in Africa kill in Jesus name read:


2 – More Terror  in Jesus name.

Terrorism in the name of Jesus? Everybody ignore

3 – Christian on Facebook wants to kill Muslims in the name of the Christian God.


4 – Christian fights in Jesus name.


5 – In Jesus name millitery guns

6 – Klu Klux Klan want to be known as a; “Christians Organization”


7 – Jesus loves enemies love Enemy then kills them.


8 – Killing “for Jesus” a American sniper

“American Sniper”: Killing Ragheads for Jesus

9 – Christians wants Homosexuality dead


10 – Christian praises God and in his name will use the Atomic bomb

11 – U.S Christian veteran  wishes to behead Muslims living in America.

12 – Brendon Tarrant the New Zealand Terrorist that killed 50 Muslim Worshippers “Blesses His Followers in “God’s Name” of Western Religion that being of Christianity. Words are Found in his manifesto.

Right Wing Glorifying & Justifying the latest Terror attacks against a Mosque in ChristChurch New Zealand

13 – Christian Apologists admits in a Debate ” lots of really bad things in the Old Testament” meaning that his Jesus the God of the Old Testament commanded his followers to go and kill; Men, women, children and infants. The verses in the O.T (1 Samuel 15:3) & (Numbers 31) in the name of Jesus.

Ali Atai pointed out, that Moses in the Bible in Numbers 31.

Killed Women and Children, and the non virgins girls were given to men. So they can be raped. Otherwise why would virgin girls lives spared? And not the non virgin ones? This is all ordained by Jesus, because Christians say Jesus is God. And saying that was the Old Testament doesn’t make the “crime go away”.
Read also 1 Samuel 15:3, again the Bible endorsed the killing of women and babies.

1 Samuel 15:3 New International Version (NIV)3 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’”

Yes, Jesus the God of the O.T endorses for his followers to go stick swords into infants. Numbers 31:17-18 King James Version (KJV)

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

Exactly keep all the virgin girls to “yourselves” If Jesus was alive today he would be arrested for war crimes he commited in the Old Testament for endorsing such violence that, He would be held accountable under the Human rights watch, and charged for war crimes under the United nations commission.

Christian Apologist David Wood is reminded again, of the bad things in the Bible see:

David wood says, those bad things happened because of the hardness of their heart meaning they were sinners.

My response:

And so what was their sin? It was “Unbelief”..

And so God sent them a army and killed them by the sword, and even infant babies and children were killed. However the non virgin girls were killed but not the virgin ones. So if they all were sinners due to unbelief why were the virgin lives spared? And then how can babies and children be sinners? What sin did a infant commit? There’s Davids claim they deserved death because they were sinners doesn’t make sense.

Now just imagine, we said that Allah gathered a Muslim army to go and kill babies and infants women and children because they were “sinners”?

David wood, would have had a field day with this, and said look how barbaric Allah is,  He even tells Muslims to stick swords into infant babies, women and children.

So David Woods explaination fails miserably. Claiming they were sinners doesn’t work, as not all sinners were killed, and we know babies can not sin, since they are sinless. And if you want to claim all babies are born into sin, then are we to believe that all babies should be killed including all humanity because we are all born into sin? So again that makes no sense. So what we are left with, the Biblical God of the Old Testament is presented as a bad God, with bad Morals. Now someone might say, what about Allah who kills babies and infants by natural disasters, like cyclones and hurricanes.

I would argue, there is still a difference, why? Because here we see God working alone, He gives life and takes life. And so if He wishes to take a life, by natural means so that life returns to him, so be it. But then on the other hand you have a God, that specifically instructs human beings to stick swords into infants because he claims they are unbelievers and in sin, but then the same God says, don’t stick swords into older virgin girls who are sinners too. So why does God prefer virgin older girls over babies? Its really bizzar. And what makes it even more so bizzar, is when Christians all day argue how evil and barbaric Terrorism is, and they point to groups like Al-Qa’ida or ISIS who commit acts of Terrorism like blowing themselves up in market places, killing both men, women and children. And they do this because they are brain washed to believe this is what God is instructing them to do. And God is instructing them to do this, because they are sinners and unbelievers. And so the Christian will say, look at this barbarism, look at this Terrorism. And if that Terrorist said, I’m doing this because God told me to do it. The moral justification would never be accepted by a Christian, which begs the question then, why do they accept the Terrorism ordained by the Biblical God, who tells his soldiers to do the very same act of ISIS.

1) Kill the sinners

2) Target women and children

Or perhaps there is a double standard here. One standard for Arab terrorists. And another standard for Biblical Terrorists?

Let’s go to now Luke 19:27

Jesus does not stand with Israel.
For Christians who “support Israel” get ready for Shock News!!
The New Testament Christian Bible preachers the destruction of Israel!!!

Bible & commentary.
Read for yourself;

See how Jesus comes back in the End times, to slaughter Jews who did not accept him as their king.

John gills commentary; On Luke 19:27


But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.

Gills commentary of the verse says;

……when Christ shall come a second time, of which his coming to destroy the Jewish nation was an emblem and pledge, will be punished with everlasting destruction by him; and then all other enemies will be slain and destroyed, sin, Satan, the world, and death: of the first of these the Jews say..

“in the time to come the holy, blessed God, will bring forth the evil imagination (or corruption of nature), (wjxwvw) , “and slay it before” the righteous, and the wicked.”


Christian Apologist also affirms that Modern day Israel is anti Christ Prophecy, and an abomination to the Lord:

Listen and watch short clip:

Even Zionist Jews in Israel today says, we killed Jesus and we are proud of it.

Thus Jesus will come back to slaughter these Zionist who were an enemy to christ according to the Prophecy.

Christian Apologist David Wood tries desperately to respond to Luke 19:27

David wood video:

Muslim Response:

David wood argues, to say this passage describes a story of another king, that slaughtered people.

But then Listen to this part.
He said, all though it’s a parable describing another king. When Jesus returns, in second coming he will judge his enemies.

Well that’s exactly the point. So the parable explaining what a previous king did, is what Jesus will also do. Somthing David wood was trying to dismiss. And now he agrees, it will also apply to Jesus in a second coming.
Exactly what I said using the commentary. Meaning Jesus will do the same as the king in reality as mentioned in the parable. David then says no desciple at the time, went out and did what jesus told them to do. But that’s not a response, because they are supposed to carry it out in Jesus second coming. Which we will see bellow.

David wood then argues to say, if your an Atheist you don’t have to worry about this, cause you don’t believe in the verse or Jesus.

But thats irrelevant what Atheists believe. The fact of the matter is Christians do believe there will be a judgement and Jesus will return and slay those who did not accept him as there king.

David wood, then argues He and the Angels will be doing the judging (slaughtering). Claiming that other Christians would not be involved in the judgement meaning killing.

Firstly there is an issue here? David is suggesting Jesus will kill along with the Angels. Which is still bad, it shows Jesus will be a warrior to slay the unbelievers. Secondly David lied by saying, it will only be Jesus and the Angels.

However this is wrong. Because the Bible says, the desciples will also be part of the judgement.

Read: Mathew 19:28 & Luke 22:30

So David wood clearly lied, to say Christians are not commanded to do violence. And Yet we see in the second coming of Jesus. Jesus and the Angels including his desciples will judge the 12 tribes of Israel and slaughter them on judgement day. When Jesus and the desciples return to Israel, and slaughter those who did not accept him as king.

There are other Christians who say, well that’s Armageddon in the end times. And Jesus will send them to hell.

Well excuse me? How is that peaceful? That’s still Jihad. Jesus will make war against his enemies, and burn them in his slaughter, somthing that ISIS does by burning their captives in cages. So I don’t know how Christians are justifying it saying, it’s Armageddon and Jesus uses fire. There is no difference between using guns, swords or fire to inflict suffering on your enemies. Jihad is Jihad, so stop pretending to present a peaceful loving Jesus who does not believe war against his enemies, this is certainly not true, and Jesus, his deciples and angels will swiftly come and punish there enemies in the most severest ways.

By the way,

See this video where David wood admits His Jesus done really bad things in the old testament as the God of the Old Testament. He even admits it bothers him.

14 – Forign Modern Wars in “God We Trust”

If you wish to compare deaths, then please account for the millions that have died to to wars started, participated, financed and armed by Christian nations under the holy motto, “IN GOD WE TRUST” What God? The Hindu God? Krishna? Satan? Who? IN GOD (YAHWEH JESUS) WE TRUST and we bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing 300 000 civilians

Nearly 70% of the U.S army consists of Devoute Christians. And their Motto they fight under is in ” God we Trust” So all the U.S killings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are all done under the ” Motto in Gods we Trust name.

If the Colonial global invasion was not done in name of Christ why didn’t any of the Church figures condemn it rather happily came here and built there churches? That is proof right there that it was happily done in the intention to spread the Gospel In fact the Australian Government the same ancestry Government of the colonial invaders reads out the Lords Prayer.

“Thy Kingdom come” your will be done”. In heaven and on Earth.

So the Colonial & Western Christians did so in thy “Jesus Name”. So when Australian Priminister “sends drones, ships, tanks, jets” around the world bombing People” Thy will be done” the Lords prayer.  Doing  the Will of “Jesus Christ”.

Here is a “Fatwah” ( Religious verdict) from Christian Apologist: Matt Slick” says that Christians can go to WAR

He qoutes:
From all of this, we can see that going to war is not wrong in itself and that a Christian can go to war under the right circumstances. End Qoute.

Interestingly enough America is continuing to do just that, supported by the Christian/Zionist Movement to establish Israel to continue to invade the Arabs according to Biblical Prophecy.


Jews Kill in God of the Old Testament:

1 – Religious Orthadox Jew Stabbs SIX People at Gay Parade Jerusalem.

Jewish Bible it says to kill Homosexuals (Leveticus 20:13) Therefore will islamaphobes be consistent and say this Jewish Terrorist is inspired by his own Torah?


2 – Arab looking jews have to wear T-shirts saying they are jews to avoid getting stabbed by a white Zionist


Here is a example how Jews accidentally target their own thinking their Arabs.
Terror Attack Against a Muslim Arab by a Jew. Notice Media does not label it a Terrorist attack. “Rather Hate Crime” But when a Palestinians do the stabbing Netanyahu calls it a Terror Attack. But his own kind he calls it a “serious matter”

Source: http://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-decries-attack-against-innocent-arabs-in-dimona/

3 – British Arrested Scores of Jews as Terrorists after the bombing of the King David Hotel


New updates coming…….

List of Terrorism committed by Westerners:


Westerners Glorifying Terrorism the New Zealand Terrorist attack against Muslim Worshippers:



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